can roku remote control tv volume

Do you own a Roku device, and you wonder, can Roku remote control TV volume? Are you lost and you’re trying to find out whether it’s possible or not?

You’re lucky, because, in this guide, that’s what we’ll be focusing on! We’ll not only give you the answer to this possibility, but we will also give you the complete list of steps on how you can do it!

If you’re wondering, the answer is yes, you will be able to. If your Roku remote was made after 2017, it will be able to control your TV’s volume. This is because they have wireless and infrared technology.

But why be interested in this if you’re actually able to control your TV’s volume with the TV remote?

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Why Control TV Volume with Roku Remote?

Many Roku users look into this option simply because of a better, easier, and much more convenient experience.

Who wants to carry two (2) remotes when watching TV? It’s a no-brainer.

By being able to control the TV’s volume with the Roku remote, you wouldn’t need to use the TV’s original remote any longer!

Can Roku Remote Control TV Volume? – Complete Guide

roku remote control tv volume

In this guide, we’ll take you on a comprehensive journey of using the Roku remote to toggle the volume of your TV.

NOTE: For the rest of this guide, we will refer to any Roku remote control made on or after 2017.

This is after the release of the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Ultra as a “new” or “newer” Roku remote.

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Most of the newer Roku remotes will only allow you to control your TV’s volume and turn it on and off.

Depending on the make and model of your television, you might be able to change channels and perform other functions with your Roku remote as well.

Below, we will dive into how to set up your Roku remote to be able to control your TV’s volume.

Setting the Roku Up

First, make sure that your Roku device is connected directly to your TV (rather than your surround sound system if you have one).

This is essential to set up your remote, and you can change how it’s connected later.

Your Roku device must be connected directly to your TV for both methods outlined below.

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Method #1: Remote Programming During Roku Device Installation

Then, follow the on-screen prompts that your new Roku device will display on your TV screen.

These prompts will be the standard setup settings needed to get your Roku installed.

Keep an eye out for the “Control Your TV” screen. Using your regular TV remote, not the Roku remote, turn the volume up on your television to a reasonable level that you know you’ll be able to hear well.

For the rest of these directions, use the Roku remote control unless we state otherwise.

Then, the on-screen instructions will shift. So, follow these further steps to help you with it.

  1. Point your Roku remote at your TV and select Check Remote Settings.
  2. Then, music will play, and the prompt will ask you if you’re hearing it.
  3. Select Yes.
  4. Next, the screen will prompt you to answer, “Did the music stop playing?”
  5. Select the answer based on your experience.
NOTE: If you don’t hear anything, turn the volume up using your regular TV remote.

If you can still hear the music, and select No, you will have to manually enter which television brand you have on the next screen.

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Your choices will either be “Enter TV brand” or “Set Up Remote Later.”

Make sure you select “Enter TV brand” so you don’t have to start the process over again. Select OK, and you are ready to control the volume of your TV with your Roku remote!

Other than that, you can also set it up if you have a Roku device installed already. Here’s how to do it.

Method #2: Setting Up Your Remote if You Already Have Roku Device Installed

As a reminder, make sure your Roku device is connected directly to your TV before you begin this process, otherwise, it will not work.

  1. On your Roku remote, click [HOME].
  2. After that, scroll down until you see Settings.
  3. Once inside Settings, navigate and select Remotes & Devices.
  4. Choose the option that says Set Up Remote For TV, press Start.
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Following the On-Screen Instructions

Once you click Start, the on-screen instructions for the pairing will come up.

Here’s what you have to do to finalize it.

  1. Make sure your volume is up, using your regular TV remote.
  2. Answer the question on the screen about whether you can hear the music playing.
  3. Answer the next question about whether the music stopped.
  4. If you can’t hear it and select Yes, you will be done.
  5. If you can still hear it, select No, and Roku will have you manually enter the brand of your TV.

Can Your Roku Remote Control TV Volume If It is Much Newer than 2017?

If your Roku remote is 2019 or later, you will be able to easily pair it with your television.

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Inside your Roku remote battery compartment, there is a Pairing button.

With your television on, hold the Pairing button down for 5 seconds and watch for flashing lights on your remote.

This question is only applicable to remotes that are older than 2017.

Roku Remote TV Volume Control is Not Working, What Should I Do?

Sometimes your Roku remote can act up and it may not follow or do what you want it to do. Don’t worry, though, because fixing it is easy.

Step #1: Check for Mute

Always check for the obvious option first. Sometimes we miss tiny things like this, and you’re not alone!

If your television is muted, depending on the model of your TV, it will stay muted whether you try to turn the volume up or not. (Some models undo the mute function when a person turns the volume up or down.)

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Step #2: Try Replacing the Batteries

If your volume control is lagging or not working at all, or if your other Roku controls are lagging, it could be a low battery issue.

Replace both batteries and see if your controls go back to normal.

Step #3: Un-Gunk Your Buttons

Just like any other remote, the buttons on the Roku remote can malfunction due to the littlest debris that falls in between them.

If your Roku remote buttons seem to be a little jammed up, this can affect how they communicate with your TV to control volume and power.

Clean your remote with baby wipes or a mild all-purpose cleaner.

Ensure that you don’t drown your remote in liquid. This can cause more harm than good! Use a damp paper towel with some cleaning solution on it.

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Next, push the buttons you cleaned repeatedly to loosen anything that may be stuck inside.

Step #4: “Repair” Your Roku Remote Control

What we really mean is re-pair. If your Roku remote has lost connection with your television, you won’t be able to control your TV’s volume.

Go back to our first sections and reconnect your remote to your TV.

NOTE: Make sure that your Roku device is pointed directly to your TV for step 4!

If you’re unsure of your Roku remote controlling your TV, it’s actually possible! You simply need to undergo the pairing process of the remote to the TV.

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Final Thoughts

So, if you’re in constant doubt about it, you can never go wrong with our guide!

The mystery of can Roku remote control TV volume is finally over in a positive way!

The next time you find yourself in need of a pairing guide, you can go back to our tutorial to find all the answers you’re looking for!