samsung tv turns off by itself and wont turn back on

If your Samsung TV turns off by itself and won’t turn back on, you’re not alone. Hundreds of Samsung TV users experience this same dilemma.

In case you are stressing out about that problem, we are here to help!

In this guide, we will investigate the mystery behind it. And, of course, we will help you resolve that particular problem, too!

To fix Samsung TV turning off by itself first determine the problem by checking the standby light. You will immediately know what the problem is when you check on it. 

Read along to know how you can solve all possible results after checking the standby light!

Before jumping into the resolution for this problem, let us first try to determine its usual causes.

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Reasons Why Samsung TV Turns Off by Itself and Won’t Turn Back On

There are a few reasons why your Samsung TV is turning off by itself. To cite the most common ones reported by users, they include:

Ruptured and Faulty Cables

The most common thing we tend to forget about our televisions is that they are connected using cables.

If either the HDMI/RGB cable or the power cord is ruptured and busted, that’s the problem.

You see, if a cable is not able to transmit all the needed data and information, it won’t work.

Hardware Problems

Our televisions aren’t invincible. As a matter of fact, they are part of the most fragile electronic appliances we have.

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Most, if not all TVs have small circuit boards and panels, which are all sensitive. One common problem that TVs have is their hardware, and this can encompass the device itself.

It could be because there’s something wrong with the cables or the cords; it could be the remote or any other type of hardware or component.

Power Supply Problems

Last, but definitely not least would be power supply problems. All electronic devices and appliances have power supplies.

If this is the one that goes busted, expect your device to malfunction, especially when it comes to activating or turning it on.

Circuit Breaker/Power Problems

Are you sure that the problem is with the television and not the electricity? Were you able to check other appliances and devices within your household?

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A lot of us always blamed our appliances without making sure if it’s the right call. Try checking the power in your living space first. The problem might be something else.

Fixing the Problem of Samsung TV Turning Off by Itself and Not Turning Back On

fix samsung tv turns off by itself issue

Now, we are onto the best part – we will now discuss how you can fix if your Samsung TV turns off by itself and won’t turn back on with an HDMI or an RGB!

Carefully follow the steps and you will surely be able to fix this specific problem!

Step #1: Check the Standby Light

The standby light is the red light that you see on your TV when it’s turned off. When it’s activated, it turns into yellow light.

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Take a look at the standby light because it’s something that can tell you what the problem is. Is it turned on? Is it turned off? Is it blinking?


If there’s the standby light on and it is color red, it means your television is getting power. If it’s blinking red, it’s getting inconsistent electric supply. And lastly, if it does not have any light on, it’s not getting any power.

Step #2: Check the Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is the component of households that control the electricity within it. You will easily be able to notice it if other appliances in your home aren’t working.

You can check the lights, the refrigerator, the microwave oven – and even the thermostat and see if it’s working.

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Step #3: Look at the Status and Condition of the Wires and Cables

After checking the standby light and confirming it’s not power, check the wires and cables.

Any type of rupture or damage to either of the cables could mean that there’s less data the television is receiving.

If you have spare power cords and HDMIs, try replacing them. The problem might lie with them, not entirely the television or the electrical supply.

Step #4: Try Pressing Buttons on the Remote

If you see the standby light press the power button on your remote control. You can also try pressing the power button on the TV to see if it’ll turn on.

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However, if there’s no standby light, press any button on the remote except for the power button.

Should you see activity, it means that your remote control is working. On the flip side, there’s something wrong with how the television is receiving power.

So, the next step is to…

Step #5: Power Cycle Your TV

Unplug the television from power for about 30 seconds to one (1) full minute. Your television needs to be completely disconnected from power.

You can do this either by unplugging it from the main outlet from the wall or by disconnecting the power cord connected at the back of your television.

After the timeframe, plug your TV back in again. If you see a red standby light, your TV is receiving power. On the other hand, if there’s no light or if there’s a blinking light, there’s an issue with power.

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Step #6: Plug Directly to a Wall Outlet

Most people use surge protectors for their TVs. If you do, unplug it from the surge protector and plug it directly into a wall outlet.


Make sure that the wall outlet you are going to plug it into is working fine, too. To test this, try plugging a lamp in and see if the lamp will flicker.

Doing so will assure you that your device is receiving all the power it needs to turn on.

Try to perform this 6-step process to see if your television turns back on or activates.

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My Samsung TV is Still Not Working, What Should I Do?

Have you done all the steps in this particular process? Were you able to finish them successfully? If you did and it’s still not working, now is a good time to contact Samsung’s technical support team.

Tell them exactly about your problem – that your Samsung TV turns off by itself and it won’t turn back on. 

Furthermore, you can discuss with them the troubleshooting steps you have done already.

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If they deem that you need physical assistance, let them! Allow them to get expert help and supervision!


In case you are already stressed about this whole situation, here’s the answer.

With this guide, you will never have to worry if your Samsung TV turns off by itself and won’t turn back on!

Follow the 5-step process accurately and make your television work again!