samsung tv standby light flashing

Whenever the Samsung TV standby light flashing, we typically assume that there is a power problem but this is not always the case.

Let’s explore more possibilities as well as the solution!

The Samsung TV’s standby light certainly flashes when the TV’s power source is faulty or fluctuating.

In addition, besides a hardware problem, there is also the possibility of bad third-party connectors in the power outlet or software-related Samsung TV issues!

Let’s learn more!

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On Standby Light Flashing?

samsung tv won't turn on standby light flashing

The flashing standby light on your Samsung TV means that there is an issue with some of the internal components due to a power problem.

However, the flashing of the standby light may also indicate other, minor issues that we can easily solve at home so let’s explore further:

Why Samsung TV Light Flashing?

  1. A malfunctioning electrical outlet
  2. An issue with the power adapter.
  3. Inactive third-party connectors.
  4. Software fault with the television
  5. Fluctuations in the power supply
  6. Faulty Samsung HW component.

Try to Turn On the Samsung TV:

Since the standby light is only active while the TV is turned off, check if your Samsung television can be turned on with either the remote or power button.

why samsung tv light flashing

The location of the power button is different based on the Samsung TV model, so feel free to use the remote.

Samsung TV Standby Light Keeps Flashing8 Solutions!

Tip: Follow our instructions consecutively to achieve a quicker solution to the problem!

1. Unplug the Samsung TV!

Your Samsung TV’s power supply may have been temporarily suspended, due to a fault with the power equipment.

To address this problem, you should unplug the TV from the strip, hence cutting out the power income for a while. This method is called “power circulation”.

unplug the samsung tv

How to Perform a Power Cycle?

  1. Hold the power button of your television.
  2. Release when the Samsung TV turns OFF.
  3. With the TV unplugged, wait for 2 minutes.
  4. Plug your Samsung TV directly into the wall.
  5. Press the power button once to turn on the TV.
Info: The ultimate goal of the power circulation is to also cool down your Samsung TV so keep the device unplugged for as long as neccecary.

2. Plug Directly into the Power!

plug directly into the power

There could be a fault with the Samsung TV’s power source, that you may be unaware of or the power extender or strip involved in the setup.

The power fluctuations are one of the primary reasons why the standby Samsung TV light would indicate a power failure.

  • Simply plug your Samsung TV directly into the power (wall outlet)!

One More Thing!

If you’re struggling to find an alternative location for your Samsung TV, using a power extender is your best workaround.

This will extend the A/C power adapter of your TV, making it long enough to reach a different electrical outlet, located in another room, hence on another fuse!

Tip: Test the power source by plugging in light for example!

3. Adjust the Selected TV Input

adjust the selected tv input

The flashing standby light on your Samsung TV may also indicate an HDMI blunder on your Samsung TV.

Ahead of everything, we’ll check the selected input of your Samsung TV, to verify that the problem is not related to HDMI.

  • The selected HDMI input can only be adjusted while the TV is turned on!

Here’s how to change the input if your Samsung TV can turn on:

  1. Use the remote to turn on the TV.
  2. Press the key named “Source”.
  3. Use the “UP” and “DOWN” arrows.
  4. Highlight “HDMI” “USB” or “TV”.
  5. Press the “Enter” remote key.
Info: Setting your Samsung device to “TV” input, will stream OVA channels. 

In order to select a “USB” or “HDMI” input, you must have a device connected to the respective port.

4. Address Potential Overheating!

address potential overheating

Our next step is to develop a comprehensive approach to manage your TV’s internal hardware temperature and prevent overheating.

Several environmental and/or internal factors may raise the temperature of your TV, causing it to reach the thermal margin.

Is My Samsung TV Overheating?

It is enough to place your hand on the Samsung TV and if the device feels too hot to the touch, then the device might be exceeding the operating temperatures.

This often happens during the summer seasons and when your TV shuts down (protectively) the standby would be blinking.

To decrease the temperatures, try the following tips:

  • Improve the ventilation – Place the TV in a ventilated area with sufficient airflow
  • Clear the vents/fan – Use compressed air on the side vents to clear the dust
  • Relocate heat conductors – Move out any heat conductors close to your TV
  • Turn off the Samsung TV – Keep the Samsung TV turned off when not in use

Tip: Use a Cooling Device

Placing a device that can cool down the environment around your Samsung TV will also reduce the internal temperatures of your TV.

Setting up your A/C to a colder cooling setting may help with the Samsung TV’s overheating.

5. Disconnect All Connected Devices!

disconnect all connected devices

The Samsung TV standby light flashing could be caused by interference from third-party appliances connected to the television.

Soundbars, gaming consoles, TV boxes, and others could interfere with the power state of your Samsung TV when a related option is enabled.

  • The easiest way to exclude this possibility is to unplug ALL devices!

Feel free to unplug any devices connected to the following TV ports:

  • Coaxial input – typically connects TV cable boxes
  • HDMI input – transfers video and audio signal
  • RCA output – connects audio devices to the TV
  • Component – connect DVD players and monitors
Info: HDMI devices (consoles specifically), may have a power setting enabled, that allows the TV to turn on with the console. 

That feature might make your Samsung TV turn off without a command and make the standby light blink.

6. Factory Reset the Samsung TV

factory reset the samsung tv

In case the front “standby” light on the Samsung TV is flashing but the device turns on and works just normally, perhaps a factory reset would help.

This process will reinstall the TV system cleanly and provide us with a fresh start in case the culprit is software-related.

Note: If your Samsung TV won’t turn on, jump to the next step!

Here’s how to factory reset Samsung TV in easy steps:

  1. Go to Settings and go to General.
  2. From there choose the “Reset” option.
  3. Next, enter the PIN (default: 0000).
  4. Lastly, select Reset and then OK.
Note: In case the steps above do not apply to your Samsung TV, go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis.

7. Samsung TV Hardware Inspection

In our most advanced technical solution, we’ll take apart your Samsung TV and inspect the internal hardware of the device.

We’ll give you a guideline on how to recognize damages in the motherboard and internal power supply of your Samsung TV to report the problem!

Alert: Following the steps below will void your Samsung TV warranty!
samsung tv hardware inspection

Step #1 What You’ll Need:

  • A screwdriver (most Samsung TVs use Philips/torx head screws)
  • A software-bristled brush (or compressed air)
  • A multimeter (recommended for measuring the electricity).
  • Safety gear (wear safety gloves, glasses, or anti-static wrist strap).

Step #2 Open Samsung TV Back Panel:

  1. Turn off the TV and unplug the A/C cord.
  2. Find a soft surface to lay the TV on its display.
  3. Undo the screws of the Samsung TV back cover
  4. Gently lift the cover, and place it aside.
  5. Use compressed air to remove dust accumulation.

Step #3 Test Samsung TV Components!

Then, with extreme caution, plug the TV into the power and using the Multimeter test the main board for Continuity.

There are even more components to inspect such as the wire sensor, main power board, power port, ribbon wiring, backlight, and power button.

Based on your findings you should replace the faulty components or take the TV for servicing in a local technical store.

Need More Help?

In case the standby light on your Samsung TV is still flashing, perhaps the best course of action would be to seek some professional help.

Feel free to contact Samsung Support and report the nature of your issue.

Reminder: Don’t forget to check whether your warranty is intact.

Quick Recap:

Today we’ve learned that when the Samsung TV standby light flashing, the best approach to the problem is to reset the power income.

This involves power cycling your Samsung TV, inspecting the power equipment, and switching to a different power source!

Nicole B