how to connect samsung blu ray player to wifi

Are you looking for the procedure on how to connect Samsung Blu Ray player to WiFi? Can’t you find the simplest and the best solution for it?

In this guide, we will help you connect your Samsung and Sony Blu Ray players to the internet!

We’ll go about teaching you how to connect Sony Blu Ray to internet wired, as well as your Samsung Blu Ray player to WiFi!

To successfully connect your Samsung Blu Ray player, check your internet first. Ask your ISP if there are any outages. Then, ensure that the password you are inputting to enter your network is correct.

Read along to get the comprehensive procedure on how to connect your player!

Why Connect Samsung Blu Ray Player to the Internet?

Most of Samsung’s Blu Ray players have the WiFi feature or functionality. Take note, though, that not all models have this functionality.

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So, for you to see if your device has this functionality, check the box it came with. You should see features along the lines of WiFi, wireless connection, internet, etc.

This functionality is present for you to be able to connect to the internet to update your firmware.

Moreover, you can also use this wireless connection to get extra streaming content, especially to get BD-Live access.

How to Connect Samsung Blu Ray Player to WiFi?

Connecting or giving your Blu Ray player access to WiFi is a simple procedure. You just must go about following these simple steps:

Here’s the quick and easy process of connecting your Blu Ray player to a WiFi network:

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Step #1: Connecting Samsung Blu Ray to TV

Power your Samsung Blu Ray player and TV on. Then, connect your Blu Ray player to your television using the VGA or HDMI cable.

NOTE: Ensure that your WiFi network is functioning properly. 

For instance, you have to make sure that the connection is not intermittent, it’s not dropping, etc. It can affect the process of connecting your Blu-Ray to your TV.

Step #2: Navigate to WiFi

Once done, navigate to the main menu screen of your Samsung Blu Ray player.

Open Network Settings, Network, WiFi, or anything that relates to the network. The wording and the labels may vary from one player to another.

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From the list of options, choose Wireless, WiFi, or Connect to WiFi.

Step #3: Enter WiFi Information

Select your WiFi network and enter your password. Follow the on-screen guides and prompts to complete the setup.

NOTE: Make sure that you input the correct password. If it’s wrong, it’ll tell you that you can’t connect to the internet.

By now, you should be able to connect your player to WiFi. But, what if it does not connect? Is it the player’s problem? Is it your ISP’s problem?

Here’s the procedure of troubleshooting why your Samsung Blu Ray player isn’t successfully connecting to WiFi.

Samsung Blu Ray Won’t Connect to Internet, What Should I Do?

samsung blu ray won't connect to internet

There are some ways of troubleshooting why your player isn’t successfully connecting to WiFi.

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To resolve this, here is a comprehensive method you can do.

Step #1: Check Your Internet

The first thing you must do is to check your internet connection. You need to make sure that there are not any disruptions on the internet.

Call or contact your internet service provider (ISP) and inquire if there are any problems with your internet connection.

Step #2: Are You Entering the Correct Password?

If there is none, go and see if the password you are inputting is correct.

Most of the time, people tend to forget the fact that their passwords are case-sensitive. So, they tend to put the password in all small letters, making the system think it’s incorrect.

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Double-check the password you are entering and make sure that it’s exactly what you’ve set.

Step #3: Double-Check the Network’s Settings

Not all networks are equal. You will know what the network requirements are of your Samsung Blu Ray player by checking it in the user manual.

If the current network you are trying to connect to doesn’t meet the requirements, then it would really be unable to connect.

NOTE: Did the error happen after you have made changes to the router settings?

If it did, then the culprit might be the modification or the change you have done. Try to change the setting back to its default and check if there are any differences.

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Step #4: Try to Disconnect Other Devices from the Network

Our routers aren’t full-blown heavy-duty machines. If the specifications of the router indicate that it’s able to hold 5 devices, having six (6) devices would already slow the connection down.

Try to remove or disconnect other devices from the network. Your Blu-Ray player will be able to connect to it better, faster, and more efficiently.

Step #5: Perform a Reboot or a Power Cycle

Lastly, try performing a power cycle or a reboot of the device. Don’t just turn it off using the remote, unplug it from the main power source.

You can either unplug its power cord at the back or unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

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That’s it! By now, your Samsung Blu Ray player should be connected to the WiFi network!

Samsung Blue Ray Still Not Connecting to WiFi?

When you finish this troubleshooting process and the problem is still there, try connecting it to a different network.

If you have a mobile phone that has mobile hotspot ability, try using it.

If it does work when you switch connection to the hotspot, the problem is with how your device connects to the router. 

Contact the manufacturer of your router if this is what your concern is.

After you do it and you still deem the process to be ineffective, contact Samsung. Try reaching their customer service team or their tech department.

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Tell them about your dilemma. Give them insight as to the problems you are experiencing with your Samsung Blu Ray player.

Should they deem that you need a technician’s assistance, they will deploy one.

That’s when they’ll determine whether or not the problem is with the device.

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How to Connect Sony Blu Ray to Internet Wired?

Now that you know how to connect your Samsung Blu Ray player to WiFi, let us go through the steps on how you can get wired internet for your Sony Blue Ray player!

Akin to the process of connecting your Samsung device, the steps are easy!

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In fact, here’s a quick 4-step method to do it!

  • Get an Ethernet cable and connect it to the LAN or Local Area Network port at the back of the Blu Ray player.
  • Using the remote, access the Blu Ray player’s Network Setup feature. Then, select set up a wired connection.
  • You can do this by pressing [MENU] or [HOME]. Go to Settings > Network > Network Setup.
  • Complete the on-screen directions/instructions and finish it up!

That’s how easy you can connect your Sony Blu Ray player to your router via a wired connection!


Now, you don’t have to think about the process of how to connect your Samsung Blu ray player to WiFi!

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Of course, you must remember that you need to ensure that the device is WiFi-enabled first.

You do not need to contact a technician or an expert right away! Follow this guide and connect your Samsung Blu Ray player to your network seamlessly!

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