how to turn off super Alexa mode

If you’re looking for how to turn off super Alexa mode, then you’re at the right place!

You’ve probably heard of a Super Mode on Alexa, then you’ve activated it and now you’re wondering if it’s still active.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything regarding the Super Mode on Echo, and most importantly how to turn it off.

To turn off Super Mode on Alexa you don’t need to do much. In fact, you don’t need to perform any action since the Super Mode turns off automatically after a short time.

Let’s learn more about what mode is before we explain how the feature turns off.

What Is Super Mode On Alexa?

akexa super mode

The Super Mode on Alexa is not quite what you might think, instead, it’s something peaceful and fun to interact with.

The word “feature” might be able to describe the Super Mode on Alexa because it’s more of an interesting easter egg.

The popular Super Mode can be activated by pronouncing an old cheat code, used in Konami games.

The cheat code is a sequence of buttons made for the old joysticks that Konami games were played with. 

Of course, with your Eco device, you don’t have a joystick to activate the code, and you would need to pronounce the sequence out loud.

Let’s learn how to start it…

How To Start Super Mode On Alexa?

how start super mode on

The Super Mode on Echo is enabled by pronouncing the famous Konami or known also as Contra cheat code.

The code is as follows:

– “up > up > down > down > left > right > left > right > B > A > start”.

The Konami sequence that is used to activate the Super Mode is well-known by the old gamers since it was a very popular cheat code in old games.

Once you pronounce the code, the Echo device and the Alexa assistant will go under a Super Mode.

Note: The Super Mode on Alexa will be triggered immediately after the correct code has been pronounced.

How To Turn Off Super Alexa Mode?

The very first thing that you should be aware of is that the Super Mode is nothing that could harm your device or its functionality.

Turning OFF the Super Mode on Alexa is really simple. In fact, you don’t even need to turn it off.

The Super Mode on Alexa automatically turns OFF after around 10 seconds or after the response triggered by the code ends.

However, if you wait for that time and ask Alexa whether the Super Mode is activated, the voice assistant will tell you that no such thing exists…

What Does The Super Mode On Alexa Do?

what does super mode alexa do

Once the code is heard by Alexa, it will provoke a fun response that could be different every time.

The Alexa response sometimes references popular games such as League of Legends or other interesting game-related answers.

What’s interesting is that there are secret messages for both occasions, when the code is pronounced right and wrong. Let’s learn more about both cases:

Correctly Pronounced Code Responses:

You will be able to hear the below-listed responses ONLY if the code has been pronounced the right way, without a mistake!

  1. Congrats. Full set of power-ups. Use them Wisely!
  2. Woohoo! Great. You get some power-up!
  3. Woohoo! Power up galore!
  4. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding… Amazing job! You’ve secured all of the power-ups!
  5. Starting reactors – online, enabling goggles error!
Tip: Surely there are even more responses so make sure to try them out!

Wrongfully Pronounced Code Responses:

wrongfully pronounced code

In case you don’t pronounce the code the right way, there are still secret messages that you will hear.

In most cases, these responses will encourage you to try again.

  • That was it, but not quite yet. If power-up is what you seek, try again.
  • You’re so close! Sorry. No power-ups for you!
  • You’re so close!
  • Close but no cigar!

All of the responses are usually accompanied by a sound, which most often sounds like turning on a giant machine and acquiring power.

Exactly what the code used to provide players with when used in old Konami games. Immortality!

Note: Before each successful super mode activation, you will hear the phrase “Super Mode Activated”. This is how you know the super mode is activated.

Why Does Super Mode On Alexa Exist?

For some users, the Super Mode on Alexa is a completely useless feature since it does not provide any extra functionality.

However, for gamers, this feather can bring back happy memories related to some old game phrases. For some users, even goosebumps out of nostalgia.

Apparently, the Echo device developers felt nostalgic about their past and created something fun for people to discover and enjoy.

However, who wouldn’t want his device to have something small, fun, and harmless?

How To Know If Super Mode Is Enabled?

know if super mode enabled

To avoid misconceptions, Amazon has made every Echo device announce whenever it is going under a Super Mode.

For instance, if you pronounce the special code sequence to the speaker, it will say “Super Mode, activated”, which means that the mode has been enabled on the device.

Shortly after you’ll hear the fun response.

However, if you ask Alexa about what Super Mode is, she will tell you that such a thing does not exist or that it does not know what you’re asking.

Can Super Mode Harm My Echo Speaker?

No, the Super Mode on Alexa isn’t something dangerous and can’t do any harm to your speaker.

Instead, it is a fun feature (easter egg if you would), that sometimes includes references from games and in most cases contains the phrase “power-up”.

By the community, this mode is a pure easter egg, rather than an actual feature that will help you with your Echo.

In other words, it’s harmless and useless.

Thus, to turn OFF Super Mode on Alexa, you just need to wait for around 10 seconds or at least until the random phrase ends. The Super Mode on Alexa turns off automatically and does not require input from your side.

Last Thoughts:

Here you go everything about how to turn off super Alexa mode.

In this post we’ve included everything so after going through the headings, you don’t even need to try it.

However, if you want to try and catch a phrase that we’ve missed to include, make sure to provide Alexa with the correct Konami code.

Nicole B