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DIRECTV cancellation policy discussions are all across the online space and many threads have been addressing the fees, and ways to avoid them.

In this post, we have found and summarized all the important information you need to know about your DirectTV subscription.

You will also learn how to cancel it and pay as few fees as possible.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay DIRECTV cancellation fees if you want to get rid of the service immediately.

In fact, there is more than one fee for early cancellation including merest programming demand and early cancellation, in a total of $30. Plus $20 for each month left of your subscription.

There is no easy way to cancel a DirecTV subscription without paying a penalty, but if you stick around, we will tell you how to keep your total fee as low as possible.

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What Is DIRECTV 30 Day Cancellation Policy?

To clarify, the 30-day cancellation policy that DirecTV has basically addresses occasions in which the contract is canceled before the first 30 days.

What we’ve found out by reading the long policy is that fees are different for each residence.

For instance, in Illinois, if you cancel your DirecTV within 30 days of purchase, you will not receive the full refund and you will have to pay a fee of $8 or 10% of the whole plan price.

On the other hand, for Alabama Residents, if you cancel the plan within 20 days of purchase and there are no claims made under the plan, you will receive the full purchase price as a refund

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Before you cancel your DirecTV subscription, we recommend opening the Terms and Conditions to find out what is the approach for the current state/residence.

Now when you have a better understanding of what DirecTV subscription cancellation policy is, let’s take a look at several simple steps you can use to cancel your subscription and pay as few fees as possible.

How to Cancel DIRECTV Plan and Pay Minimal Fees?

It is well-known that canceling the DirecTV plan is a pain, considering the time it takes and the endless calls back and forth.

However, we managed to get the hard operation easily explained in several steps illustrated below at your disposal.

We will also share with you what to say and how to approach the inevitable phone conversations.

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Step 1 – Collect Data

Before you contact the support team to schedule a phone meeting, you better get all the information you will need.

DirecTV customer service will definitely ask for most of the things that we are going to list below, so if you can acquire everything, beforehand you will not waste time later on.

Here is all the info you might need:

  • Account Numbers & PINs
  • Contract Information (purchase date, plan information, etc…).
  • Information sent by email (ensure that you have access to your mailbox).
  • Changed Information (if you have changed any info regarding your account).

Step 2 – Schedule A Phone Call

Shall we say that you cannot cancel your DirecTV via mail or chat? Or maybe you’ve already realized it.

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However, the only way to cancel your plan is to dial the customer service at 1-800-288-2020 and schedule a meeting at a suitable time of yours.

The support team is available every day from 8 AM to midnight EST.

Here are some phrases you can use to leave no room to the support team to change your mind.

  • Please connect me with someone that can cancel my plan.”

To the question “Why?”, you can always reply:

  • I am moving and I am not able to continue using the DirecTV service.”

Step 3 – Prepare for The Phone Call

The DirecTV 30 cancellation policy states that you need to be the account owner in order to deactivate the plan.

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So, if you are not the account owner, you might have to get in touch with him because he will need to attend to the phone call.

# Account Ownership

Do NOT try to bypass this step because your name has to be on the DirecTV bill, otherwise, the customer service team will not cooperate.

In case the owner is not able to attend to the phone call due to situations such as death, you can always provide a document upfront in order to proceed with the cancellation.

#Temporary Suspension

Another thing you should know is that the support team will try in every way to convince you to temporarily disable your account instead of canceling it.

Yes, the monthly billing will stop, but you will still be a part of the DirecTV workflow loop.

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how to cancel directv
#Inaccurate Information

The last and most important thing is to have the Terms of Service open on the side during the phone call.

It might sound ridiculous but the DirecTV support representatives are quite famous for laying or silencing the truth.

We recommend not agreeing with them unless they cancel your plan.

By having the ToS open right next to you the whole time, they will realize that you know what you’re doing and stop trying to convince you otherwise.

Do not be mad at them because they are there to close deals, not to lose customers and this is exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Step 4 – Attend to The Phone Call

Once the phone call starts, make sure that you make your point clear. You want to cancel your plan and nothing more.

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Repeat it if necessary and even use one of our phrases suggestions above if needed.

Be careful as you might not notice when the conversation jumps from DirecTV plan cancellation policy to purchasing a new plan.

Another thing you should know is that you cannot force cancel your account during the holiday.

The process might take place within the holidays, but it will most certainly take a day or two to be completed.

The same goes for the weekends, so if you want to process the cancellation immediately make sure to schedule the phone call in a way to have at least 3 business days ahead of you.

Step 5 – Ask for Details About the Fee

You can be sure of one thing. The support representatives might try to swirl you around to buy a better plan or not cancel but they are not allowed to lie about the fees.

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Once the final bill is provided to you, feel free to ask for a detailed explanation about it. Align everything using the Terms of Service and ensure that everything is alright.

Keep in mind that arguing about the fee is not of your interest. There is nothing that can be done about it because you’ve signed the contract with everything existing in the TOS.

DIRECTV Cancellation Policy Moving

So, if you are moving from your apartment/house to another location, you need to check if DirecTV operates there. If not you will be forced to cancel your subscription and pay only a $15 deactivation fee.

Of course, you will have to pay all remaining months from the plan as usual but you will save the big gun fees.

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The same goes for if you are moving into an apartment that does not allow satellite dishes.

Pro Tip:

Regardless of your occasion to cancel your DirecTV plan, you might want to use one of these scenarios to save yourself fees.

Yes, you would be lying but this is nothing new to the DirecTV customer service.

Bottom Line

We hope that our post was able to describe DirecTV cancellation policy in depth and if you need even further information you can always read the whole TOS.

We hope canceling your DirecTV plan goes as smoothly as possible.

If you are interested in more technical content related to DirecTV, make sure to take a peek at our blog and you might find something interesting to read.

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