connecting surround sound to samsung smart tv

When you want to know more about connecting surround sound to Samsung smart TV, there is surprisingly little information online showing you how.

So, we decided to step in with our complete guide that shows you how to get your surround sound speakers up and running on your Samsung smart TV.

With The information below you will have the complete home cinema system.

Syncing Samsung Smart TV with Surround Sound

Your television is probably the most important gadget in your house. It is your in-home entertainment hub and at the center of your living room.

Choosing the best TV means finding a product that has excellent image quality, is durable, has a large screen, and has plenty of connectivity options.

Samsung is one of the leaders in the smart TV market and is known for building hardware that checks all the boxes customers expect when buying a television.

However, most Samsung TVs also suffer from a problem that is common in the modern television world… average sound quality.

Chasing the Best Audio Quality

You may think that paying a lot of money for a TV only to have bad quality audio is a problem.

You would be correct, but the poor sound is something that is common, even with the most expensive televisions.

Customers value TVs with large screens that are as thin as possible, making them look good on furniture or mounted to a wall.

One of the compromises of having super-thin large screen TVs is manufacturers do not have space to include high-quality speakers. That’s why when you watch your TV the audio is average at best.

One way to overcome this problem is to buy a home cinema system, which is also known as surround sound.

Whether you are watching a movie, binging your favorite TV shows, playing games on your console, or on YouTube, having immersive audio is a big part of the experience.

Note: A surround sound home cinema system can make up for the shortcomings of your TV speakers.

Connecting Samsung Smart TV to Surround Sound

connecting samsung smart tv to surround sound

If you want a complete sound experience on your Samsung smart TV, we recommend getting surround sounds to enhance the audio quality.

However, you are probably wondering how to connect a home cinema system to your TV.

Below we will walk through the various methods for linking your surround sound system to your Samsung smart TV. There are various options available, and we will explain each one in detail.

Method – I Using an RCA Connection

Probably the easiest way to connect your home cinema and Samsung TV is by using an RCA connection.

This straightforward method uses the analog stereo outputs on the rear or side of your Samsung smart TV.

The steps are as follows:

Step #1. Get some analog RCA stereo cables and connect the 3.5mm plug (it looks like a headphone plug) into the audio output port on your TV.

Step #2. On the other end of the RCA cable, plug into the audio ports on your surround sound hardware.

Step #3. Start your home cinema system and follow any instructions that appear on the screen. (This usually includes selecting an input choice on the system to finalize the connection.)

Step #4. You should now be up and running with an improved audio experience on your TV.

It is worth noting some modern Samsung smart TVs do not ship with a 3.5mm or RCA connection. If your TV is lacking these ports, you will need to move onto one of the following methods.

Method – II Using a Digital Optical Connection

Digital optical is another functional connection method for your Samsung smart TV and surround sound system. This is essentially a fiber optics wire that transfers the audio from one device to another.

The steps are as follows:

Step #1. To start connecting your TV to the home cinema, get a digital optical cable and connect it to the audio port on your television.

Step #2. Plug it into the audio port on your home cinema and turn on the system.

Step #3. With the remote for your surround sound, navigate to the device settings.

Step #4. Set the system to the relevant input.

It is worth checking the remote for a specific button that does this because it is a common feature on most home theater system remotes.

Your system should now be connected to your Samsung smart TV and audio will come from the speakers.

Method – III Using ARC – HDMI Connection

Our third method for connecting surround sound to Samsung smart TV involves using a specific type of connection that is not available on all televisions.

Your Samsung TV has HDMI ports, but you need to have one HDMI connection that is labeled MDMI-ARC.

HDMI-ARC takes an audio signal and allows it to travel in two directions from your surround sound speakers.

This provides a better sound quality thanks to an improved latency. In other words, you will not need to use a second cable between the speakers, reducing the number of wires in your media system.

ARC or Audio Return Channel is available on most Samsung smart TVs, but not all. So, check your TV while you will also need an HDMI 1.4 cable or higher.

Sometimes you will have to change system settings on your surround sound system by activating HDMI-CEC.

Note: On your Samsung TV, HDMI-CEC is also known as Anynet+.

Method – IV Using Bluetooth

In the modern age of wireless technology, this method may be the preferred choice of many people.

Most of us know the benefits of Bluetooth, allowing easy syncing between two or more devices. Samsung smart TVs come with Bluetooth includes, meaning they can connect with different types of hardware.

Home cinema systems do not always have a Bluetooth facility, but many do. Check to see if your surround sound supports Bluetooth. For the fastest and most secure connection, Bluetooth 4.0 or higher is best.

Here’s how to connect your surround sound system to a Samsung smart TV using Bluetooth.

The steps are as follows:

Step #1. Using your TV remote control, select the HOME button and navigate to the settings page.

Step #2. On the next screen, open the sound configuration menu and select the sound output

Step #3. On the following speaker list, choose the audio system you want to sync with.

Step #4. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on for your surround sound and TV and choose the connect/pair option.

Step #5. When the connection is made, your TV and/or speakers should confirm the connection.

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As you can see, connecting surround sound to Samsung smart TV is quite easy, and you have several methods to help you.

One of the best things about a home theater system is the immersive experience you get when watching movies, sports, TV shows, or listening to music.

You can literally feel surrounded by sound and complement the high-quality image of your Samsung smart TV.

Nicole B