where to return directv equipment

Don’t know where to return DirecTV equipment? Well, this article will guide you through the process with up-to-date information.

The DirecTV equipment return is made easy but you might encounter common problems that we’re here to help you with!

The DirecTV equipment can be returned to the UPS Store or FedEx Ship Center only after the account cancellation.

According to recent reports, you don’t need to affix a shipping label to the box, instead, you only have to share your DirecTV account number on-site!

Let’s continue with some of the essentials!

Canceling DirecTV & Equipment Return?

canceling directv & equipment return

DirecTV is an American programming distributor with subscription-based services from which users receive free equipment, as long as they are members.

Well, when the DirecTV account is canceled, the user is obligated to return the equipment, which will stop the automatic billing.

DirecTV Service Cancellation?

First, you need to cancel your DirecTV subscription, otherwise, you won’t be able to return the equipment. You can cancel your service by signing into your account at the official website.

  • Select “Manage my TV Subscription” and choose to “Cancel” your subscription!

Based on whether you’re canceling your service earlier than the agreement, there might be some taxes that would apply.

However, once the service is canceled, it’s time for the equipment.

What Equipment to Return?

what equipment to return

You need to return all of the equipment you’ve received upon subscribing and if you have more than one receiver you need to return both.

Here’s all of the DirecTV equipment for return:

  • TV Box / DVR / receiver.
  • DirecTV remote control.
  • DirecTV box power cord.

The equipment must be in working condition, free of severe dust accumulation as well as other unexpected phenomena.

If you don’t keep the original box or any of the documentation, that’s fine, simply find another cardboard box, which would be suitable for the packaging.

DirecTV Return Equipment Return Fee?

DirecTV Receiver$45
DirecTV HD Receiver$45
Genie Mini Receiver$45

DirecTV DVR$135
DirecTV HD DVR$135
Genie HD DVR$135

The fees shown in the table will be applied to your account monthly, and it’s unclear whether the billing date will be used for the fees or not.

The prices are for each DirecTV box, receiver, or DVR you owe, so the equipment should be returned before the next date of the billing cycle!

Tip: For peace of mind, return your DirecTV equipment within 1 week of the cancellation!

How & Where to Return DirecTV Equipment? Easy Steps!

It’s very quick and easy to return DirecTV equipment and if you’ve never returned equipment before, then we’ve prepared a guide for you.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Preparation: Equipment Packaging

preparation for equipment packaging

The equipment you need to return is the TV box receiver or DVR, the remote control, and the power cable + adapter.

It’s recommended to verify that all of them work and carefully package the components in an original box or a replacement cardboard box.

If you keep the documentation it’s good to drop it into the box before sealing. We recommend sealing the box mildly since when you drop it off they might need to verify the equipment. 

Tip: Use dustscape!

2. Acquire DirecTV Account Number

In the past, DirecTV users had to request a Return Kit, but according to recent DirecTV reports, nowadays it’s enough to note your DirecTV account number.

Without a return kit, there is no other way to prove the relationship between the owner of the account and the equipment you bring.

acquire directv account number

Here’s how to acquire the account number of your DirecTV account:

  1. Use any device with the internet to access directv.com.
  2. Sign into your DirecTV account and select “Profile”.
  3. The Account Number is located under “My Services”.
  4. Note down this account number, to bring with you later!
Info: The Account Number is a unique account identifier used by concerned authorities for identification and verification.

3. Drop Off Your DirecTV Equipment

Wondering where to return DirecTV equipment near me?

When your DirecTV equipment is packaged and the account number is noted, it’s time to drop off the equipment at FedEx Office Print & Ship Center or The UPS Store.

drop off your directv equipment

Previously users had to affix a shipping label on the return equipment box, but now this is not really necessary.

When you’re on-site, simply share that you’re returning DirecTV equipment via account number.

From there, your account and ownership of the equipment will be verified and the shipping service will process the returned equipment.

Important Information:

In case anything is unclear, it’s best to contact DirecTV customer service to clear any questions about the return packaging.

In some rare cases, they might send you a Return Kit or discuss exceptional conditions for users with disabilities.

Address of Where to Return DirecTV Equipment?

address of where to return directv equipment

There is no list of addresses to choose from, instead, you need to check online to find the nearest FedEx or UPS Store near your location.

Since you can use both services for returning DirecTV equipment, it’s up to the distance from your location. Let’s learn more!

FedEx Ship Center Locations!

There are too many addresses to list, so the quickest possible way to find a nearby FedEx shipping center is to use their tool.

Go to the FedEx Ship Center Locator, insert the name of your state and you’ll find all of the available FedEx locations to return your DirecTV equipment.

The UPS Store Locations!

In case you didn’t know you can Find UPS Store Near You, by using the official tool provided on their website.

Again, simply “SUBMIT” the name of your city to reveal all nearby UPS Stores as well as the distance between you and the destination.

the ups store locations

DirecTV Cancellation Policy & Helpful Tips!

  • Free Trial Cancellation:

You are free to cancel your DirecTV Stream service before the 14-day trial period has ended, to avoid being charged.

In those cases, you’re obligated to return the DirecTV equipment received for the trial period, or if you haven’t received the equipment, you don’t need to do anything else.

  • Return via Prepaid Label:

Acquire and use the matrices that arrived with the new equipment box and package your equipment.

Then rear off the bottom part of the receipt to keep for your records and affix the top part to the shipping box of your equipment. 

return via prepaid label

Finally, take your equipment to The UPS Store or FedEx Shipping Center.

  • Return Damaged Equipment:

If you return a damaged device due to abuse, you’re obligated to pay a fee, which is based on the device and its condition after evaluation. I

n case the equipment is malfunctioning due to any external factors, it’s good to consider the warranty and contact DirecTV customer service.

  • Don’t Return Accessories:

You don’t need to return accessories such as coaxial cables, multi switches, dish LNB or any splitters.

However, the main receiver or DVR, the remote control, and the power cable are the parts you need to return.

  • Don’t Forget the Receipt!
don’t forget the receipt

It’s very recommended to keep the receipt from The UPS Store or FedEx Shipping Center as PROOF that you’ve returned your equipment.

It’s better not knowing what would happen if anything goes wrong with the shipment and you don’t keep the receipt.

  • Returning a Satellite Dish?

No, you don’t need to return a DirecTV satellite dish, since the hardware becomes the property of the customer after installation.

The bad news is that DirecTV will not assist customers to remove the dish after cancellation and inexperienced users should contact a professional for the job!

  • DirecTV Paid in Full?

You will receive a refund of the money paid for the equipment if returned within the 14-day trial period.

There will be termination fees applied upon early cancellation during the agreement.

directv paid in full

How To Recycle Your Old DirecTV Receiver?

The process is really simple and fast so here’s how it works:

  1. You don’t need to package the receiver in any variety!
  2. Bring the receiver to the nearest FedEx or UPS Store.
  3. They will pack and ship the receiver to the recycling center.
  4. No need to include the remote, cables, or accessories.
Tip: You can check for UPS Store locations near you on their website as well as FedEx Ship Center places on their website.

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned where to return DirecTV equipment and exactly what equipment you need to return and keep. Fortunately, DirecTV provides enough allowance and options such as FedEx and the UPS Store for users to return their equipment in a timely manner.

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