how long does ring doorbell record

Wondering how long does Ring doorbell record? Well, it really depends on the hardware camera your Ring doorbell is equipped with, along with the available storage you’ve got.

The best thing would be that you can equip as many cameras as you want without having to pay for any subscription so keep reading to reveal everything you need to know.

Ring Doorbell records up to 60 seconds if you’ve got a hardwired camera. On the other hand, battery-powered doorbells support over 30 seconds long video recording for each camera.

If you’ve got the smartphone application you can extend or decrease the capturing duration.

You adjust the automatic feature and even entirely disable it if you feel that you don’t need it.

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There are a lot more important things to be said so let’s get right into it. Let’s begin with answering in detail one of the most frequently asked questions.

How Does The Ring Doorbell Record?

To record, share and view videos, unfortunately, you need a subscription. But you don’t need that subscription to attach as many cameras as you would like.

Once you have your cameras, subscription, and storage set up, it is time to record a video.

How Recordings Happen on Ring?

Well, Ring has an automatic feature and it does NOT always record. The motion sensor allows the Ring to understand whenever there is a movement and initiate a short (30 or 60) seconds recording.

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You are allowed, however, to monitor the camera’s live view through your mobile application 24/7, but recordings happen only when there is a movement.

The developers have thought of everything including the fact that your storage might run out whenever it is most needed.

Additional Feature

In that regard, they’ve included an additional feature that will take snapshots every 3 minutes once the video recording is over.

This way your storage won’t get full of useless video content but you’ll still be able to find out what happened even after the footage ends.

You can adjust all these settings as per your desires in the Ring smartphone application.

The Ring doorbell application supports both Android and iOS so if you’re looking to download it, head to the App Store and type “Ring doorbell”. The first result should be the Ring app.

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How Long Does Ring Doorbell Record?

ring doorbell record

As we have already described, the hardwired doorbell’s camera can record up to 60 seconds, where the battery-operated devices support just 30 seconds.

The Ring cameras are wireless using your Wi-Fi to communicate with the main Ring device.

The cameras are battery-operated and you won’t need cables to hook them up, only to charge them.

Now when you’re familiar with the Ring Doorbell workflow, let’s take a look at how you can manage your recordings.

How To Adjust Ring Recording Length?

Once you’ve got your mobile app installed you would be able to adjust the length of your recordings to benefit from some other factors.

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For instance, if you would like to preserve battery life you can simply lower the recording length down to 15 seconds.

This time would be complete enough to realize what is happening in front of your door and preserve the camera’s battery from unnecessary footage.

Moreover, you can enable the snapshot feature which will automatically take an image of your camera’s view every 3 minutes up to 1 hour after the video recording.

The feature is well-known to preserve the battery and still provide you with a clear view of the environment.

Here is how to do it in a step-by-step guide:

  1. Enter the Ring app and press the three lines on the top.
  2. Go to Devices.
  3. Select the camera you would like to adjust.
  4. Select Device Settings.
  5. Tap on Max Recording Length.
  6. Choose a time from the list that will appear.
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You can set each device to record at its own length depending on the storage you’ve got.

How Ring Recordings Are Getting Stored?

Now that you know how does Ring camera record continuously, it’s time to explain how this footage gets saved and how secure it is.

The first thing that you should know is that the footage depends on whether you’re paying for a subscription or not.

If you’re using the trial, as normal your Ring will record whenever there is a movement but all recordings will be deleted as your trial ends.

If you’ve got a subscription plan including cold storage, your recordings will upload there automatically.

You will also have untroubled access to download, share or simply view the recording. Moreover, you can delete, move and sort under period, date, etc…

Note: If you have made recordings when you were not having a subscription, those recordings were NOT saved. 

They were deleted and even if you have a subscription now, you cannot ever get them back.

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Who Can See My Recordings?

No one else except for you would have access to your cloud or hardware storage unless the login credentials were shared.

In addition, you can add users to the Ring account associated with the camera recordings and adjust permissions.

When downloaded you can share and upload your recordings wherever you want but in this case, they won’t be secured anymore.

Moreover, you can create a shareable link to provide access to anyone you would like to and even make your videos public.

Depending on the storage and power delivery of your device your Ring cameras can record up to 60 seconds. All cameras can be adjusted individually by extending or decreasing their capturing length.

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You can control all those settings by downloading and installing the mobile Ring application.

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Bottom Line

Now when you know how long does Ring doorbell record and how to manage your cameras you shouldn’t have any issue managing the workflow.

In case you’ve got other difficulties that do not alight with this post, you can always reach out to Ring customer service for additional help.

If this post was helpful for you, make sure to check our technical blog to discover many guides like this and find solutions to your issues.