how long do samsung tvs last

Are you thinking of buying a TV that will last you a while, and you wonder, how long do Samsung TVs last?

That is an excellent question to always ask yourself before buying any brand. TVs have warranties, and most of them expire after a year.

Samsung TVs lifespan is about four to seven years. It can exceed this limit if you only power it on when necessary. Proper maintenance, including keeping it far from liquids, cleaning it often, and using a power surge, can extend its lifetime, too.

Without looking at the warranty, it is always wise to know how long you can stay with your TV before it fully dysfunctions.

This article will take you through the average lifespan of your Samsung TV. Would you please read on?

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How Long Do Samsung TVs Last?

The average lifespan of a Samsung TV ranges between four to seven years. These years though will depend on how heavy you use it.

The heavy usage may include when you set the TV at its brightest level or continuously run the TV.

So, if you try to use the TV lightly, it means that it can last past the set years and reach, say, ten or more. Forget not the maintenance part too.

Other factors that may affect your TV’s lifespan include:

  • Heat: If you expose it to heat, it burns out quickly.
  • Liquid: Your TV is an electric device, and liquids are its enemy.
  • Dust and dirt: they can block the ventilation.          
  • Frequent movement: the TV can hit somewhere hence damage the screen or other parts.
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Samsung comes in different brands, including Samsung plasma, LED, etc. These make-ups affect the lifespan of the TV too. Let us have a look at how long each make lasts.

How Long do Samsung Plasma TVs last?

Samsung plasma TVs can last up to 60,000 hours. However, these hours decrease by half if you use the TV heavily.

So, your Samsung plasma TV can last between 4 years to 55 years, depending on your usability. Some can last up to 30000 hours which equals to around 3 years.

So, your TV’s brightness will start decreasing once they reach these hours.

What about Samsung LED TV lifespan? Is it like that of plasma?

Not really. LED Samsung TVs are believed to be the best since they last quite a while. Samsung LED promises up to 100 000 hours if the TV streams for 6 hours every day.

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This figure is approximately 45 years of service. However, it is always upon you to utilize the hours if you want your TV to serve you longer.

Can You Prolong Your Samsung TV’s Lifespan?

prolong samsung tvs lifespan

Yes, it is possible to prolong your Samsung TVs lifespan. Below are some tips to help you through. All these tips rotate around proper maintenance.

Tip #1:  Power Off the TV If No One Is Using It

If your TV is on all through, it shortens the lifespan of its components. Parts like backlights are delicate, and the moment they are exposed to too much heat, they break.

They are usually the first part to break in your Samsung TV. So, you should always embrace shutting off the TV when it is not in use.

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Most Samsung TVs have built-in timers, a feature that turns off your TV automatically at a specific time.  You can always take advantage of such features.

Besides, hooking up your Samsung TV to your smart home system can be the best way to turn it off automatically when no one is using it.

Tip #2: Give Your TV Enough Space

Your TV needs a secure place that will not expose it to rainwater, any other kind of liquid, or sunlight.

So, keeping it away from the window can be ideal. Ensure that it is also far from other electrical appliances that generate heat.

Keep it at least two inches between it and the wall behind it. There should be at least three or four inches of space on its sides to ensure proper air circulation.

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In case you store it in a cabinet, it should be spacious enough for it. If you have cooling fans, they can be a great deal inside the cabinet.

Tip #3: Avoid Lower Places

A wall mount for it can also be a perfect piece. It protects your device from knocks and ensures air flows in ideally.

Besides, if the TV is too low, it can attract too much dust and dirt.

Tip #4: Clean the TV More Often

Your TV is open to many kinds of dirt that can block the air holes and even damage the screen.

You can remove the dirt regularly from the ventilations using something that can enter inside, e.g., an earbud. Clean the screen using a microfiber cloth and wipe it gently.

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Remember, you are not supposed to use any cleaning solution on your TV as this can damage it.

Tip #5: Adjust the Level of Brightness

As you know, a higher brightness level does not mean a good streaming quality. It causes more risk than harm, including burning your backlights quicker than you expect.

Set the brightness at a level that will match your room’s light and get you a good-quality image.

If your room’s light is dim, the TV’s brightness should be lower. If your TV has automatic settings for its brightness, check them first, then set your brightness level.

Tip #6: Have an Automatic Voltage Regulator

Electric shocks or power surges may happen anytime, causing damage to your TV with just a single jolt.

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A surge protector or an automatic voltage regulator is the best prevention for such instances. Install one if you do not want your TV to spoil before its set time.

Tip #7: Avoid Moving the TV So Much

When you carry your TV too much, it can knock on other devices. Remember, the screen is delicate and can break if it is hit.

Carry it only when necessary. However, locking it somewhere like a cabinet is always the best way to store it.

Tip #8: Keep It Far from Children

Children can spill liquid, pull or hit the TV, causing it damage. Always keep the TV on a stand far from children’s reach to avoid such accidents.

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Samsung’s lifetime ranges between four to seven years. However, this timeline depends on how much you take care of it. Allow it to be on only, when necessary, avoid high brightness levels and use a power surge to avoid burns.

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Final thoughts

Even though many people love the brand, it is critical to understand how long do Samsung TVs last?

Having this information will help you know which brand to go for because you are sure about it.

Your Samsung TV should serve you approximately four years. If you take good care of it, it should last for even more than ten years.

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Besides, you can know both plasma’s and Samsung led TV lifespan. So, consider the tips above if you do not want to buy a TV every year.

Samsung TVs can last up to ten or more years if you properly take care of them. If you want to prolong its life, you should shut it down when no one is watching. Also, maintain an optimal level of brightness to avoid burning the backlights.