how to connect samsung tv to wifi without adapter

If you’re wondering how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi without adapter, then you have come to the right place!

This is one of the most frequently asked questions especially for older TV models and here we will provide you with everything you need to know.

To connect your Samsung TV to wifi without the assistance of an adapter, go to the network settings and highlight the “WPS” feature. Hold down the WPS button on your remote and the TV should connect automatically.

Keep in mind that if your TV isn’t equipped with a Wi-Fi card, you might be needing the assistance of an adapter after all.

Let’s first begin with the essentials and build our way up until you manage to connect your Samsung TV to Wifi without using the assistance of an adapter.

How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Adapter?

connect samsung tv to wifi without adapter

By Adapter, we directly refer to a LAN card which is the hardware piece responsible for WiFi connectivity.

Every drive using WiFi has an inbuilt LAN card. If your TV does have one, it cannot be connected to WiFi unless you attach one.

Newer models of Samsung TV usually have equipped WiFi cards, so you will be able to automatically scan for networks and connect your TV.

There are 2 general methods to connect your TV to WiFi without an adapter so let’s jump right in.

First Way: Use Wireless Wifi Card

The first and most easy way to pair your Samsung TV to Wifi is to use the assistance of the built-in network settings within your device.

Note: For the process, you must first know your network’s Wifi password.

Wifi passwords can be learned within the options of your router, which you can access provided by the manufacturer’s username and password.

Here are the steps to a wireless connection with a Wi-Fi card:

Step #1. Turn on your Samsung TV and enter the Menu Settings by pressing the button on your remote control.

Step #2. In the menu section, navigate to the Network tab and then enter the Network Settings.

Step #3. Highlight and select the on-screen Next button and move on to the next window.

Step #4. In the new window, you will have to locate a White box and type your Wifi network’s password.

Wifi network passwords are usually established when you access your connection for the first time or by the manufacturers. Either way, you will be in possession of the code.

Step #5. After entering your Wifi password, your TV will be connected to the wireless network.

Note: This method is the most universal way of pairing your Samsung TV with a WiFi network wirelessly.

If this didn’t work for you, you can try the second way we’ve brought to you, which will teach you how to connect with your Wifi network through your Samsung TV, by using the WPS button.

Second Way: Connect To Wifi Through WPS

Even if the procedure can be by far confusing, it is the only way to connect your Samsung TV with a wireless network without it being in possession of a LAN card.

Make sure to follow our steps carefully to ensure the connectivity of your Samsung TV.

Also, make sure your router has a WPS button, so you could manually execute the process and don’t bring extra devices to your TV.

Having that aside, here are the steps to connect your Samsung TV to wifi using the WPS button:

Step #1. Firstly, go to the Network settings of your Samsung TV and highlight the WPS button.

Step #2. Press next and on the next page, hold the WPS button on your remote and your TV will be connected to your network automatically.

If you’re somehow unable to connect with your router and network, you can try some of the tips we’ve provided you with below.

Third Way (Bonus) Purchase WiFi Receiver

If you’re still looking for how to connect old Samsung TV to WiFi without adapter, this method is designed for you.

We’ve decided to include this bonus method as if you’re using an older Samsung TV that does not support a LAN card, there is no actual way to connect it to WiFi wirelessly.

Simply go to any technical store and search for external WiFi receivers that support Samsung TV.

You can consult with the supplier to identify the best fit. It would look like a USB flash drive but its purpose would be to replace the LAN card.

Using a WiFi receiver you will be able to connect to your network from any device that does not have an inbuilt LAN card so you cannot go wrong with it. The prices start from about $15 so you have pretty convenient choices.

Can’t Connect with Wireless Network on Samsung TV?

Now when you know how to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi without adapter we’ve figured that you might experience certain difficulties.

Here are the approaches that helped people trying to achieve the same goal as you:

1. Restart Router

The most universal method of repairing and renewing your network quickly, is the router restart. More precisely, you can try power cycling it.

To power cycle, you must power down your router and unplug the power adapter. After several minutes, plug it in again.

2. Relocate Router

If the power cycle didn’t work for you, you can try relocating your router. If your Samsung TV is too far away, it may not be getting a good signal.

Make sure your router and Samsung TV are in a considerable range from one another.

3. Power cycle Samsung TV

At last, you can try power cycling your Samsung TV to see if that works. After all, there could be an issue with your TV interrupting it from connecting with your network.

To power cycle your Samsung TV, you must power it down and unplug the power cable. Wait for several minutes, plug it in again and see if the problem is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most asked questions online, when it comes down to LAN cards functionality and common issues with them.

How Does LAN Card Work?

Even if LAN cards are not being used so widely nowadays, they are still the most reliable Wifi component you can have inside of your TV.

The purpose of a LAN card is to create a physical connection to the chosen network and provide a “door” for your device.

The brand first interface provided by the LAN card is the physical interface through which cable plugs are connected to the card.

If you’ve got an Ethernet cable, providing internet to your TV should be easy but we’re not here to discuss the wired connection.

Why Is LAN Card Necessary?

LAN cards are usually found in older TVs created at least 10-15 years ago. If your TV isn’t equipped with a LAN card, it probably has Wifi hard which can pair with your network easily and automatically.

LAN cards can usually provide more significant and reliable connections, but yet, they are rarely found anymore. Wifi is well-known to be faster and easy to access, even if it has its outages and delays.

To connect your Samsung TV to WiFi without having an adapter there are just two straightforward ways. You can either try with your TV inbuilt network settings and if they are not available with WPS.

Moreover, you can always consider buying a 3rd party WiFi receiver, but without any LAN supportability, the wireless connection would be impossible.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi without adapter, it should be pretty easy for you to establish a connection.

Even if your TV doesn’t have a LAN card, without any purchases all you can do is hook it up with a wired Ethernet cable.

For more posts related to Samsung TV and its functionality, you can check our technical blog to discover solutions to any device issues you’ve got!

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