your phone is having trouble connecting to ring

If your phone is having trouble connecting to Ring, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just like you, many people are experiencing this problem, and we’re no strangers to this.

That’s why, in this guide, we will discuss the process of how you can troubleshoot your devices and have your phone connected to the Ring doorbell in no time!

If your phone isn’t connecting to Ring, check if you’re typing the correct password, ensure that the device is within range, and check your internet connection! Check the Ring device’s batteries too.

But before we talk about the solutions to reconnecting your devices, let’s see the common reasons why your phone is unable to connect to the Ring doorbell.

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What Are the Common Issues Why a Phone is Not Connecting to a Ring Doorbell?

It’s always a pain when something does not go the way we want them to be.

Especially if the thing that fails us is the one thing that protects us, our doors.

Here are a few reasons why your phone may not be detecting your Ring doorbell:

  • Bad connection between phone and router
  • Unsteady or poor internet speeds
  • Ring doorbell has a poor connection with your Wi-Fi

So, what do you do when your phone is not connecting to your Ring Doorbell properly? What are the next best courses of action you should take?

What You Need to Do If Your Phone Is Having Trouble Connecting to Ring

fix phone having trouble connecting to ring

There is no chronological sequence for how you can solve this matter. But since some of the solutions are more complex than the others, let’s start with the most obvious reasons.

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Once we finish fixing the standard problems, it is easier to narrow down the reason why your phone is having trouble connecting to the Ring doorbell.

Step #1: Check If the Wi-Fi Password Is Correct

Yes, incorrect Wi-Fi passwords can cause an issue with your WiFi connection.

As simple as it sounds, Wi-Fi passwords can often be missed, and they can happen to anyone.

After connecting to the Wi-Fi, you might have gone to another app that you fail to see your password was incorrect.

So, check if your phone is really connected to the Wi-Fi and input the correct password if needed.

To do this, go to Settings > Network/Connections/WiFi. Highlight your home network and hit on Forget This Network.

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Try logging into your WiFI network again.

Step #2: Check the Batteries

Since Ring doorbells run on battery, the power supply is limited unlike being connected to the socket.

The Ring device comes with a specialized screwdriver that you can use to open and access the battery inside the faceplate.

NOTE: The Ring screwdriver is unique with Ring doorbells. Keep a keen eye on it as replacements can take a long time before being delivered.

Charging the Battery of Your Ring Doorbell Device

  1. At the bottom of the faceplate, turn the screwdriver clockwise.
  2. Remove the faceplate; pull it down then carefully, then lift it up.
  3. Press the label “PUSH” then pull the battery downward.
  4. Screw the faceplate back again to prevent dust from building.
  5. Charge the battery using the provided charger.
  6. Repeat the process and put the batter back into the socket.
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Step #3: Check and Improve the Wi-Fi Signal

In most devices, a poor Wi-Fi signal can become a nuisance, too; that applies to the Ring Doorbell as well.

It could be that your router is quite far from the doorbell and the signal is being compromised by the distance.

Another reason could be due to certain electronic and radioactive devices interfering with the signal or the reception.

So, how do you check your Ring Doorbell’s WiFi strength and signal?

  1. Open the Ring app on your phone.
  2. Click the three lines or [MENU] on the dashboard.
  3. Then, navigate to Devices.
  4. Select the Ring doorbell you want to troubleshoot and check.
  5. Click on Device Health.
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From there, you will be able to see and look at the Signal Strength, which will be under Network.

You can solve this problem by moving your router to a better location.

Perhaps, to the center of the house or nearer to your doorbell. As this may be difficult to do once your router has been set in place, you can purchase a Wi-Fi extender instead.

Wi-Fi extenders widen your Wi-Fi coverage so that it allows other parts of your house to have a better Wi-Fi signal despite being far from the router.

Step #4: Check Your Internet Speed

If your signal is strong enough that it reaches the maximum level, then maybe it is your internet connection.

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Ring doorbells often require at least 2 Mbps to transmit data faster, clearer, and more conveniently.

Any download or upload speeds lower than that may prevent you from fully using your Ring device.

You can check your download speeds using other common websites like Speedtest by Ookla.

  • Bring the device you wish to use in the area where your Ring doorbell is installed.
  • Ensure that you’re connected to WiFi – turn off cellular data.
  • Go to Speed Test Website.
  • Click Start to begin gauging the internet speed.

Once done, the results will appear on the same screen. This will indicate both the download and upload speeds of the current internet connection you have.

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NOTE: If you are not getting the correct internet speed, contact your internet service provider and have them fix the issue.

But if you are getting the right internet speed, maybe it’s time to upgrade and get a faster internet plan.

After you’ve straightened these out and you were able to follow these steps religiously, you should have no trouble using or connecting your device to your Ring Doorbell.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re unable to connect or link your phone to your Ring Doorbell, first check if your WiFi password is correct. Then, ensure that the batteries of the Ring Doorbell are still functional. Perform a complete check of the device and internet speed to finalize the process.

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The Ring doorbell has been a great innovation for style, security, and convenience.

But there are times that modern technology finds problems that can only be solved by modern solutions.

Should you ask why your phone is having trouble connecting to Ring in the future, go back to this tutorial!

Our guide will help you troubleshoot each problem to make sure that you have your Ring doorbell connected to your phone!

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