how far can Ring camera see

Are you wondering how far can Ring camera see? Worry not, because, in this guide, we’ll give you the complete details in relation to this!

Unlike other guides you’ll find online, we wouldn’t just give you general information about it, but we will also discuss a few points that make it what they are! 

If you’re wondering how far these devices can detect, they can see up to a total of 30 feet. According to Ring, the motion detection on its powered devices can see a maximum of up to 30 to 40 feet away from the camera.

Before we get to this, though, let’s first briefly discuss the reasons why people choose Ring for their security cameras.

Why Choose Ring Cameras?

Ring cameras are an excellent choice if you want to beef up your home or office security.

The Amazon-owned company has a suite of state-of-the-art video doorbells and security cameras for people who enjoy having constant surveillance over their homes or property.

The company's cameras are highly versatile, offering motion detection, night vision, two-way talk, and 1080p high-definition picture, amongst many other features.

Some are battery-powered, others use electricity and solar energy, while Ring also has cameras that Power over Ethernet.

More importantly, the vast majority of Ring cameras are WiFi-enabled, which means that you’ll easily be able to control it remotely.

So, at what distance can Ring cameras see?

How Far Can the Ring Camera See?

how far can a ring camera see

It is interesting to note that Ring doesn’t use the word “see.” Instead, it says “detect motion.”

According to Ring, its cameras can "detect motion" within 30 feet. But there's more to this than you think.

Suppose you’d like to understand how far a Ring camera can see. In that case, it’s important to note that this involves not only the distance outwards but also the distance sideways.

A standard doorbell or security camera can see beyond the horizon. Even the cheapest doorbell cams may even be able to see a person 1500 feet away from the camera.

That is why the better question you need to ask is how far Ring cameras can see useful footage.

How Far Can a Ring Doorbell See at Night?

Other than knowing the figures, it’s also important for us to know the distance of its vision when it’s dark.

Quite surprisingly, Ring Doorbell cameras can see the same way at night as they would during the day.

However, it’s worth noting that the quality of the image produced would be less and lower in low lighting.

This goes to show that even the best and the highest-grade of Ring cameras might not be able to produce intricately high-quality images when shot at night and at longer distances.

Now that we’re aware of this, let’s take a look at a few terms that are worth knowing. This is for us to further understand the distance of the effectiveness of Ring Doorbell cameras.

Note: Useful footage means video or picture data that Ring, you, or the authorities can use to correctly identify a person, vehicle, or other objects of interest via the cameras installed.

Depth of Field (DOF)

Depth of Field is a photography term that is helpful for photography and security cameras like Ring.

Depth of field is the area directly in front of the Ring Camera that has a sharp, crystal-clear image with the objects of interest in excellent focus and detail.

You can calculate the depth of field by using subject distance, focal length, aperture, and the circle of confusion.

This makes it almost impossible for the average person with regular sight to calculate the performance of their doorbell and security cameras.

Take a good look at the Ring Camera, and you’ll find that its motion sensors can detect up to 30 feet directly at the doorbell front.

That means performing at its best and providing high-quality footage. However, Ring could just be a bit conservative with the numbers because a typical home security camera can see even further.

Field of View (FoV)

Field of view is the observable area height and length span. The FoV is measured in degrees as follows:

Ring Cam TypeFoV DiagonalFoV HorizontalFoV Vertical
Indoor Cam40°115°60°
Stick Up Cam (3rd gen)130°110°57°
Stick Up Cam Elite (2nd gen)N/A150°85°

Ring does not provide the diagonal, horizontal, or vertical FoV for the Spotlight and Floodlight Cams, with both products having an FoV of 140°.

Field of view plays a big part in the width and distance the camera can see.

For most security cameras, the width is far more important than the distance because the Ring camera can show you all the nooks and corners of the house, including the door area, garage, and porch.

Most people prefer to know who is at their door and if the delivery person has left a package (and where).

Note: Motion detection angle is the view where the camera will generate alerts if it detects motion. For Ring cameras, the FoV is the same as the MDA.

Ring Camera Resolution

ring camera resolution

How far the Ring camera sees will depend on the camera resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the footage and how far the distance the Ring camera will see.

For instance, a 720p and a 1080p camera may detect the same object at 100 feet. Still, the footage quality from the 1080p camera will be of better quality.

All Ring-powered devices have a 1080p camera, which means the footage quality is most likely the same.

Ring Camera Lens

The camera lens size is responsible for the FoV. Large lenses typically produce narrower FoV with a shorter viewing distance.

Smaller lenses have a long viewing distance and a broader field of view.

The lens plays a critical part in the Ring camera’s ability to zoom in. It is worth noting that Ring camera lenses cannot physically zoom.

Lighting Conditions

The amount of light in the area also impacts the Ring camera. Strong harsh lights and direct sunlight on the Ring Camera will reduce the footage quality.

These conditions may also cause the camera to flicker, thus reducing the distance the Ring camera can see.

Ring cameras work excellently well at night and in other low light conditions because it uses Advanced Motion Detection technology with Passive Infrared to capture quality footage.

The camera also has night vision that allows it to see up to 30 feet at night.

Do note, though, that your thoughts on it might fail when it comes to quality. It offers excellent quality, but it might not be within your expectations under low light.

Tip: in addition to how far the Ring Camera can see, consider the following key areas when selecting a Ring powered device:
  • Power Source
  • Cloud Storage
  • App Capabilities
  • Audio Features
  • Weather and Durability
  • Installation Method

Why Ring Cameras Cannot See Far Distances

The reason Ring cameras cannot see far distances is because the company does not design its cameras to work that way.

The main aim of the camera is to identify people and items that are near your house or at your door.

And that is the reason the width the camera can see is more important than depth.

When cameras detect more in a single frame, they’re deemed to be better and more effective at doing their jobs.

As per the company, Ring cameras can see at a distance of 30 to 50 feet. This means that the company cannot give a full guarantee that its cameras are able to detect motion beyond this limit.

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We hope you have understood how far the Ring camera can see to make a better decision on where and how to place your camera for maximum security.

In addition to this, understanding the field of view, resolution, and motion detection angle of the Ring camera will help maintain your privacy.

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