how to connect samsung blu-ray to wired internet

Do you want to watch your favorite movie and wonder how to connect Samsung Blu-ray to wired internet?

You may not have a wireless connection, or the wireless option has probably failed.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you connect your Samsung Blu-ray device to wired internet. Kindly read on.

To connect your Samsung Blu-ray to wired internet, insert an Ethernet cable to the media player’s Ethernet port. Navigate to the Network settings option using your remote, then select manuals from the wired network settings screen.

Enter your IP and the DNS address, then connect your device to the internet.

Let us learn the steps in details!

Can you Connect Samsung Blu-ray to Wired Internet?

Yes, you can connect your Blu-ray to your wired internet using a LAN cable.

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One advantage of a wired internet is that it provides a robust and most reliable network connection.

Hence, your device will receive new and updated firmware on time. Besides, you will enjoy more entertainment that other over-the-air media does not provide.

Some Blu-ray devices may lack an Ethernet port. Hence, you can only connect them to the internet via a wireless connection. So, before trying out the connection, ensure that your device has this necessary port.

How to Connect Samsung Blu-ray to Wired Internet

connect samsung blu-ray to wired internet

Connecting your Samsung Blu-ray to the wired internet will require you to have network setting values.

You can only get these values from your internet service provider (ISP). Kindly contact them so they can give them to you before beginning the setup.

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Step #1: Insert an Ethernet Cable

Acquire an Ethernet or LAN cable, then connect it to your Blu-ray from the back.

That is where you will find the LAN port. Join the other side of the Ethernet cable to the router.

Ensure that the LAN cable is firm. A loosely connected cable will not allow your device to have an internet connection.

Check also if the cable has any cracks or damages. A damaged cable will not allow the internet to pass to your device.

Step #2: Set up the Network

Ensure the Blu-ray player is in stop mode or no disc mode. Using your remote, press the menu button.

Go to settings, then scroll down using the arrow buttons to select Network, followed by Network settings, then press Enter.

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Step #3: Follow the Screen Prompts

connect samsung blu-ray to ethernet

The screen that shows wired/cable network settings will appear (which is always the default settings).

Tap on the Internet protocol setup field, then press Enter on your remote after clicking the Manual option.

Scroll down using the down arrow button to select DHCP then click the Enter button.

Note that if you put the DHCP to the ON mode, you will not be able to select the subnet mask, IP address, or gateway values.

Also, if the DHCP is in auto mode, you will not be able to select the primary or secondary DNS.

So, select the off option for the DHCP and the manual option for the DNS, then proceed to the next step.

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Step #4: Enter IP Address

Using your remote buttons, enter the IP address you got from your ISP.

Ensure that you provide the Gateway values and the Subnet mask the same way (Get these values from your ISP).

Once you are through with providing each number, use the right button to go to the following field. Other arrows on your remote can also help you to move up, down, or back.

Step #5: Enter DNS

Using your remote’s down arrow, select the DNS. If your player refuses the DNS on the entry, you can use the server DNS, or

After that you will be through with setting up your Blu-ray media play to the wired internet. Check to see if it shows an internet connection.

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You can save your settings by scrolling down or up to see this option, then press enter after selecting it.

If you do not want to save the settings, select the cancel option using the up or down buttons, then press enter.

Step #6: Update Firmware

Once you complete setting up the internet connection, a popup may appear asking you to update the Blu-ray’s firmware to the latest version.

Kindly accept by following the update prompt on your screen.

If you do not see the update prompt, you can manually update your device by accessing its settings menu.

Besides, your device will add new apps from time to time. So, ensure that you check these updates and get the best that your device can offer.

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You can connect your Samsung Blu-ray to a wired internet by acquiring an Ethernet cable. Please insert it into your device’s LAN port and use your remote to navigate to network and wired settings. Enter the required IP address from your service provider and choose a DNS from the provided entry.

Then, your device will be connected to wired internet.

I hope you now know how to connect Samsung Blu-ray to wired internet. The steps above are clear and straightforward to take you through the process.

If your Blu-ray media player fails to connect to your wired internet, it could be due to a wrong connection. Do not miss a step to ensure that it connects successfully.

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Can I Use My Window’s Internet on My Samsung Blu-Ray?

Yes, it is possible to use your computer’s internet on your Blu-ray. You need to ensure that the computer is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network.

Plug an Ethernet net cable into your computer and connect the other end to your Samsung Blu-ray player. Follow your windows instructions to set up the network connection.

Why Is My Blu-Ray Not Showing an Internet Connection After Connecting It to A Wired Internet?

The possible reasons for failure to connect to the internet could be loose cable connections or damaged cable.

Also, the router could be too far from your Blu-ray. So, secure the connection, check for any damages, and let the router closer to your media player.

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What Is the LAN Port for In My Samsung Blu-Ray?

If your Samsung Blu-ray has a LAN port, it is meant to house the Ethernet cable.

Hence, you can access the internet via the cable from your router to your media player.

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