can i move roomba home base

Are you new in the Smart Home industry and you’re asking, can I move Roomba Home Base? Would I be able to relocate it so that it’ll be able to cover most of the space I want it to clean?

Luckily for you, that’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide. We’ll run through it completely and comprehensively.

You can move the home base of your Roomba vacuum by first finding a good spot/space for it. Then, unplug the home base from power, clean the charging ports, and reconfigure it to match the new location of the base.

So, would you be able to move or relocate your Roomba Home Base to another spot in your living space?

Is it possible to have more than one (1) base at home? Those are the questions that we’ll have answered, so, stay tuned!

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Why Move Roomba Home Base?

Of course, the primary reason for the relocation or the moving of the Roomba Home Base is for the smart device to cover parts of the space that you want to cover.

For instance, if it’s positioned in the living room, it may not be able to clean the kitchen, the receiving area, even other entryways, and rooms on the same floor because of its proximity.

Now, what’s the truth behind the moving or the relocation of your Roomba Home Base?

Can I Move Roomba Home Base?

move roomba home base

The answer is yes, moving your Roomba Home Base is possible. In fact, many homeowners move and relocate them regularly to change up and modify their proximity.

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Finding a new location for your Roomba Home Base, though, could be a tough process. That is why you need to be skilled and knowledgeable of the steps.

No worries, though, because once you learn the process, it will be easy going for all the succeeding times you’ll ever need it.

How to Move Roomba Home Base?

Follow this process and freely move and relocate your Roomba Home Base without any problem.

Decide on a New Location

When you move the Roomba base to a new location, you must first decide on a suitable place.

Consider why you want to move your Roomba Home Base in the first place and what problem you’re trying to solve.

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NOTE: Be sure to choose a location that resolves the issue that makes you want to move it in the first place.

Many common Roomba vacuum issues are a result of poor placement of the Roomba Home Base.

The ideal location for your Roomba Home Base is a level, open, uncluttered area.

Here are some of the pointers you want to consider when choosing a new spot for it:

  • Must be at least 18 inches of space around all sides of the Roomba Home Base
  • Should be at least four feet of space in front of the Roomba Home Base
  • Must be at least four feet of space between the Roomba Home Base and any stairs
  • Should be at least eight feet of space between the Roomba Home Base and any Virtual Wall barriers.
Pro Tip: For best results, ensure the back of the Roomba Home Base is up against a flat wall on an even surface within reach of an electrical outlet.

Moreover, the Roomba Home Base’s location should have consistent WiFi coverage to ensure clear communication.

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Relocate your Roomba Home Base

how to move roomba base

Once you’ve settled on a suitable new location for your Roomba Home Base, you can begin the relocation process.

You’ll also want to perform some essential maintenance on the Roomba Home Base to ensure it works as flawlessly as possible in its new location.

Step #1: Make Sure the Roomba Isn’t Running

If there are any cleaning jobs in progress, either wait for them to complete or cancel them before moving the Roomba Home Base.

Relocating your Roomba Home Base while a cleaning job is in progress may cause navigation errors. So, turn or power it off completely before going on with the process.

Step #2: Unplug Your Roomba Home Base

Turning them off is one thing, but unplugging them completely from the mains is another.

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Unplug the home base from the port or outlet where it’s connected to.

Step #3: Start the Relocation

Once unplugged, you can now take your Roomba Home Base to its new location.

Of course, you’ll have to bring everything with you, including the power cables, the braces, and even the base.

NOTE: Remember to put the back of the home base against a flat wall on a level, even surface away from stairs and furniture for best results.

Step #4: Plug it Into the New Location

Your Roomba Home Base needs power to be able to communicate with your Roomba vacuum.

If the selected location is not within reach of a power outlet, relocate the Roomba Home Base closer to an outlet.

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Step #5: Clean the Charging Contacts

Regular maintenance of the charging contacts is essential to keeping your Roomba vacuum running efficiently.

Using a melamine sponge (sometimes sold as a “Magic Eraser”), gently wipe down the silver metal charging contacts on the Roomba vacuum and Roomba Home Base.

Step #6: Dock the Roomba Vacuum

Place your Roomba vacuum on the Roomba Home Base, ensuring that the charging contacts function properly.

When properly docked, the “Clean” button on your Roomba vacuum should light up briefly.

Reconfigure Roomba Vacuum

If your Roomba vacuum connects to an iPhone or Android app, you may need to update your Roomba vacuum’s floor plans and other settings.

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Some Roomba models are app-controlled and may have schedules, floor plans, or other settings that need to be adjusted. Check your user manual for configuration instructions specific to your Roomba vacuum model.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully relocated your Roomba Home Base to a new, more suitable location.

By now, you shouldn’t have any problems as to how you can relocate or move your Roomba Home Base!

Can My Roomba Vacuum Have Two Different Home Bases?

Yes, your Roomba vacuum can connect to multiple Roomba Home Bases.

For instance, you can have a Roomba Home Base on each floor of your house and avoid carrying your Roomba Home Base from one floor to the next.

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You can also have more than one Roomba Home Base on the same floor, as long as they’re at least eight feet apart. This is especially useful if you have a large floor plan.

When your Roomba vacuum needs to dock on a Roomba Home Base, it will choose the nearest one.

However, your Roomba vacuum must be the same or newer model than the Roomba Home Base to function correctly.

Alternatively, if you have a Roomba i Series vacuum and a Roomba 600 Series home base, your Roomba vacuum will dock on the 600 Series home base normally.

Your Roomba vacuum will even go to the i Series home base to empty its bin, only going to the 600 Series home base when it needs to charge. It really is a smart vacuum!

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Final Thoughts

In short, if you’re wondering about the possibility of transferring or relocating your Roomba Home Base, it is! You simply have to ensure that it’s turned off, pull it from its connection to the wall, and reinstall it to the new location.

Hopefully, we were able to enlighten you with the possibility of moving or relocating your Roomba Home Base.

So, the next time you stop to search for the answer to the question, can I move my Roomba Home Base, you know which tutorial to look for.