why is airplay not working on samsung tv

Wondering why is AirPlay not working on Samsung TV? Well, users have reported this issue too frequently, so today we are going to get this case enveloped and explained in detail.

AirPlay might not be working if your Samsung TV is out of date. It is possible that your Samsung TV isn’t supporting the AirPlay feature in the first place or has a VPN enabled, unlike the other devices.

Having that said, let’s learn more about what the users have to say regarding the issue and what could be the potential causes.

Why Is AirPlay Not Working On Samsung TV?

First of all, it is good learning more about the compatibility of the AirPlay feature with your Samsung TV device.

If released before 2014, your Samsung TV might be supporting AirPlay and it won’t work for you no matter how many times you try.

But let’s exclude this possibility for now and check out why AirPlay is not working on newer models of Samsung TVs.

1. An Issue with the Network

Most of the time, an issue with the network might prevent your Samsung TV from connecting with the devices via AirPlay.

2. Missing Compatibility

As we’ve mentioned above, if your Samsung TV is not compatible with AirPlay, you won’t be able to use the feature.

3. Wrong Code

It is possible that you’re writing the wrong code when attempting to use AirPlay with your Samsung TV.

4. Outdated Firmware

Outdated firmware of your Samsung TV might now allow AirPlay as well.

5. Enabled VPN

Lastly, an enabled VPN on your Samsung TV or on the network might be the reason why you’re unable to use AirPlay’s services.

Now that you know what might be wrong let’s start addressing each potential suspect.

How To Fix AirPlay Not Working On Samsung TV?

fix airplay not working on samsung tv

Before we proceed any further, try rebooting your Samsung TV to check if that will fix the issue.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple restart to resolve a temporary glitch with the TV, preventing you from using certain services.

If the reboot didn’t work, let’s proceed with the first solution:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Samsung TV

If a reboot didn’t do anything, then perhaps discharging your TV through a firm hard reset process might be able to fix the issue.

Follow the steps down below to hard reset your Samsung TV and potentially fix the AirPlay feature:

  1. Turn OFF your Samsung TV using the remote.
  2. Wait for several seconds and unplug the power adapter as well.
  3. Wait for another 5 minutes until your TV discharges properly.
  4. Once done, plug the power adapter back into the source and test.

We suggest plugging your Samsung TV into a reliable power source, in case you’re using a strip or a divider.

Your best bet would be plugging the TV into a trusted wall outlet to evade any potential power outages.

Solution #2 Re-Enable AirPlay

It is possible that the AirPlay has glitched or you’re entering the activation code incorrectly.

This is why we suggest to re-enable the feature and making sure you’re configuring everything the correct way.

Follow these steps to re-enable the AirPlay feature on your Samsung TV and fix the issue:

  1. Take your remote and go to Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Press on Apple AirPlay Settings.
  4. Turn ON the AirPlay.

On your OS device, swipe UP from the bottom and click on Screen Mirroring. Then select your Samsung TV from the list of available devices.

Solution #3 Update Your Samsung TV & OS Device

If a hard reset didn’t do anything, then perhaps either your Samsung TV is outdated or the OS host device.

You must make sure both devices are up-to-date in order for them to be compatible when enabling AirPlay.

Follow these steps to update your Samsung TV first:

  1. Go to the settings of your Samsung TV using the remote.
  2. Navigate to the “Software Update” tab and click the OK button on your remote.
  3. Wait for the automatic checker to finish searching and click on “Download”.
  4. Wait for the updates to be downloaded and your TV to restart.

Once you’re finished and your Samsung TV is running with the newest software, update the OS device you’re using AirPlay from.

Note: Since we cannot give you exact information on how to update your OS device, universally you should go to Settings > General > Firmware Version > Check For Update.

Solution #4 Connect Samsung To Different Frequency

If the AirPlay is not working on Samsung TV, perhaps you’re using a WiFi frequency with not strong enough reach. If your network has 2 frequencies, they would be 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

We suggest connecting your device to a 2.4GHz network and not 5GHz.

If you’re already connected to Samsung to 2.4GHz, proceed with the next solution. If not, check out the guide down below on how to create a 2.4GHz frequency.

How To Create WiFi Frequency?

To create a WiFi frequency, follow the steps down below:

  1. Go to your Windows Command Prompt (CMD) from the Windows start menu.
  2. Write “ipconfig” in the CMD, press enter, then copy the default gateway address.
  3. Once copied, go to your browser and paste it down in the search field.
  4. Use “admin” and “password” for login in the following screen.
  5. Go to the “network” tab and click on “Create WiFi”.
  6. Set up the frequency to be 2.4GHz.
  7. Save and connect the TV to the new WiFi.
  8. Test the AirPlay.

Solution #5 Disable Any VPNs

If you have enabled any VPNs either on your Samsung TV or OS device, this might be the reason why you’re unable to use the AirPlay feature.

For this solution, you will have to disable any VPNs or location-altering services that might be interrupting your device from air playing from one another.

In addition, make sure you’re not using any firewalls or location authenticators that might as well prevent you from using the AirPlay. Keep the VPNs disabled until the end of this guide or until you find the issue.

From your OS device, delete any browser VPNs and close any network applications that are currently working.

On your TV, make sure that there are no ongoing application downloads or active networking services.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Samsung TV

If nothing helped so far, then your best shot at fixing the issue is by factory resetting your Samsung TV.

Keep in mind that all apps and configurations you’ve installed and made to your TV will be ultimately erased. In that regard, make sure to write down anything you wish to re-apply for later.

Having that said, here is how to factory reset your Samsung TV:

  1. Open the settings of your Samsung TV.
  2. Go to the general tab and click on “Reset”.
  3. Insert the PIN, which is “0000” by default. (You can change it from the menu, for future usage)
  4. Tap on “Confirm” and wait for your TV to initiate the reset sequence.

Note: Keep in mind that your TV will restart several times during that process and its power supply must not be compromised to preserve the software’s health.

If the AirPlay does not function even after the reset, you can test with another OS device.

If the problem remains the same then contact Samsung customer service for help, because it’s clear that the issue is from the TV.

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Bottom Line:

To fix Samsung TV’s AirPlay, first hard reset the TV and update both your Samsung TV and the OS device. Next, re-enable the AirPlay, connect your TV to a different WiFi frequency, disable any VPNs and factory reset Samsung TV.

Now that you know why is AirPlay not working on Samsung TV, you should be able to easily fix the issue with our quick solutions.

After all, some TVs might not be compatible with the AirPlay mode, especially the older Samsung TV models.

Nicole B