control vizio soundbar with samsung tv remote

Don’t know how to control Vizio soundbar with Samsung TV remote?

The Vizio soundbar comes with a dedicated remote control, which can be used to perform any commands and operate with the device.

However, one remote for our TV and one remote for the soundbar might not be convenient for all people so we’re here to help you out!

In order to access the Vizio soundbar via the remote of the Samsung TV both devices must be in the same setup.

For an optical cable setup, we can use the Auto Power Link feature to turn off and on the soundbar with the TV or simply use a universal remote!

Let’s next unwrap what we’ll be reviewing in this guide for better orientation!

About Controlling Vizio Soundbar With Samsung TV Remote!

controlling vizio soundbar

There are 3 general ways to access the Vizio soundbar via the remote of your TV.

When using the Samsung TV in combination with the Vizio soundbar things are really simple and you don’t really need to perform complex setup instructions.

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We can control the Vizio soundbar via our Samsung remote in 3 ways:

  • Use The Vizio Soundbar Audio Output
  • Use The Supported HDMI-CEC
  • By Enabling The “Auto Power Link”
  • Install an IR Blaster in the Samsung TV
  • Include a Universal Remote in the Setup

In the guide below we’re going to unwrap each of the possible ways to achieve the goal and start controlling our Samsung TV & Vizio setup with 1 single remote.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the essentials, let’s jump straight into the guide!

How to Control Vizio Soundbar with Samsung TV Remote?

control vizio soundbar with samsung tv remote

As previously described, we’re going to review a few different ways that you can operate via Vizio soundbar with the Samsung television remote.

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Each method is unique and working, and later we’ll even explore other options to control your Vizio/Samsung setup with 1 remote!

Let’s begin with the most frequently used method to achieve this!

Method #1 Enable HDMI-CEC (HDMI)

The most used method that will allow you to gain control over the Vizio soundbar and Samsung with the Samsung remote is the HDMI-CEC feature.

This option allows you to control multiple devices with one single remote and is supported by both the Samsung TV and Vizio soundbar!

enable hdmi-cec

How to Enable HDMI-CEC on Samsung TV:

  1. With the Samsung remote, press Home.
  2. Go to the Settings or “All Settings”.
  3. Next, select General > External Device Manager.
  4. From there tap on Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC).
  5. Turn on the feature.
Important: On different models of Samsung TVs, the menus have different labelings!

How to Enable HDMI-CEC on Vizio Soundbar:

  1. Press the MENU on the Vizio remote.
  2. Choose the System option.
  3. Navigate and find the CEC feature.
  4. Use the Arrows on the remote so you can select.
  5. CEC Function should be set to Enable.
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Now when the feature is enabled on both the Samsung TV and Vizio soundbar so you can operate the soundbar with the Samsung’s remote.

In case this method didn’t help, restart both devices in your setup and check whether there will be any difference.

Method #2 Use The Vizio Soundbar Output

In case the previous method didn’t work in your Vizio to Samsung TV (HDMI setup), perhaps your TV’s audio output settings are misconfigured.

use the vizio soundbar output

If that’s the case, there is a high chance that you’re not even hearing the TV’s audio from the Vizio soundbar, instead of somewhere else.

  • You need to select the Vizio soundbar as the default Samsung TV audio output!
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Here’s how to change the Samsung’s TV audio output:

  1. Start by tapping the Home button.
  2. From there go into Settings.
  3. Next, tap on the Sound tab.
  4. Choose the Sound Output option.
  5. Select the Vizio Soundbar!

Upon following the steps above, the audio from the TV’s playout will be outputted only through the Vizio soundbar.

Therefore the Samsung TV speakers will not be engaging in the workflow, hence you can now volume up/down and mute the Vizio soundbar via the Samsung remote.

Tip: If you want the Vizio soundbar automatically turned on and off with the Samsung TV, check the next method.

Method #3 Enable the “Auto Power Link” Feature

enable the “auto power link” feature

The Auto Power Link is a feature that can connect a certain device (speaker, consoles, and other devices), so they can follow the power state of the TV.

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In our case, we can use this feature to make the Vizio soundbar turn on and off with the Samsung TV.

  • Tap and hold the directional pad on the left side to start the Auto Power Link!

This will allow you to turn OFF/ON the Vizio soundbar via the Samsung remote.

In order to disable the feature you only need to repeat the action and hold the left side of the pad for a few seconds again.

When you’re connected to the TV via Optical Cable, this would be your only alternative to power the Vizio soundbar via the Samsung television remote. 

With the feature, Auto Power Link enabled, test whether you can access the Vizio soundbar using the television remote!

Method #4 Use an “IR Blaster” Device!

use an “ir blaster” device

The IR Blaster is a device that will allow you to control multiple devices with the remote of your master device.

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In that set of thoughts, by connecting an IR Blaster to the Samsung TV we can also send IR signals to our Vizio soundbar, without touching the remote or the device at all.

You can purchase the BAFX – All-in-one IR Repeater, which you can connect to the Samsung TV using the USB port.

From there you only need to install the IR Transmitter in front of the IR receiver of the Vizio Soundbar. 

  • You need to point your Samsung remote toward the IR Blaster!

How does it work?

The IR Blaster connects to one of the USB ports of the Samsung TV. The next step is to position the IR “eye” of the blaster infront of the IR “eye” of the Vizio soundbar. 

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The ultimate result will be that the Vizio soundbar will turn ON/OFF, change volume, and mute according to what you press on your Samsung remote.

The signal transmission is instant and this way you can operate the Vizio soundbar via a Samsung television remote!

Note: Feel free to consult the user’s manual for more information about the IR connection!

Method #5 Pair a Universal Remote Control

pair a universal remote control

In case you’re not satisfied with how your setup works, you can always purchase a universal remote that is compatible with both the Samsung TV and Vizio soundbar.

The thing is that each universal remote has its different way to pair with devices, which is the main struggle!

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However, with a universal remote and “HDMI-CEC” enabled on both the Samsung TV and Soundbar, you can operate the setup with 1 remote.

Don’t forget that you can also copy the power state of the Samsung TV and automatically turn on and off the Vizio soundbar.

Good luck!

Samsung TV Not Controlling Vizio Soundbar – Solution!

samsung tv not controlling vizio soundbar

In case none of the above methods helped you control the Vizio soundbar via only the Samsung TV, perhaps something in your setup is not quite correct.

There are quite a few different things that can prevent the correct implementation of the above methods.

Here is a complete troubleshooting guide to resolve any possible issues:

  1. Turn OFF both the Samsung TV and Vizio Soundbar!
  2. Disconnect from the Power Strip and from the Electrical Outlet.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds and re-connect your Samsung/Vizio setup!
  4. (Optional) Replace the Samsung remote batteries!
  5. Disconnect ALL other devices connected to the soundbar or TV.
  6. Update the firmware of both the Vizio soundbar and Samsung TV.
  7. Scroll up and re-apply Method #1 & Method #2
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In case you’re unable to operate the Vizio soundbar via your Samsung remote, perhaps you’ll need to ultimately factory reset both devices.

Sadly, you’ll lose a bunch of configuration settings but following the methods from this guide, you’ll set up everything correctly!

Quick Recap

In order to control Vizio soundbar with Samsung TV remote, we need to select the Vizio Soundbar Audio Output on the Samsung TV and enable the HDMI-CEC on both devices.

In addition, enable the Power Link feature so you can turn OFF/ON the Vizio soundbar!

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