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Are you trying to look for a guide or a tutorial that will teach you the complete and comprehensive guide on how to reset GE Z wave switch?

Do you want to learn the process in full detail?

In this guide, we will go over the complete steps of resetting your GE Z wave switch!

We’ll not just give you general steps and guidelines on how it’s done, but we will detail it to you in a way where you’ll understand it!

If you’re wondering how to reset your GE Z wave smart switch, you can do it by performing a few clicks of the switch. We’ll teach you all the different accepted ways of resetting it, so, don’t worry!

Do All GE Z Wave Switches Have a Reset Button?

The vast majority of new versions of the smart switches are equipped with a reset button.

However, older and more traditional models wouldn’t have it. Therefore, the reset process would still need to be done through the hub being used.

But before we jump to that topic directly, why is there a need to reset? Why is it important to understand the significance of resetting the GE Z wave switch?

Why Should You Reset Your GE Z Wave Switch?

There are various reasons as to why it’s relevant to factory reset your GE Z wave switch.

But, among the most common reasons include:

  • It’s not connecting to WiFi
  • The switch is acting up (toggling by itself, unpairing by itself, etc.)
  • It’s not paired with your hub properly
  • You’re trying to pair it with a new hub

These are the most common instances and situations where a factory reset of a GE Z wave switch is needed.

And now that we’re done identifying the need for the reset, how do you do it? What is the process on how to reset your GE Z wave switch?

How to Reset GE Z Wave Switch – 03 Easy Methods

how to reset ge z wave switch

There are a few accepted reset processes that GE Z wave switches have for you to be able to reset it. So, don’t worry, because we’ll be going over all of these for you!

At the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a complete grasp on how to factory reset your GE Z wave switch without ever encountering problems doing it!

Without further ado, let’s head right to the guide!

Method #1: Toggling the Air Gap Below the Paddle

This method is actually the lesser-known process in resetting the GE Z wave switch.

Why? – Because it would involve toggling the air gap, which is something that not all people are aware of.

The air gap is the tab that sits right below the switch’s paddle. You’ll see it easily because it will be bulging and will be noticeable as it’s not part of the frame that holds the paddle.

So, here’s the process of how you do this method.

  1. Take anything small and narrow like a precision driver.
  2. Locate the air gap, which is the separated part below the paddle.
  3. Pull it so you keep it in the out position.
  4. From there, press the ON or the UP button ten (10) times.

Once done, you’ll be able to detect it via the hub you want to pair it to; it will be available for pairing or for reconnection.

NOTE: The lights may go off when it’s currently paired and you popped the tab (air gap) out. This is a signal that it has been disconnected from the hub.

Now that we’re aware of this method, the next one we’ll discuss would be…

Method #2: Three (3) Times Up, Three (3) Times Down

Compared to the first method, this is the more commonly accepted and more used type of method to reset the GE Z wave in-paddle switch.

Because of its simplicity, it’s often known and dubbed to be something that can accidentally be reset, especially if you have kids in the house.

Performing this method is simple, you just have to press the ON or UP button three (3) times, and then the OFF or the DOWN button three (3) times as well.

NOTE: Do it as fast and as quickly as you can because the hub or the system might not detect that you’re trying to perform a reset.

Once done, the LED indicator will flash five (5) times, indicating that the reset has been successful.

Method #3: Resetting the GE Z Wave via the Hub

Should you have an older model of the GE Z Wave smart switch, then you would have to perform the reset via the hub you’re using.

Now, the exact way of how you can reset it via your hub will, of course, depend on the hub that you’re using.

For the step-by-step process, you’ll have to contact your hub’s manufacturer. But, the general way of how it’s done would be:

  1. Access the app of your hub and go to Menu.
  2. From there, choose Devices or where they are going to be displayed.
  3. Select the GE Z Wave Switch you’re trying to factory reset.
  4. On the same app, follow the on-screen instructions to conclude the process.

It’s easy, fun, and it wouldn’t take you a long time to do and understand!

As a matter of fact, you will find it something you could have done yourself had you known the process!

But, what if it didn’t reset even if you followed the process?

My GE Z Wave Didn’t Reset, What Should I Do?

In the event that it’s still showing the problems or if it hasn’t changed after doing any of the methods above, contact Z Wave’s customer support team immediately.

Let them know about what the situation is and they’ll help you.

Inform them that you attempted to perform a reset and the methods/processes you have done for them to accurately give you the resolution you’re looking for.

NOTE: For the 3rd method, reach out to the manufacturer/supplier of your hub to get extra assistance, too.

You can reset your GE Z wave switch easily by resetting it manually, by doing the method involving the air gap, or by performing the reset using the hub where the switch is connected to!

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Bottom Line

Although many people consider the process of how to reset GE Z wave switch something that’s unattainable, once you’re able to learn it, you wouldn’t have any trouble or problem in doing any of the processes over again!

Unlike other guides, we did our best to present the information as easily and as basic as we can!

This is so that even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll have the confidence to do it!

Nicole B