samsung tv volume stuck on screen

Is your Samsung TV volume stuck on screen and you can’t get rid of it? Have you tried powering off your television and the volume bar is still there?

Don’t fret, because, in this guide, we’ll be walking you through the steps on how to remove the volume bar or icon that’s stuck on your TV!

To fix and remove the volume bar that’s been stuck on your television, you have to check and make sure that your remote is working and functioning properly, and then, reset your TV.

How does one experience this particular dilemma? More so, why should you put the effort into fixing or resolving it?

Why Get Rid of the Volume Icon Stuck on Samsung TV Screen?

Wouldn’t it be more peculiar and stranger if you didn’t want it out?

Other than the fact that it’s annoying, why get rid of the volume bar or icon that’s been stuck on your Samsung TV screen?

The Volume Can Get Stuck Too

One of the things that people don’t realize when the volume bar or icon gets stuck on the screen is that the volume of the television itself can get stuck, too.

When this happens, you might not be able to control the volume of your television

It Can Block the Picture or the Display

Just imagine the nuisance that you can experience out of it; you might not be able to watch or see the content of the shows and movies that you are watching clearly.

Whether the volume bar or icon is stuck in the middle or if it’s stuck in the lower part of the screen, you may find it to be a nuisance. So, the best thing to do is to remove it.

So, how do you remove the volume that’s stuck on the screen of your Samsung TV?

Fixing Your Samsung TV Volume Stuck on Screen

fix samsung tv volume stuck on screen

If you are looking for the answer on how you can get rid of the stuck volume bar on your screen, then, read along!

Step #1: Check Your Remote Control

Since the primary control that we have of it is through the remote control, it could be the problem.

So, the first thing you want to do is to check if the batteries of the remote control are still working. They could already be worn out, or it could mean that they already went over their capacity.

Apart from the batteries, it’s also worth checking if the remote is still functioning properly.

There could be a couple of wirings or cables broken, or the sensor of the remote control could already be busted.

Step #2: Test Volume Buttons on the TV

After you check and test out your television’s remote control, it’s time to try and toggle the volume buttons on the television itself.

Press the volumes up and down buttons alternately and see if it does anything.

You’ll easily be able to notice if it’s doing something because the volume bar will move.

Step #3: Restart or Power Cycle Samsung TV

Now, after you do steps 1 and 2, what you want to do next is to perform a restart or a power cycle of your Samsung TV.

To perform a power reset, follow these steps:

  1. While it’s turned on, remove any current flowing through the television.
  2. You can do this by unplugging it from the wall outlet or by removing the connection from the back of the television.
  3. Then, wait for about 10 to 20 seconds before plugging it back in again.

Step #4: Reset Samsung’s Smart Hub

Now that you have reset it, the next thing you want to do is to reset your televisions Hub.

You can reset your Samsung television’s Smart hub by doing the following:

  1. Press the [MENU] button on your remote.
  2. From there, choose the option Smart Hub > Smart Hub Reset.
  3. It’ll ask you to enter or input your PIN.
  4. When done, you will get a confirmation message that the Smart Hub has been reset.
NOTE: If you did not set a PIN up, it’s defaulted to 0000.

Step #5: Cold Boot or Discharge Samsung TV

Last, but most definitely not least is to perform a discharge or a cold boot.

There are two ways on how you can cold boot or discharge your Samsung television: With a Remote or Without a Remote.

Cold Boot Using a Remote

You can cold boot your television using a remote by pressing + holding the power button while it’s turned on.

Release it when the TV turns off and reboots back up again. You’ll usually have to press and hold the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Cold Boot Without a Remote

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t have a remote, what you can do is unplug your television for 30 seconds.

While it’s unplugged, press and hold the television’s power button. After the timeframe, plug it back in again.

NOTE: You need to do this while the Samsung Smart TV is turned on.

And that’s just about it! That’s the process of how you can remove the stuck volume bar or icon on your television screen without any hassle!

As you may have noticed, you neither needed to open your TV up nor dismantle it! You can fix it as easily as this!

But, as easy as it is, there are still instances and scenarios where it didn’t work.

So, what do you do even after you religiously follow the steps provided? What if the volume’s stuck on your screen inevitably?

Samsung TV Volume Still Stuck on Screen After Trying, What Should I Do?

Do you approach a professional or a local technician to help you with it? Would this be the right time to open up and troubleshoot your television externally?

If it’s still giving you a headache, the next best thing to do is to contact Samsung’s technical support team.

When you reach them, you can tell them about your problem with your Samsung TV’s volume stuck on the screen. If you are also not able to change up the volume, you can educate them about that, too.

By telling them what happened and what you want to see, they will easily be able to determine the cause.

From there, they will be able to perform all the necessary steps to fix and get rid of the volume bar or icon on the TV screen.

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So, if you ever find your Samsung TV volume stuck on screen, you can use this post as a guide on how you can fix it!

You don’t really need to disassemble your television, nor do you need to be skilled and knowledgeable about it!

Nicole B