program directv remote to tv without receiver

Can you program DirecTV remote to TV without receiver?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to connect DirecTV to a standalone television without having to include or purchase a receiver to/for the setup.

However, there are many surrounding factors that might give you headaches attempting to program your remote to no avail so keep reading the guide!

In order to program DirecTV remote to a TV with no receiver, you need to press and hold the Enter + Mute button until the green light starts blinking.

Then, if a prompt appears on the TV screen, proceed with the steps, otherwise, you need to find and use the TV code!

Let’s continue to unwrap!

How to Program DIRECTV Remote to TV Without Receiver?

how to program directv remote
Note: The guide below describes the pairing for the DirecTV (universal) RC64 remote as well as the Genie RC71 remote.

In case you’ve got the old white DirecTV remote then you should be easily able to program the unit to any sort of IR TV.

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This modem was released back in 2003 and works with any receivers before and after the date, but we’re focused on pairing directly to the TV, with no receiver.

Program DirecTV Remote to TV With No Receiver (Auto):

One of the best working methods to pair any DirecTV remote to a TV without having a receiver is to use “Auto Programming”.

program directv remote to tv with no receiver auto

The process works by allowing your remote and TV to pair without you inserting a TV code, simply both devices discover and pair with each other.

  1. Locate the “Enter” and the “Mute” button on the remote.
  2. Tip: the “Enter” button is located on the bottom right.
  3. Press and hold both buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Release when you see a green blinking remote light.
  5. You should see an IR/RF message on the TV screen.
  6. Info: The message you would see is based on a TV model.
  7. Then press the Menu and go to Settings > Help Menu.
  8. Find the “Remote Control” setting then, “Program Remote”.
  9. Select the correct TV model and test the remote pairing.
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In case this method didn’t work and the remote is not paired to the TV, try the manual method!

Program DirecTV Remote to TV With No Receiver (Manual):

program directv remote to tv with no receiver manual

The other best-working method is of course the manual pairing, which requires a few extra key points, but it’s easy as it gets.

Again, here you don’t need a pairing code for the TV since the final part of the process remains automatic, such as the previous method.

  1. Press and hold the “Select” + “Mute” remote buttons.
  2. The remote LED will glow and then start to blink green.
  3. Release both buttons when you see the light indication.
  4. Press from the number pad, 96 1 consecutively.
  5. Next, quickly tap once on the Channel button.
  6. Go to the Menu, then Settings and enter Help Menu.
  7. From there again, select the TV model and test the pairing.
Note: It’s important to execute all steps within 60 seconds, and press all buttons quickly one after another to prevent the programming from timing out.

Program DirecTV Remote to TV With No Receiver (Slider):

program directv remote to tv with no receiver slider

A quick and easy method that only works on the old white universal DirecTV RC64 remote is the programming method using the TV slider.

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On the tip of the remote, you should locate a slider that can be set to the left (AV1), middle (AV2), and right (TV) for programming purposes.

  • AV 1 – allows programming to receiver #1
  • AV 2 – allows programming to receiver #2
  • TV – allows programming on a television

Hence, it’s clear that we need to switch to the right to select programming for TV. Then if you see a prompt appearing on the screen, then you’re in luck and this method works for you.

Then you only need to follow the on-screen instructions that remain the same as always.

Info: In case your TV does not respond when you’re moving the slider to the right position, then you need a TV pairing code so continue reading!

Program DirecTV Remote to TV With No Receiver (TV Code):

program directv remote to tv with no receiver tv code

In case all automatic and semi-manual methods didn’t work on your TV, you’re going to need a TV pairing code.

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You can easily pair DirecTV remote to any TV without a receiver by using a code that is specifically for your TV model and allows quick and smooth programming!

  1. Ensure that the TV is plugged in and working.
  2. Slide the switch at the tip of the remote to “TV”.
  3. Press and hold the “Mute + “Select buttons.
  4. The green light on the remote should blink twice.
  5. Type in the correct TV programming code.
  6. Tip: Find the TV code in the table below!
  7. Press the Power button to turn off the TV.
  8. Bring back the slider to the previous position.
  9. Power on the TV to test if the pairing works!
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DirecTV Remote > TV (No Receiver) TV Model Codes
Samsung DirecTV Codes10812, 10329, 10650, 11959, 10587, 11395, 10427, 10090, 10587
LG & Vizio DirecTV Codes12731, 12358, 11423, 10178, 12424, 10017, 10039, 10700, 10856
Toshiba DirecTV Codes11524, 10156, 11945, 10832, 10154, 11325, 10845, 11743, 11959
Philips DirecTV Codes10054, 12374, 11963, 10000, 10706, 11990, 11744, 11454, 12597
Roku DirecTV Codess11756
Sony DirecTV Codes10810, 10000, 11317, 11904, 11925, 11685, 11300, 10834, 11317
Onn DirecTV Codes11756
Tip: In case you don’t see your TV model here, search online or in the TV user manual for the correct TV programming code.

Use the Universal TV Programming Code!

use the universal tv programming

In case you’re unable to identify the correct programming code for your TV or the code is not working, there is another method that you can attempt.

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This is a common way to program old Directv remote to TV without receiver, so let’s jump into the steps!

  1. Power up and turn on the TV before you begin!
  2. Press the and hold the “Select” + “Mute” buttons.
  3. Wait until the green light flashes and then release.
  4. From the number pad, press the 99 11 buttons.
  5. Wait for the flashing green light to appear again.
  6. Then press the Volume Up button one single time.
  7. Then firmly press and hold the Channel Up button.
  8. Hold and wait until the TV volume gradually increases.
  9. When the volume goes up, press the Select button.
Info: In case all went smoothly the programming should now be complete so press the Power button to check whether you’re able to operate the TV.

Can’t Program DirecTV Remote to TV With No Receiver?

cant program directv remote to tv

In case you’re unable to pair your DirecTV remote to the TV, perhaps there is something wrong with the remote.

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It’s important to mention that the remote will be unable to be paired with the TV or a receiver when the batteries are low or the remote is already paired.

  • Hence, there are only two solutions that you should attempt!

Replace DirecTV Remote Batteries:

The obvious is to ensure that the batteries in the DirecTV remote are functional, or even better – replace the batteries with a fresh pair.

The DirecTV remote takes 2 x AA batteries so in case you’re unable to program the remote, proceed by excluding the low-battery possibility first.

Note: The charge in the remote plays a vital role in the programming process so ensure to only insert a fresh pair of batteries.

How to Reset the DirecTV Remote?

how to reset the directv remote

In case your DirecTV remote is not paired to a TV or a receiver, there is no way to perform a factory reset, but we can perform the so-called “power cycle”.

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This process refreshes all remote operational services, allowing you to start fresh and re-attempt all programming ways!

  1. Flip the DirecTV remote upside down!
  2. Open the battery compartment cover.
  3. Gently eject the batteries from inside.
  4. Hold the Power button for 30 seconds.
  5. Press ALL remote buttons for 2 seconds!
  6. Reinsert the batteries, midnight the polarity.
  7. Test programming the remote to the TV.
Info: It’s not excluded that some of the required remote buttons are faulty or there is an internal malfunction with the remote. 

Contact the local supplier for an inspection and warranty utilization.

Quick Recap:

In this guide, we’ve learned to program DirecTV remote to TV without a receiver in multiple different ways.

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They involve auto-pairing, a semi-manual way of pairing, and a TV code pairing, which works on any TV, even if it’s not smart.

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