ring doorbell chime not working

If your Ring doorbell chime not working, stick around to learn some potential ways of how to deal with the issue.

This inconvenient malfunction could be related to many things, so we made sure to include a solution for every occasion.

The Ring doorbell chime might not be working if the module hasn’t been installed properly. If you’ve chosen a different ringing option than “mechanical” within the Ring chime app from your phone, the doorbell could also stop working. 

Before making our move to the troubleshooting guideline we have prepared, let’s first learn what might possibly cause the issue.

Why Is Ring Doorbell Chime Not Working?

We figured that you should already know that your chime must be connected to your phone.

Otherwise, you won’t get any notification of ongoing ringing alerts and other active functions of the chime.

Some users may accidentally mute their chime and forget to unmute it later using the mobile app. Even some of the default options might contain restrictions to ringing and notifications.

When you’re ready with the obvious inspection and the issue is still there, have a look at the possibilities:

1. Faulty Module

A common occurrence with the doorbell chimes is improper installation of the module.

The module is what controls the chime and tells it whenever to ring, so if it isn’t established correctly, your device probably won’t work.

2. Temporal Power Issue

If your chime is having battery issues or is constantly restarting by itself, it may be having a power malfunction.

You can’t specifically identify that, but with some firm power cycles and restarts, you should be able to resolve it.

3. Wrong Ring App Configuration

The Ring application is well-known throughout the wireless chimes community for its handful of options.

Some of these options might even mute your Chime until further notice. These features might be enabled by default, so you must check your app to see if they are enabled.

4. Interference

A new confirmed case of interference and connectivity drops has been lately discovered.

It could be caused by other smart home products, such as the Amazon Alexa for instance. To diagnose the issue, you must get rid of all nearby electronics.

5. Hardware Malfunction

After a while of usage, Ring chimes can develop all kinds of issues. You cannot really fix a hardware problem at home, but you can tighten the circle of possibilities enough to conclude where the issue is coming from.

Now when you know what kind of issue your ring alarm may have developed, let’s take a look at some troubleshooting methods and learn how to fix the issue efficiently.

How To Fix Ring Doorbell Chime Isn’t Working?

fix ring doorbell chime not working

Before proceeding any further, we suggest you perform a restart on your Ring doorbell chime.

Once done, but the issue still persists, you can continue with the steps we have provided down below.

Note: It is really important to have your Ring doorbell chime connected to your phone. 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to troubleshoot efficiently and you may experience complications during the process.

Step #1 Check Ring Alarm’s Module

If not established correctly, there is a good chance that the module could prevent your ring alarm from working.

The panel is the hardware part of your ring doorbell configuration and it has influenced all over your Ring alarm.

In addition, if not installed correctly, the module could eventually harm other components of the Ring doorbell chime configuration.

There isn’t really a specific explanation on how to fix the module, but the least you can do is ensure that the Ring doorbell has been assembled sufficiently.

If you see something incorrectly placed or a part sticking out of the device possibly, it means that it must be re-assembled to continue working.

Step #2 Settings & How to Reset Them

A whole argument of what may go wrong with the doorbell could be created if you still haven’t checked the default configurations of the Ring app.

The Ring app is well-known throughout the wireless doorbell communities for its many customizable features and configuration, but how would that impact your Ring device?

Well, some of the default options could include device muting or suppressing.

This means that until you visit the Ring app and dig deeper into the options, you won’t be able to get your Ring doorbell working sufficiently.

There is a great possibility that the issue is coming from the settings so here is how to revert them to default:

  1. Locate the reset button on the right side of the panel.
  2. Press and hold for 15 seconds.
  3. The right should flash several times as an indication of a reset.

Once done your Ring doorbell should be back to default settings and all its functionalities should be working as intended. If not, let’s continue with our next step.

Step #3 Check Other Smart Home Device

Lately, there had been reports of disturbances to Ring alarms that had been caused by other smart home devices.

Some of the manufacturers even confirmed that if the other smart home devices are also set up to broadcast whenever someone’s at the door, there could be interference with your ring alarm.

Such smart home devices could be the Amazon Alexa assistant, CCTV cameras, Satellite Dishes, and more.

You may find a solution for the issue to head to the Alexa app and find a feature labeled as “Doorbell Press Announcements”. Other devices might not have such a feature so the best approach would be repositioning them further away from the Ring chime.

Once you’ve made sure to get rid of any interference and the issue is still there, let’s learn how to perform a hard reset.

Step #4 Hard Reset Chime

If the wireless Ring doorbell chime not working still, you may find a hard reset as an audible solution to the issue.

This type of reset will circulate fresh electricity through your Ring alarm and make sure to get rid of the old one.

Note that this type of circulation could also manage to remove any temporal bugs and glitches your Ring alarm could be having.

Here are the steps to a hard reset:

  1. Using the mobile app, turn off the Ring doorbell.
  2. Remove the cover of the device.
  3. Locate the battery and carefully pull it out.
  4. After waiting for several minutes, insert the battery back as you mind the energy poles.
  5. Start the Ring doorbell and check if it is going to work now.

Once these steps above have been fulfilled, the Ring chime should be running as smoothly as new. If not, let’s see what are the possibilities left.

Step #5 Change Battery of Chime

One of the things that could go faulty after a while of usage within the Ring doorbell chime is the battery of course.

Although you cannot troubleshoot the battery, the only option you will be left with is replacing it.

To replace the battery, you must find the same battery matching the stock one. Unscrew the compartment on the chime and lift the faceplate away.

Press and release the tab to eject the battery and insert the new one.

The batteries go for about $50, but before making any purchases we recommend reaching out to Ring support for another round of troubleshooting.

If you’re lucky the issue would be found and resolved before spending any money.

To conclude everything, we’ve discussed we can say that there could be plenty of things that can go wrong with your Ring doorbell. Everything from the battery to its software and power transmission could be potential issues.

However, by performing some proven techniques such as a restart, inspection, and even reset you can tighten the circle of possibilities down to just a few.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why is Ring chime not working, it should be easier to troubleshoot it.

If you could not manage to resolve the issue simply by reading the post, feel free to reach out to Ring customer service and explain the issue you’re experiencing.

In case you have other issues with the Ring doorbell or any other device in your smart home, our blog is certainly the place to find a solution!

Nicole B