where to return directv equipment

Where to return DIRECTV equipment and how to return it are the questions that many of you want to know after deciding that DIRECTV is not the company for you, or it has been for a while but not anymore.

Each company has different rules about what to send back and what to keep but, each company will try to charge you if they can, so be careful and pay attention to the procedures.

We will provide you with detailed instructions on how and where to return the equipment.

Not a Customer Anymore

To know when, where and how to return your DIRECTV equipment, you need to know a few basic things.

They will keep charging you until you actually return your equipment, so you must act swiftly if you don’t want to pay extra cash.

First, after cancelling the service or your contract has been forcefully terminated, you need to contact them within the 7 days.

They will inform you what to return and how to return it. You will find more information in the following sections.

Properly Cancel Your Service First

cancel directv service

Before you decide to return the equipment, make sure you have cancelled the service properly. If done incorrectly you will end up pay extra fees.

When you plan to cancel your service, ensure the following:

Check Your Contract

Find out if you are liable to pay any early termination fees both for the equipment and the leases.

You can find your contract details on your bill. Accordingly, you can calculate the fees that you need to pay.

Call Support Staff

After you have gathered your contract information, contact the support staff and ask them for cancellation.

The support staff will be more interested to keep you as a customer. If you are firm to cancel, the service, ask them to cancel and note the service request number

Return Equipment

After the cancellation request is accepted, you should return the equipment to DIRECTV. Ensure you follow the timelines and return all the equipment and its accessories.

Where to Return DIRECTV Equipment

Directv Equipment Return

They might ask that you use a specific postal service such as UPS or FedEx. Not a problem at all, pop by the nearest UPS or FedEx office.

Also don’t forget to give them your 9-digit account number, they will need that number to put on the top of the package.

You can find your account number on any of your DIRECTV’s bills. Both of those companies will pack the equipment for you and ship it to DirecTV completely free of charge for you.

They will give you the receipt stating that you have returned the equipment and is now on its way.

DIRECTV Equipment Return with the Returning Kit

When you have a returning kit, you can use any postal service you want.

Make sure that you wrap the receiver in bubble wrap and call customer service to notify them of the return of the equipment.

In your returning kit, you will find a shipping label, make sure you put it on top of the package.

Next, you can drop the package off at the nearest post office, or call them to come and pick it up.

Prepaid Label Included in the Box

When the return label has been included with your new equipment box, use all the items that were in the box.

Rip the bottom receipt and replace it with the new prepaid shipping label. If you failed to do that, it won’t be shipped back to the DIRECTV.

There is a difference whether you are a DirecTV user or a U-verse TV user.

All DIRECTV users or fixed wireless internet users should go to the FedEx office or just any post office and the U-verse TV users and AT&T internet users, they should go to the UPS service.

Those are the locations where to return DirecTV equipment.

How to Avoid Early Termination Fees

avoid termination fees

Make sure that the equipment is not damaged otherwise they will charge you for that.

You have 21 days from the cancellation or return date to actually return the equipment free of charge. If you don’t do it in this timeframe, you will be charged a fee.

DIRECTV equipment return will not be free of charge if you return damaged box, however, if you return it within 90 days of installation, you will not be charged any fee.

For any charges that you wish to dispute, just contact the customer service. You can always search for your customer agreement, read it thoroughly and be prepared for your call with customer service.

Helpful Tips

Do not return your satellite dish, there are some instructions on how you can recycle it.

Try and send the equipment within ten days, so you can skip on potential charges while transiting.

You should take into account that sometimes takes a long time for a package to arrive at the destination, so procrastination.

Do not throw away your tracking number receipt, you may need it to prove or to check the status of the equipment.

The returning process is always completely free of charge for you. If for any reason you have been charged, or there is no FedEx or UPS office in the radius of 10 miles from where you live, call customer service and notify them.


We have answered all the questions about where to return DIRECTV equipment and now it is up to you to actually do so within a certain timeframe.

Also, make sure that equipment is not damaged and you will avoid any potential fees.

However, if you have some outstanding bills from before, or they have charged you more than you think you have spent and you cannot pay at the moment, then you can try to dispute those charges.

Simply call the customer service and ask them to elaborate your invoice.

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