samsung tv screen goes black randomly

If your Samsung TV screen goes black randomly there is a wide range of possibilities that could be responsible.

Luckily, we’ve found twice as many solutions so make sure to keep reading and by the end of this post, you’ll learn how to deal with black screen issues.

The screen of your Samsung TV may go black if there is a faulty cable connection or a problem with the source. Moreover, there are settings such as sleeping hours that could be causing the random black screens.

There are many possibilities and the best way to understand where your issue is coming from would be to learn more about them. Shall we have a look?

What Causes A Samsung TV Screen To Go Black?

Your issue is most likely related to one of the possibilities below. Many users having the same issue as you were able to resolve the problem and here is what they’ve shared with the community:

1. Power Issue

Insufficient power supply could make your Samsung TV screen go black randomly. The power delivery components include a power cable, a power outlet, TV power input port, and any strip or divider that is in use.

2. Outdated Firmware

Sometimes even outdated firmware might make the screen of your Samsung TV go black and then light up again after several minutes.

3. Source Problem

If you’re using an external device as a source for your TV content, the issue could be related to the device and not your TV.

4. Logical Issue

If you have configured your settings in a way that will turn off your TV in case of inactivity or else, it might turn off as scheduled.

Those were the most common reasons that users shared. Next, we’ll start excluding the possibilities one-by-one until you’re left with the one and only true cause.

How To Fix Samsung TV Screen Goes Black Randomly Issue?

fix samsung tv screen goes black randomly

Before we begin, it is worthwhile to try restarting your TV with the remote. If this is the first time that the issue occurs with your TV, it is possible that it could be a temporary glitch.

By performing a quick restart, you will reboot the OS and hopefully resolve any temporary bugs.

Perform a restart to exclude this possibility and let’s get started with our first method:

Method #1 Power Cycle Samsung TV

The very first step would be to discharge your device by draining all the power and providing a fresh stream.

Since the power cycle is well-known to be effective in situations just like yours, it may just manage to stop the occasional blackouts.

Here are the steps to the power cycle:

  1. Turn off your TV using the remote and wait for a minute.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from both ends.
  3. Wait for another 5 minutes for the best effect.
  4. Situate the power adapter back to its position.
  5. Turn on your TV!

Easy as that, you had power cycled your Samsung TV, but remember that the issue might not be related to your TV.

It could be the remote that is turning on and off your TV. Let’s do the same for your remote as well.

Power Cycle Remote

The only real possibility here would be if the power button on your remote is somehow stuck and continuously sending signals to your TV.

In that regard, it would be really easy to resolve the issue by power cycling the remote as well.

Simply take the batteries out of the compartment on the bottom and press EACH button at least twice. Once ready, wait for several minutes, put the batteries back, and check if the screen will go black.

Method #2 Inspect Cables

If your Samsung TV screen is going black randomly even after power cycling both your TV and remote it’s time to check the wiring.

Since such issues could occur if there is a problem with the cables, you need to check whether they are functional or not.

Try both of your power adapter and HDMI cable (in case you’re using one) on another device to see if they will work there.

But keep in mind that the device you are going to test on must be functional.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell if your power adapter works and you will be left wondering what’s wrong with your configuration!

Note: It is important to make sure that cables are not severely twisted or under pressure as their functionality could be compromised.

Method #3 Change Channel/Source

In case you’re getting this issue when watching a specific channel or source, try switching to another one to find out if the issue will re-appear.

For example, if you’re using a gaming console hooked up to one of your HDMI inputs, simply remove that device and go to Watch TV.

You can do that by pressing the home button on your remote and then going to Sources. From there select Watch TV and test if the issue will reappear.

On the other hand, if you’re watching a specific channel, or you’re using a specific application, make sure and exit it. Go to a different channel or a different application to test if the issue will reappear.

Method #4 Disable Power Saver/Sleep Mode

fix black screen samsung tv

If your Samsung TV screen goes black at random on every port, source or input we can assume that the issue is coming from the TV. The possibilities here come down to misconfigured settings or faulty firmware.

If you have enabled the power saving feature on your Samsung TV, no wonder your device is constantly going off.

The power saver is meant specifically for users who are looking to reduce the power consumption of their TVs.

When enabled the power saving feature will turn off your TV after a few minutes of inactivity (as per configuration). 

Here is how to disable the Power Saver/Sleep Mode:

  1. Press the Tools button on your remote.
  2. Next press, More on your remote.
  3. Once the Virtual Remote Control appears, select Sleep Timer.
  4. Make sure that it is OFF.

Note: Different Samsung models have different labels for their settings.

Also, the route in order to reach the settings might be different so make sure to check online for a guide related to your TV model.

Method #5 Remove Interference

If the issue appears when you’re using one of the TV input sources as well as when you’re on Watch TV there could be an outer interference.

The best approach here would be to disconnect ALL devices connected to your TV including soundbars, headphones, gaming consoles, and computers.

Once done, jump back to method 1 and carry out another power cycle.

Ensure that there are no working electronic devices nearby your TV and test if the black screen will re-appear.

Method #6 Update/Reset Samsung TV

In this method, you’ll first try to update the TV and if it does not work or does not help, perform a factory reset. Let’s start with updating the firmware first:

How To Update Samsung TV?

To check your Samsung TV for updates go to Settings and click on the cogwheel on the top-right. Then scroll down until you locate the Version tab and click on it.

There should be a button labeled as check for updates. You must click on it once and wait for your TV to search for any new firmware. If there are any results, download and install them then wait for your TV to reboot.

How To Factory Reset Samsung TV?

If updating did not help, the last option you’ve got is to restore the TV to its factory default settings.

There is only one concern to pay attention to and it is that ALL settings will be permanently erased and restored to default.

Here is how to perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV:

  1. Press on the Settings Cogwheel and head to General.
  2. Select Reset and enter your PIN (the default PIN is “0000”).
  3. To complete the reset, select OK and wait for your TV to restart.

Once done with the factory reset, you will need to carry out the initial setup.

After completion, you will be able to observe if the issue will re-appear. With a little luck, the problem will now be solved and never appear again!

To fix the Samsung TV random blackouts you must ensure that you’re on the correct source and check for enabled sleep settings. Check for any interference and inspect ALL cables. Lastly, carry out an update, and if it does not work perform a factory reset.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why the Samsung TV screen goes black randomly it should be easy to perform our methods and get your issue solved.

If, however, you were unable to resolve the issue you can always reach out to Samsung customer service and hopefully, they’ll be able to help.

If you find this post helpful you will definitely be interested to read more posts from our blog full of tech solutions.

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