ring alarm motion sensor not working

If your Ring alarm motion sensor not working, stick around to unveil the reasons behind the problem and easy ways to fix them?

The problem could be related to many things and in that regard, we’ve included a solution for every possible occurrence.

The motion sensor of your Ring alarm might not be working if there is a power issue with the device. If you haven’t connected the Ring alarm to your phone or disabled the notification messages, the ring alarm’s motion sensor will be suppressed from working until further notice.

Before we jump right into the solutions, let’s first take a look at the possible causes and what Ring users have to say about the issue.

Why Is Ring Alarm Motion Sensor Not Working?

We have figured that you already know you must connect the Ring alarm to your phone. Otherwise, it won’t be able to notify you when a motion is detected and it won’t scan at all if the feature is not enabled.

Some users mute their Ring alarm’s movement sensor and forget to unmute it later which is another possible reason on its own.

Before we get into details, let’s have a look at all possible causes and what they depend on.

1. Disabled Motion Alerts

If you have disabled the motion alerts from your Ring app, you won’t be notified whenever a motion is detected by your Ring alarm. It will also stop your Ring alarm from detecting movement until the sensor is enabled again.

2. Power Problem

If the battery of your Ring alarm has gone faulty and it cannot support the activation of the motion sensor, you might have to change the power supply of your Ring alarm.

3. Hardware Problem

If something on the inside has broken within your Ring alarm, it might have also affected the functionality of your device’s motion sensor. It is recommended to consult with a technician to come and take a look at the device.

4. Overfilled Memory

Sometimes your Ring alarm has been used for a long time without a factory reset, memory junk could pile up.

This is why you should perform a factory reset. This will clean the memory cache your device has stocked up till this very moment.

5. Outdated firmware

Devices firmware gets old as time passes and if you don’t update your OS, your motion sensor might become unresponsive.

Now when you know the possible causes let’s take a look at how to fix them efficiently and prevent the issue from appearing in the future.

How To Fix Ring Alarm Motion Sensor Isn’t Working?

fix ring alarm motion sensor not working

Before you continue, we recommend performing a simple restart to check if this will resolve the sensor issue.

Once done and the issue is still there you can proceed with the methods below but don’t forget to follow them in order so you can identify the problem.

Method #1 Hard Reset Ring Alarm

One of the most efficient methods even if your Ring alarm motion sensor not connecting, is to perform a firm hard reset of the device.

The hard reset is a type of power circulation within your device that will help remove any temporal power bugs and glitches bothering your device’s functionality.

As simple as it sounds, many users have suggested this method, so here are the steps on how to perform it correctly:

  1. Turn off your Ring alarm using the mobile app.
  2. Carefully approach the device and remove the cover.
  3. Locate the battery and carefully pull it out without hurting the device’s hardware.
  4. Wait for several minutes and place the battery back to the same spot as you’re paying attention to the device’s energy poles.
  5. Turn on the Ring alarm and check if the motion sensor is now working.

Once done, your Ring alarm motion sensor should be working well. If the issue persists, feel free to jump right into the next method.

Method #2 Factory Reset Ring Alarm

If you’re wondering how do you reset Ring motion sensor this is exactly what we’re going to describe in this method.

Unlike the hard reset, the reset won’t only change the electricity flow of your device, but will also erase unwanted memory cache that has been stocking up in your device.

To factory reset your Ring alarm, follow the steps we have provided down below.

  1. Ensure the battery is connected and your Ring alarm is currently working without any interruptions.
  2. Grab a paperclip then press and hold the reset button found under the pinhole of your Ring alarm.
  3. The LED in front of the sensor should start blinking.
  4. Hold down the factory reset button, until the LED stops blinking.
  5. Wait for several minutes and see if the motion sensor is now going to work.

Easy as that, you had performed a factory reset on your Ring alarm. It is really healthy for the device to perform one of those once in a while, just to keep the memory storage clean from the unwanted cache.

Method #3 Check Ring App

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, you could have accidentally muted or suppressed the motion sensor of your Ring alarm.

For this purpose, you just have to enter the Ring app using your smartphone and head to the Options.

From there go to the Alarm’s Activity and check if the slider above Mute Sensor has been dragged right. If it is gray and has been dragged right, it means your Ring alarm is muted.

To unmute it, drag it left until the slider turns green.

Method #4 Update Firmware

Sometimes, even outdated firmware can restrict your Ring alarm in many ways. As it is in your situation, it could disrupt the motion sensor from work and you will be left wondering why.

As you probably know already, the updates on Ring alarms are automatically applied, once they are available for download.

For this purpose, your Ring just has to be connected with a reliable Wi-Fi network in order to download and apply the update by itself.

Method #5 Reposition the Sensor

If your Ring alarm motion sensor is too far away from your Base Station, it could frequently lose connection and become offline. That genuinely means that the sensor would not work.

Even if you think that the sensor is close enough, we recommend at least changing its position to check if it will start working.

There is a wide range of metal objects that could interfere with the sensor’s functionality, especially WiFi receivers and electronics.

To wrap things up we can conclude that there are quite a few possible reasons. The motion sensor’s functionality could be disrupted by power glitches, outdated firmware, damaged OS, or misconfigured application.

Certainly applying the methods above will point you towards the solution or at least identify the cause.

Ring Alarm Motion Sensor Is Still Not Working…

Sometimes, when the battery of your Ring alarm refuses to work or occasionally turns off the device, you must be aware that something is happening.

In most cases, a simple battery replacement by a technician should get you ready to go, but in other cases, the problem might be even harder to deal with than you think.

For your best sake, if you see any of the signs we’ve listed above, seek further assistance.

You can either contact Ring customer service to find out if the issue could be caused by worn-out batteries or reach out to a technician to take a look.

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Now when you know why your Ring alarm motion sensor not working, with the help of our guideline, you should be fully capable of dealing with the issue by yourself.

If nothing so far managed to help, you can always reach out to external services.

Nicole B