samsung tv standby light flashing

If your Samsung TV standby light flashing there is a high chance that you’re not able to turn the device on.

The standby light should emit static red light while your Samsung TV is off to indicate that the device is in standby mode.

In case the light is flashing in red, this could mean several possible issues that we are going to review and show you how to resolve.

Everything from insufficient power supply to incorrect configurations and even a faulty HDMI cable can cause severe TV issues, and the standby light will be flashing. You can easily solve this by performing a power cycle and removing any 3rd party devices connected to your TV to relieve its workflow.

However, there are even more solutions, so if those do not work for you, keep reading to reveal all you need to know and hopefully get your Samsung TV working again.

What Does Flashing Standby Light on Samsung TV Means?

Before we jump into the solutions, we have figured that it would be easier to troubleshoot if you have a better understanding of what could be causing the issue.

The general reasons that could make the standby light flashing are not much, so let’s take a closer look at each of the possibilities.

Insufficient Power

A bad power supply is the number one reason for your standby light to start flashing. The power transmission could be disrupted due to a power surge or a fault outlet divider.

We can’t exclude the possibility of a damaged or warned-out power cable so if you have a spare, make sure to test it right away!

Software Issues

Sometimes Samsung TVs can form a real mess if the firmware suddenly skips an important update.

However, an update is not always the cause for software issues, instead, there could be corrupted data or the so-known “bad files” preventing your TV from working normally.

Hardware Problem

Lastly, there is the possibility of your TV being damaged from the inside. After all, it’s a tech device and as we all know sometimes parts get degraded and stop working after a certain time.

While it is highly unlikely, we can’t exclude this possibility yet.

But as you progress further in the post, we will close the circle of possible causes until we isolate the true cause.

How To Fix Samsung TV Standby Light Flashing?

how to fix samsung tv standby light flashing

Now when you know the possible causes, it would be easier to determine whether the issue is hardware, software, or power related.

To begin with, we will start with some basic methods and build our way up to more complex solutions targeting more severe issues.


It is highly recommended to follow the steps in the order they are listed and check if your Samsung TV standby light is flickering after each step.

Step #1 Inspect Hardware

First of all, you need to make sure that the issue is not related to the hardware.

It is important to understand that if the TV has been exposed to any physical damage or there is a liquid inside, some parts could be severely damaged.

If this is not the case, let’s check the TV screen. Turn on the TV and press the screen softly using your finger.

If your finger lights up the pixels beneath it, that means that the TV screen is working well.

The last thing you can check at home would be the power button on the back panel of your Samsung TV.

Press and hold the button and check if the standby light is still flickering. If it turns off, that means that the button is working as well as the components responsible for the TV startup.

In case your Samsung TV standby light keeps flashing, that could mean a hardware problem or a bad power supply.

In our next step, we will justify this, so let’s move on.

Step #2 Perform Power Cycle

A power cycle is a widely popular method, proven to resolve power transmission issues as well as temporary software glitches.

It is pretty helpful as it is targeting a variety of possible issues and it can be easily performed even by non-techy people.

Down below are the steps to perform a power cycle the rightful way:

  1. Turn off your Samsung TV using the remote or the power button on the back panel.
  2. Disconnect everything connected to your TV.
  3. Make sure to disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet.
  4. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Connect the power cable to your TV and the other end to the power outlet.
  6. Turn on your TV and check if the standby light is flickering.

It is important to wait before you plug the power cable back, otherwise, the true goal of the power cycle would not be fulfilled.

It is intended to cleanly reboot all services and deliver a fresh stream of power, which is possible only if you’re patient!

Step #3 Disconnect Everything

A good approach in case the standby light is still flickering would be to disconnect all 3rd party devices wired up to your TV.

This will include any gaming consoles, soundbars, HDMI cables, and so on…

By removing all connected devices, you can exclude the possibility of outer interference by another problematic device.

For instance, if your HDMI cable connecting your PS4 does not work as intended, the respective source will not provide the TV with the expected playout.

This often leads to a software misconception of insufficient power and the standby light will flicker.

Simply disconnect everything, restart your TV using the remote or the power button on the back panel and check if the light is still blinking.

Step #4 Wrong Source

Last but not least, would be the possibility of a wrong source selection.

For example, if your 3rd party device is connected to HDMI port 1 and you have selected HDMI port 2 as for the output, the standby light will blink, indicating no input.

So, press the home button on your remote and go to Sources. From there, make sure to select the right source or if there is cable TV, try watching a broadcast channel.

Does the standby light flash now? If not, then the problem was with the wrong source.

But if it is still flashing, even after everything you have tried, we are sorry to inform you that you might be dealing with a severe hardware problem.

Don’t get discouraged! It could be the power cable.

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Samsung TV Standby Light Still Flashing…

At this point, we can conclude that there could be a hardware problem that you cannot really fix at home.

While it is highly unlikely, as a last resort, you can check if the power button on your TV panel or remote is stuck down.

If the button is dirty or sticky it could send inputs all the time and your standby light would be indicating an input (flashing).

If this is not the case, feel free to reach out to Samsung tech support for additional help. Don’t forget to share what you’ve tried to avoid similar recommendations and waiting for feedback.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you can resolve the Samsung TV standby light flashing and that you are aware of what might be causing the issue.

After all, the TV is just a piece of tech that could get glitched all the time and if you were patient enough to apply all our methods, you’re either done or one step closer to resolving the problem.

For more posts related to Samsung TV functionality and issues, check our tech blog where you will find solutions to any smart home device.

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