how to reset samsung smart tv password

Wondering how to reset Samsung smart TV password? Search no further, because you have just found the ultimate guide.

By the end of this post, you will learn the fastest way to change your Samsung smart TV password as well as almost any other smart TV.

To reset your Samsung TV password, power on your TV and press the menu button. Head to the support tab, press enter, and choose Self-diagnosis. Next, scroll all the way down and select reset. Enter the default pin “0000” and confirm your new PIN twice on the following page.

If that wasn’t quite clear for you, let’s first learn more about the default Samsung PIN and then how to reset it.

How To Reset Samsung Smart TV Password If Forgotten?

reset samsung smart tv password

In case you changed the default PIN of your Samsung TV, which is practically possible and you have forgotten it.

But don’t get discouraged because there is still a way to reset even if you don’t remember it.

Here is how to reset your Samsung TV password if you have forgotten it:

Step #1 Power Off Your TV

Unlike the last steps, in order to reset your Samsung PIN password, your TV must be powered OFF.

Make sure to aim the remote towards your Samsung TV and press the power button until you’re certain your TV is off.

The technique in the next step will boot your Samsung TV in safe mode, where you can diagnose the password and initiate a system reset.

Step #2 Boot Your TV In Safe-Mode

In order to boot your TV in safe mode, you must press a specific combination of keys on your remote, while aiming towards your TV.

Follow the steps down below to boot your Samsung TV in safe mode:

  1. Grab your remote and double-check if your TV is turned off.
  2. Press the Mute > 8 > 2 > 4 > Power button on your remote without leaving much of an interval of time in between the clicks.
  3. After you press the power button, wait for several seconds for your TV to boot.

Once your TV has started, it will now be running in safe mode, where you can freely diagnose all passwords, including the PIN, with their default combination.

Step #3 Enter The Security Tab

Once in the safe mode, you will have a list of settings on the left side of your screen. You will be wanting to access the security tab in order to configure the PIN.

Here is how to enter the security tab on your Samsung TV:

  1. Grab your remote and keep pressing the down arrow until the “Settings” tab is highlighted.
  2. Press the OK button to enter the settings and do the same thing until you’re highlighting Security.
  3. You will be prompted to enter the PIN, which now on safe mode is reset to default: “0000
  4. Enter the PIN and press the OK button.

Important: Keep in mind that this default PIN is going to only work in the safe mode.

Once you reboot your TV, the original PIN you’ve created and forgotten will become active.

Step #4 Change The PIN

The last step is to change the PIN. Once accessing the security tab with the default value of your Samsung PIN, you will want to press the “Create New PIN”.

This option will be the second option on the list you’re seeing in front of you.

Once tapping on creating a new PIN, you would want to confirm the default PIN twice and then enter a value for your new PIN from now on!

Once hitting the OK button, restart your TV and you’re good to go!

How To Reset Samsung TV Password Via TV Reset?

samsung tv password reset

To reset a Samsung password, you must first know the default PIN. If you haven’t heard already, the default PIN that Samsung would put on all of their TVs is “0000”.

This will be the PIN of your Samsung TV as long as it is not changed during your usage.

To reset a Samsung TV password, you will have to reset your TV.

Once the TV is reset, all customized features, settings, WIFi-password, and all temporarily made configurations in general, will be reset, including the PIN. Once the reset concludes, your PIN will become “0000” again.

Having that said, here is how to reset the password on your Samsung TV in a few easy steps.

Step #1 Power On Your TV

The first and most obvious step is to power ON your TV. Make sure the TV is running regularly and the power adapter is securely attached to the source.

Any fluctuations during the process might impact your TV’ software in an unpleasant way.

In addition, make sure that the remote is in a healthy state as well, because we will be mainly operating with it.

Step #2 Go To The Self Diagnosis Tab

If you don’t know where the self-diagnosis tab is in your Samsung TV’ settings, follow the steps down below to navigate:

  1. Grab your Samsung TV remote and press the menu button once.
  2. Once the menu appears, using the downward arrow button, highlight the “Support” tab which should be at the bottom of the page.
  3. Tap the “OK” button, press the down arrow once, and then the OK button again.

This will send you to the self-diagnosis tab, from where you will be able to initiate a system reset on your TV.

Step #3 Enter The Default PIN

Once in the self-diagnosis tab, you would have to scroll all the way down, until the “Reset” button is highlighted and then you would press the OK button.

This will send you to the reset tab, from where you will have to enter your default PIN.

What Is The Default PIN Of My Samsung TV?

By default, Samsung would set a default PIN of your TV.

This default PIN is “0000” and is used every time to perform general software actions, such as resetting the software or updating your TV.

Now on the following empty bar, press the OK button so the digital keyboard could appear on your TV and press the “0” on your remote 4 times.

Once you have written the PIN down, press the OK button and wait.

Step #4 Confirm The Reset

Your final step is to confirm the reset. Once entered the default PIN, you will be prompted to confirm the process on the following screen.

Navigate to the “Yes” side of the message by pressing the left arrow on your remote and hitting the “OKbutton.

Keep in mind that your TV will most certainly restart several times during the process and you must make sure its power flow isn’t compromised to avoid further software issues.

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Bottom Line:

To change a PIN on your Samsung password, you must reset the TV entirely or enter in the safe mode. Once in safe mode, the default PIN will become active and you will be able to change its values for when your TV reboots in regular mode.

Now that you know how to reset Samsung smart TV password, with our easy steps and both guidelines, you shall face no difficulties on your way of resetting the password.

After all, we could easily forget such PINs that are not of big importance after a while, but at least the way of resetting them is pretty easy!

Nicole B