samsung tv volume stuck on screen

Wondering why Samsung TV volume stuck on screen? The short answer is due to a visual, software-related bug.

The long answer involves other aspects such as frozen Samsung TV, a non-working volume function, or simply a remote that constantly sends faulty volume signals.

To fix when the Volume of the Samsung TV is stuck on the screen, begin by restarting the TV as well as disconnecting all audio output devices.

In case that doesn’t solve the issue inspect the remote control and unload open apps to unstuck your Samsung TV volume!

Let’s unwrap more!

Why Samsung TV Volume Display Stuck on Screen?

why samsung TV volume display stuck on screen

It’s quite common for people with Samsung TV to complain that sometimes the volume of their TV stops working, as well as the volume bar stuck on the screen.

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For example, when you press the volume button on the remote, the visual volume bar gets stuck between two numbers.

In addition, after this happens, you’re unable to control the volume of the Samsung TV until restart, which is quite annoying. There are quite a few different reasons for this, which are:

  1. Temporal Samsung TV visual glitch.
  2. A volume fault from a connected device.
  3. Smart features option interference.
  4. Overloaded Samsung TV memory.
  5. False remote control volume signals.
  6. Outdated Samsung TV firmware bug.
  7. Software-related blunder with the TV.

Try This First!

The Samsung TV definitely has a control button on the panel that allows you to turn ON/OFF the device, change the source, and of course, adjust the volume.

Press the button to the left or to the right to check whether the volume will unstick and disappear from the Samsung screen.

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How to Fix When Samsung TV Volume Stuck on Screen?

Tip: Follow the guide below in the provided order for the quickest results!

1. Turn OFF and ON the Samsung TV

turn off and on the samsung tv

The quickest and probably the fastest working solution is to simply restart your TV, but also unplug the power adapter from the outlet.

This is called a power circulation and will remove the stuck volume bar on the Samsung TV screen.

The power cycle only requires the user to keep the Samsung TV unplugged for 60 seconds.

In the meantime, it’s recommended for the user to check whether the power outlet of the Samsung TV is functional by plugging in a secondary device such as a smartphone charger.

Important: This is a temporary solution and the volume will get stuck again so continue reading!

2. Remove Soundbar & External Speakers!

remove soundbar & external speakers

The next step by priority is to check whether the volume on your Samsung TV is stuck due to a connected soundbar or external speaker.

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Those speakers include headphones, 3.5mm jack cable devices, or another sort of audio output player.

Simply disconnect all devices connected to your Samsung TV with:

  • AUX cable connector
  • HDMI cable connector
  • 3.5 mm Jack connector
  • RCA cable connector
Tip: It’s recommended to also unplug any cable boxes, receivers, consoles, and connected computers from the Samsung TV to test the raw TV volume!

3. Disable Samsung TV “Smart Features”

disable samsung TV smart features

Samsung TV users claim that the stuck volume on the screen is caused by enabled Smart Features on the Samsung TV.

With or without a hub, these settings can directly affect the volume functionality on the screen and sometimes cause the volume bar to remain on screen.

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Follow the steps below to disable the smart features on Samsung TV:

  1. Use the remote to open the Samsung TV Settings.
  2. From there go down to the General tab.
  3. Then navigate down to the Smart Features tab.
  4. Disable both, the Autorun Smart & Auto Last App.

The Autorun Last App feature automatically starts the last used app on the Samsung TV upon startup, which often causes a visual volume bug on the screen.

As far as the Autorun Smart, when having a hub, this will turn on the Samsung TV when the hub starts, leading to the bug.

Tip: Even if actively utilizing those settings, just disable them until the end of the guide!

4. Relieve the Samsung TV Memory!

relieve the samsung tv memory

When the memory of the Samsung TV (RAM) is full, it gets corrupted, and weird behavior starts to occur.

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Yes, this might sound odd, but users actively claim that when the Samsung TV is overloaded with tasks, the volume often stops working and the bar gets to suck on the screen. 

The quickest way to do so is to press Home on the remote, go to “Apps” (App Management), and go to the corner (cogwheel) Settings.

In there, you’ll see all of the apps that are loaded into the memory and you would want to select and delete as many as possible.

Note: This method WILL NOT delete any of the apps installed on the Samsung TV, rather only removes them from the temporal memory (they will be unloaded).

5. Inspect the Samsung TV Remote!

inspect the samsung TV remote

The next step when the Samsung TV volume is stuck would be to check whether the remote is not interfering.

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To remove the stuck volume, press the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) to regulate the audio in an attempt to remove the stuck volume on the screen.

In case that doesn’t work, double-check whether any of the remote buttons are stuck within and constantly sending false signals to the TV.

It’s also a good idea to remove the remote batteries for at least 60 seconds to hard reset the remote and observe if the volume bar will disappear.

One More Thing – HDMI-CEC?

It’s possible that there is interference from another remote due to the enabled HDMI-CEC feature on the Samsung TV.

In short, this option allows controlling the volume of your Samsung TV from a remote of an HDMI-connected device.

  • To disable HDMI-CEC on Samsung TV, go into Settings > System > HDMI-CEC > set all to OFF and save the settings.
Reminder: After tweaking the settings, reboot the Samsung TV and test the volume!

6. Update the Samsung TV

update the samsung tv

Even if you’ve already learned how to solve the stuck volume (temporarily) the issue always comes back until the true source has been neutralized.

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One of the possibilities for operating system glitches, such as the one you’re experiencing, is the outdated software version.

Updating Samsung TV happens quickly, so follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the Samsung TV to the internet.
  2. Go into Settings and then to Support.
  3. Next, select the Software Update option.
  4. Lastly, select Update Now to begin.
Note: Samsung TV shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to update if your internet is intact.

7. Factory Reset the Samsung TV

factory reset the samsung tv

In case nothing helped, perhaps there is something wrong with the Samsung TV software, which is easy to address.

In order to completely resolve the volume glitch, it’s necessary to perform a factory restoration, which cleanly reinstalls the operating system of the TV.

Alert: The factory reset also erases all settings, data, and configuration on the TV.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV:

  1. Press the Menu on the remote and go to Settings.
  2. From the list of options, go to General and Reset.
  3. Insert the Samsung TV PIN (default code is “0000”).
  4. Finally, press the OK button on the remote control.
Info: The reset takes about 3 minutes and when your Samsung TV restarts you will be prompted to complete the initial setup. 

Then the volume bar shouldn’t be stuck anymore.

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Need More Help?

In case you were unable to identify the true cause of the volume stuck issue, it’s best to seek some qualified assistance.

It’s easy to contact Samsung Customer Service for more solutions or reach out to your local merchant if you’re suspecting that your Samsung TV is faulty.

Quick Recap:

We’ve learned that when Samsung TV volume stuck on screen we should begin with a power cycle on the TV and disable the “smart features” option.

In case that doesn’t help, check the remote control, update the Samsung TV firmware, and perform a factory reset. Follow us for more!

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