what can you do with google home mini

What can you do with Google Home Mini? What features can it offer that other Smart Home devices can’t? 

Since 2017 or the year it was released, the Google Home Mini was Google’s first compact smart speaker featuring Google Assistant, which is in rivalry with Amazon’s Alexa (Echo Dot).

But, precisely, what can you do with Google Home Mini? There might be a few things the Mini can do that you may not be aware of, or at least are underutilizing.

And in this guide, we’ll go over everything for you!

The Google Home Mini is perfect for being an assistant (like what it is). You can do many things with it, such as keeping schedules and making plans, managing your health and sleep quality and communicating. It can even serve as a pet sitter and a phone-finder!

There’s truly a myriad of things you can do with a Google Home Mini, and you will never have any shortage of what you can do with it.

So, without further ado, let’s head right onto the guide!

What Can You Do with a Google Home Mini?

There are many cool things to do with a Google Home Mini.

So, if you’re planning on purchasing one but you’re not sure if it’s something you can use effectively, here are some of the things you might want to consider.

1. Find Your Phone

google home mini find phone

You can use the Google Mini to call anyone on your contact list; yes, that includes you.

Even better is that if you lose your phone, you can give the Mini the instructions to find it. You can simply say: “Google, find my phone.”

When you do that, you will be asked to confirm the command and then the Mini will call your phone.

If you have an Android, the Google Home Mini will override the call status of your phone and increase the volume so you can hear it ring.

So, when you leave or lose it while it’s in silent mode, it’ll be easy to find!

2. Smarten Up Your Home

smarten home

Other than the excellent find your phone feature, you can also use the mini to help manage your smart devices around your home.

Google has agreements and partnerships with over 3,500 brands, including over 30,000 products. Many of which can be controlled via the Google Assistant that works with the Mini.

That means if you have smart devices around your home, you can:

  • Turn lights on, off, or dim them
  • Control your thermostat
  • Lock your doors
  • Turn on televisions, computers, tablets, etc.
  • Control internet access (great for shutting off cell phones during dinner)
  • Change volume levels on televisions, radios, etc.

If you own a smart device compatible with Google Assistant, you can control it through your Google Home Mini.

3. Use the Mini Like an Intercom

With Google Assistant-enabled speakers, you can use it as your residential intercom.

Yes, you can give your Mini specific instructions or announcements and then broadcast to other speakers around your home.

That means you can announce dinner is ready or that you are leaving so anyone needing a ride needs to get a move-on.

PRO TIP: You can also program the speaker via your phone.

What does this mean? – Simple, you can be on the road or away from home and announce messages back home via the Mini and other speakers! How cool is that?

4. Regulating Your Day

google home mini regulate day

We can’t always control our lives and there would really be times when we are going to be too busy. So, if this is the case, Google Mini is here to save the day!

The Home Mini can work with any smart device to help you keep on track. It can start your coffee, turn on the news, broadcast weather, and traffic, moderate thermostats, activate clock alarms, etc.

The Mini can help regulate pretty much anything you need to get yourself and your family up and moving if it is a smart device.

PRO TIP:  You can set up and use your Mini to help prepare the home for when you return from errands, work, or a trip!

5. Help Get You to Sleep

The Mini speaker is programmable in terms of the music it plays. You can activate a playlist, give it a timer, raise and lower the volume to suit your mood.

You can also use the Mini speaker to provide you with timed, preset white noise or music designed to put you to sleep.

This includes setting a timer on your mood music, so it does not play all night or commanding it to stop at a particular time.

6. Time Your Projects

google home mini projects

What can we do with Google Home Mini that ensures we work out for 20 minutes?

How about working on a project for an hour? What about starting dinner at a specific time?

With Google Home Mini, you simply have to input the amount of time you want an activity to go. It will then set off an alarm when you have reached that time limit.

Alternatively, you can also program it to alarm you when you need to start a task. You can even use it as a timer for working on client projects.

7. Use it as a Pet Sitter

You can use your Google Mini speaker to activate the music when you are gone a particular amount of time and start the music to keep your pets’ company.

You can even program it to use a prerecorded message you leave your pets!

These Google Home Mini devices can be real-life pet sitters. Although you can’t actually command them to do the petting, they can help keep your pets company.

8. Communications When You Are Gone

Pre-program your Mini speaker to provide your family with instructions when you are out.

Set it to activate when the kids come home from school. You can give them instructions on tasks they need to do, when to start homework, etc.

You can also set it to leave your spouse a message about things that need to be done. It will be like you were there and you haven’t left!

9. As a Health Manager

google home mini manager

Your Google Mini can integrate with your other smart devices to help you stay fit.

Tie it in with your Fitbit to track your vitals and get tips on how to maximize your workout.

Additionally, you can use the Mini speaker to track what you eat. It can get information on different types of food, cooking instructions or how to store leftovers.

Using the Google search engine, you can get the caloric, nutrient, sugar, and protein content of any food as well as search for recipes that meet your fitness and workout goals.

PRO TIP: Remember that you can time your activities, so use the Mini to keep track of your workout routine!

10. Manage Your Media

Because it is a smart speaker, you can program your Mini to coordinate with your smartphone for media.

What you can do with it is to record or play any type of media you want – literally!

Bring up a playlist virtually from any music service out there.

Listen to playlists, record podcasts, schedule news reports—whatever media you normally listen to, you can manage from your Mini.

11. Use It Like a Tutor

Because the Mini ties in with Google on the internet, you can use it as a virtual tutor for your kids.

You can look up project information, check data or get instructional materials. Use the Mini speaker in any manner you would use the internet.

The difference is that you do not have to be sitting with your child as they work through whatever schoolwork they have.

The Mini is also great for online learning materials, including hobby information.

For formal coursework, listen via the Mini and track your assignments, listen to lectures and research materials for assigned work.

The Mini is also excellent for any DIY or hobby-related tutorials to help you manage them more effectively.

12. Plan Trips

google home mini plan trips

The Mini is great for coordinating resources on the internet and helping you keep track of what you have already looked up.

With it, you can:

  • Find and book cheap airfare and hotels
  • Map out a road trip
  • Set up a checklist of stuff to pack or do before you leave
  • Coordinate all trip data and make sure you cover all your bases.
  • Track traffic
  • Get information on local “must visit” locations and restaurants
  • Find out information about public transportation, stores, or transportation to and from the airport

If you’re wondering what the Google Mini can do for you, it can literally do a lot. The speaker can help you keep track of your activities, study, leave messages, teach you, organize your schedule, and even help you stay fit.

As it connects to many other devices and apps, you can manage many things from one place, it’s truly a remarkable option.

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Final Thoughts

The Google Mini speaker is a great speaker that will astound you with its clarity, but it can be so much more.

Now you got some innovative answers to “What can you do with Google Home Mini!” It is exactly the resource that you want and it will never fail you!

Nicole B