how to connect onkyo receiver to samsung smart tv

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect Onkyo receiver to Samsung Smart TV to improve the sound quality of your entertainment system.

An Onkyo receiver is especially impressive when paired with a set of speakers with balanced frequency response.

With features like WiFi connectivity and Apps that allow you to stream content on your TV, Samsung Smart TVs are more than just TVs; they’re home entertainment hubs.

To connect the Onkyo receiver to your Samsung Smart TV, you’ll have to use the HDMI connection for optimal picture and sound quality. There are other additional ways, such as an RCA cable or optical links depending on the model and features of your Samsung Smart TV.

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Onkyo receivers are not just for rich video watchers or audiophiles. They’re reasonably affordable and have been known to be durable than your conventional home theatre system.

An Onkyo receiver offers a wide range of connectivity and streaming options for those who enjoy high-quality audio.

Why You Should Connect Onkyo Receiver to Samsung TV

Here are some reasons why you should get yourself one:

1. Enhanced Entertainment Experience

Even though you may be able to enjoy the sound of the movie you’re watching, the audio performance of your Samsung TV shows and movies through TV speakers often doesn’t add much to the big screen picture in front of you.

If you enjoy movies, music, games, and other forms of entertainment, you will love to own an Onkyo receiver because it will enhance your entertainment experience and sound quality.

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2. Play Different Sound Formats

One of the best features of an Onkyo receiver is that it can convert the various ways sound or soundtrack is coded into a medium such as a DVD. It converts that into what you ultimately hear.

Therefore, Onkyo devices can receive and play all HD audio formats, including FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, and WMA.

3. 3D Inclusions

If you connect your Onkyo receiver with an HDMI® (high-definition multi-interface), you can also pursue and enjoy more of the latest technologies such as 3D inclusions.

Connecting an Onkyo receiver to a TV is quite a handful. There are many ports to consider for left and right speakers, gaming console, Blu-Ray, cable box, and the TV; all on one receiver.

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It may seem like a lot of work to put everything in place in advance, but it will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

How to Connect Onkyo Receiver to Samsung Smart TV – Steps

connect onkyo receiver to samsung smart tv

Step #1 Speaker Connection

Onkyo receivers come with woofers, subwoofers, and several speakers that can turn your living room into a mini theatre.

The initial step on how to connect Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV is to figure out which speakers connect to which port to get the best surround sound experience.

Speaker wire is color-coded, so it is easy to tell which wires are for the front left/right channels and for the rear, center, or subwoofer channels.

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Here’s how to connect the speakers:

  1. Identify the color codes for each speaker.
  2. Identify which wires are for the front left/right channels and the rear or center.
  3. Connect all the speakers to their respective ports.
  4. Use the RCA cable to connect the subwoofer.

Step #2 Networking

Newer Onkyo receiver models can connect to the Internet through Ethernet or WiFi. It’s possible to stream content from the Internet directly to your TV.

If you have a good internet connection and a modern Onkyo receiver, you can listen to live broadcasts of local channels and stream TV shows.

Therefore, your Onkyo home theater system is a hub for all your media, entertainment, and Web-based content.

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Here’s how to set up an internet connection:

  1. Identify whether the receiver has an Ethernet port.
  2. On the back of your Internet-enabled router, look for an Ethernet port.
  3. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the router.
  4. Plug the other end to the receiver.

Step #3 HDMI and Display Connection

When considering how to connect Samsung smart TV to Onkyo receiver using this method, you will effectively limit the number of cables you need to connect between your Smart TV and the receiver.

HDMI method also uses the relatively new HDMI-ARC feature, which is common in most Samsung Smart TVs for better sound quality.

Follow these steps to make the HDMI connection:

  1. Plug one end of the HDMI cable to the back of your TV.
  2. You should find an HDMI Out porton the receiver, which is usually a different color.
  3. Plug the other end into your receiver.
  4. Enable the control for HDMI input setting on the TV and the receiver to ensure they’re both compatible.
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Step #4 Coax Connection

If you have a premium television provider, connect it to your cable or satellite decoder through a coax connection.

You’ll get to watch local channels with the best picture and sound quality from the receiver.

  1. Connect the coax cable from your antenna to the TV.
  2. Connect the coax cable from your antenna to the receiver to receive FM signals.

Step #5 Power Connection and Testing Device

Once everything is connected, and in place, it’s time to power up your receiver and TV.

Onkyo receivers are usually connected to a non-removable power cord. Some Samsung smart TVs, however, have removable power cords.

Here’s how to do the connections and tests:

  1. Connect the TV and receiver to a power source using the power cables.
  2. Switch on the power and turn both devices on.
  3. Using the TV remote, select the appropriate source for the receiver.
  4. Test the receiver, then make sure you can watch premium TV as well.
  5. Make sure the record player works and that speakers are incorrect locations.
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Connecting the Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV is a sequential and straightforward process. Connect the speakers to your receiver, then connect the receiver to an internet network, connect the HDMI cable, set up a premium TV connection, then power up the receiver and TV and you’re all set.


Note that as you learn how to connect Onkyo receiver to Samsung Smart TV, you’ll have to determine whether you use your receiver with an HD Samsung Television or a standard definition TV since they both require a different cable for connection.

Newer Onkyo receiver models feature Chromecast, Apple Airplay streaming, Dolby Atmos, six HDMI inputs, and DTS:X, giving you a wide array of compatible devices.

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