how to get local channels on samsung smart tv

If you are wondering how to get local channels on Samsung Smart TV, you have found the right post. Keep reading to reveal everything you need to know about getting local channels on a Samsung TV and how to do it properly.

It is not much you can go wrong with, but there is the possibility that your TV is not able to find any channels.

In that regard, we’ve prepared for you the right way of doing so and a few troubleshooting methods in case you face any trouble.

You can easily get local channels on your Samsung TV by using an indoor antenna. You can find many supported antennas online that you can use and we are going to dive into details a little further in the post.

On the other hand, if your Samsung TV is smart there are a couple of apps you can download to get free local channels with high quality without using an antenna/cable.

If we have captured your attention, stick around to avoid complications and frustration.

How to Get Local Channels on Samsung Smart TV Easily?

Whether you’re using a smart or non-smart Samsung TV, down below we have ways to get local channels for both occasions. We shall start with the non-smart Samsung TV guide.

Local Channels on Samsung TV (Non-Smart)

As we mentioned in the introduction the only way to get local channels on your Samsung TV if it does not carry the smart feature is to use an antenna or cable.

It is important to ensure that the antenna you’re going to purchase is compatible with Samsung TV.

The prices for indoor antennas vary depending on some features but just for local channels, you’re looking at about $20 to $30.

The installation is really easy. In the box with your antenna, you should have a Coaxial cable, which embeds in the antenna jack on the back of your Samsung TV.

Then plug the adapter in any wall outlet to provide power. Another way around is to plug the power source into the transmitter on the antenna itself.

Now when you have your antenna connected to your TV, here is how to scan for channels:

  • Go to your Samsung TV Settings
  • Locate and press Broadcasting
  • Then find and press on Auto Tuning
  • Press Start Scanning

In contrast if you are using a cable, all it takes is to plug it in the dedicated slot and scan for channels again.


The process might take up to 15 minutes, but you will be able to see the channels that are currently discovered in the meantime.

Local Channels on Samsung TV (Smart)

Here you will learn how to get local channels on Samsung smart TV in the right way. As we already mentioned there are a few applications that your Smart TV can access and download.

These applications will allow you to get free high-quality local channels without using an antenna or cable.

Here are the top three applications you can download right away:

  • Locast
  • Pluto TV
  • Xumo – Free movies & TV

It is important to ensure that your Samsung smart TV is connected to Wi-Fi, otherwise, you won’t be able to download the apps.

These apps are available for free, in the dedicated application store, that you can find under the label “Smart TV”.

We recommend to go ahead and explore these apps now to identify which one works best for you.


Even if your Samsung TV is smart, you can still connect and use an antenna or cable.

How to Get Local Air Channels on Samsung TV?

local channels on samsung smart tv

This is another to use the Auto Program feature to scan for air channels without cable or antenna.

You should not expect this to work if you are not located near a city or a town.

This method will discover any air channels that are available and if there are not any, nothing will show in the list.

Step #1: Select the Source of TV

Ensure that the source of your TV is set to “TV”. By pressing the source button on your remote you will be able to select the TV source.

Another way is to press the Home button and navigate left to select Source TV.

Step #2: Choose Auto Program

Now, use the pads on your remote to select Settings. Then go to Broadcasting and choose Auto Program.

Step #3: Select the Option

Once you select Start, you will need to choose from the three options that will appear (Air, Cable, or Both).

Here you can select Air. If you have cable, ensure that it is rightfully plugged into the TV slot and instead of choosing Air, go with Both.

This way the Samsung TV will discover all available channels your TV has access to.

Why Samsung TV Does Not Discover Local Channels?

local channels not found

If you are wondering how to set up local channels on TV and you are having problems with it, here we will reveal some possible causes and how to resolve them fast.

There are a couple of things that could have gone wrong. In that regard, there are 3 simple and effective methods that you can apply to resolve your issue.

Method #1 Change the RF Cable Slot

There is a high chance that you’ve inserted your antenna or cable in the wrong slot. In general, you should have two slots ANT 1 IN (Air) and ANT 2 IN (Cable).

Whether you’re using an antenna or cable it should be inserted into the rightful slot.

Simply take the cable out of the RF input that is currently connected and plug it into the other one.

Now scroll up and find a step-by-step guide for discovering channels.


Ensure to select the corresponding input (Air for antenna and Cable if you are using one). We recommend choosing Both to avoid wasting time.

Method #2 Restart Your TV

While it is highly unlikely, there is a possibility that your Samsung TV scan feature is glitched.

Many people actually reported that they’ve been having trouble with the inquiry “how to get local channels on Samsung TV?” until a TV restart.

Here is how to restart your TV fast and easy:

  • Turn off the TV using the Power Button on your remote
  • Plug out the power cable from the outlet
  • Wait for about 5 minutes
  • Plug your Samsung TV back the power
  • Turn in on

Again, navigate back in the post to our step-by-step channel scan guide and try now.

If your TV is still not able to discover channels, then you might be dealing with a greater issue. As a last resort, you can apply our last method.

Method #3 Factory Reset Your Samsung TV

Factory reset will definitely tighten the circle enough to locate the issue. But you should know that any personal settings and configurations will be permanently lost.

We recommend creating a backup so you can easily restore them after the reset is complete.

To revert your TV to factory default settings, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings and press General
  • Select Reset and enter your Pin
  • To confirm select OK and your TV shall restart


By default, your Pin should be “0000”, so if you haven’t created one, then insert four zeros.

If you are unable to perform a restart with the steps above, navigate to Settings, press on Support, and then on Self Diagnosis.

The Reset button should be located somewhere in that menu, so take a look and press on it.


You will NOT be able to reset your Samsung TV to factory default settings from the mobile application.

Bottom Line

We hope that our post has answered how to get local channels on Samsung TV. And now you are able to enjoy a variety of different channels.

We have also introduced a way to bypass the antenna/cable by using online applications, which remains the most modern way to get local channels with high quality.

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