how to delete channels on samsung smart tv

Due to various reasons, you may need to know how to delete channels on Samsung Smart TV.

Could you be wondering about how to go about it? Deleting some channels or all channels should not be an issue.

This guide will take you through the various methods you can use. Please keep on reading.

To delete channels on your Samsung Smart TV, use your remote to go to the home menu, then select Samsung TV Plus. Open the app, then click on the Channel list. Click edit channels, then select on the checkbox the channels you wish to delete and click delete on the Page.

Why Should you Delete Channels on Your Samsung Smart TV?

You may delete some channels from your Samsung TV due to various reasons. They may include:

  • The TV has some channels you do not wish your kids to watch.
  • The list of channels is too extensive, yet you do not watch all of them.
  • You want a new list of channels.
  • The channel contains too many ads.

Note: Samsung smart TV comes installed with the Samsung TV Plus app feature.

This app provides up to 500 channels worldwide. People in the US can access up to a hundred of these channels, while those in the UK have up to 49 channels.

This app is free. However, it streams too many ads that do not allow users to enjoy the channels smoothly. Hence, you may need to remove the channels, which will remove the app from your device.

How to Delete Channels on Samsung Smart TV

delete channels on samsung smart tv

If you wish to remove unwanted channels from your Samsung TV, you can do it using various methods. Try any below, and you will remain with what you love.

Method #1: Removing Some Channels

If you would like to know how to remove unwanted channels on Samsung smart TV, you can use this method.

You can remove some or all channels depending on your preference.

Use these steps to remove some channels.

  1. Click the Home key on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Navigate to the Samsung TV Plus app, then click on ‘Channel list.’
  3. At the top right of your TV’s screen, select Edit channels.
  4. You will see a list of your TV channels.
  5. Click on the checkbox beside the channel you wish to delete, then click delete.
  6. A pop-up window will appear with the option delete.
  7. Select delete to confirm your action.

Now you have deleted some channels from your TV. So, you are only remaining with what you want and love. Let us see below how you can remove all channels if you want a fresh list.

Method #2: Deleting All Channels And Locking The Smart App

Deleting all channels deletes the Samsung TV Plus app from your TV. However, if you add a channel, it will reappear.

Use these steps to delete the channels.

Step 1: Press the Home key on your Samsung TV remote.

Step 2: Navigate to the Samsung TV Plus app, then select ‘Channel list.’

Step 3: Choose, edit channels.

Step 4: Click on the checkbox beside the Samsung TV plus.

Step 5: Click delete, then a pop-up menu with the option delete will appear. Kindly select delete to confirm.

Even after deleting the app, it can still reappear. So, you may need to lock it if you do not want it. Use these steps to lock the app.

  1.  On your remote, click the source button.
  2. Scroll through until you locate the Apps menu.
  3. Click the Apps menu to open, then select the options button.
  4. Tap on lock/unlock, then provide your PIN.
  5. Choose the Samsung TV Plus app, then lock it. You can also find it named Rakuten.

If you lock the app, it will not function anymore; hence you will no longer receive the channels.

Method #3: How To Remove Scrambled Channels From Samsung

Your Samsung TV might have channels that you cannot watch because you have not paid for them.

They end up filling your list of channels, yet you cannot watch them. If you do not wish to pay for them, you can delete them.

Use these steps.

  1. Using your remote, press the menu button, then select broadcast.
  2. Scroll down, then select channel settings.
  3. Click the option, Clear scrambled channels.
  4.  It will take some minutes to finish deleting the scrambled channels. Once through, select close.

Deleting the scrambled channels will free space allowing you to have channels that you will enjoy paying for.

Method #4: Disable The Samsung TV Plus App

The Samsung TV plus app has several channels that come with too many ads. If you don’t wish to have them, disable the app.

The quick method

  1. Turn on the TV, then press the home key on your remote.
  2. Look for the Samsung TV plus app.
  3. Scroll down, and then you will see two options, move and remove.
  4. Click remove, then press ‘enter.’
  5. Click disable.

This process removes the app from your TV’s home screen and deletes it from your device. So, you will be free to watch the channels you wish without disruptions from too many ads.

Method #5: The Service Menu Method

To use this method, you must have the Samsung full or basic remote. A Samsung remote that comes with most UHD TVs may not access the service menu.

Note, some settings you perform on the service menu may damage your TV, and you may not be able to repair it.

So, you need to be very careful and be sure with the settings you perform.

Use these steps to complete the process.

Step 1: Turn off your TV.

Step 2:  Provide the service mode code for your TV. Enter these, {INFO} + {MENU} + {MUTE} + {POWER} each following each other quickly if your device is newer, 2017 and above.

Step 3: When you successfully access the service menu, select the options menu, then click the Engineer option.

Step 4: Turn off the TV Plus support, then power off your TV to close the service menu.

This method will disable the Samsung TV Plus app, hence, you will not view those channels the app offers. So, you can only subscribe to channels you wish displayed on your device.

If you want to delete unwanted channels from your Samsung Smart TV, go to the home menu using your remote, then select the Samsung TV plus. Once you open the app, choose the channels list followed by edit channels and delete the channel

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If you wanted to know how to delete channels on Samsung smart TV, I hope you found this guide helpful.

So, it is possible to delete all channels or just a few channels using the steps above. What matters is how you prefer it.

To delete channels on your Samsung smart TV, go to your TV’s home using the remote control. Click on the Samsung TV plus app, then navigate to the channels list.

Click on edit channels, then select the channels you wish to delete by marking them on the checkbox. Click delete on the screen, then click delete again on the pop-up window to confirm the delete.

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