does direcTV stream have local channels

Does DirecTV Stream have local channels? A frequently asked question!

Users often wonder whether DirecTV Stream is better than the satellite-cable DirecTV and if they are going to be able to keep their Live TV local channels.

This is exactly what we’re about to unwrap in this guide so let’s learn more about DirecTV Stream and what it contains.

Besides the on-demand content, DirecTV Stream offers four different subscriptions in which users can select packages of local channels depending on their preference. Some DirecTV cable channels are not included in the DirecTV Stream subscriptions.

About DirecTV Stream:

about the DirecTV Stream

The DirecTV Stream and DirecTV are similar in what both services offer with a few exceptions including the number of channels and the on-demand functionality.

  • DirecTV (satellite – cable) is the baseline cable TV including ALL of the local channels.
  • DirecTV Stream is an on-demand service that also contains live TV.
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Besides the on-demand functionality, the DirecTV Stream is attempting to replace the satellite – cable TV and does not have a price spike in the second month such as DirecTV.

The question is whether DirecTV Stream contains the local channels and whether it’s preferable over the DirecTV stream. 

To learn about the local channels, let’s proceed further…

Does DirecTV Stream Have Local Channels?

does have local channels

When comparing the DirecTV Stream and DirecTV cable channels, there is a big similarity in what both services offer.

DirecTV Stream does have local channels but not as many as the cable DirecTV.

The top and most popular channels are included in both services but when we take a look at ALL local channels that the cable DirecTV delivers, the DirecTV stream contains about half.

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Let’s take a look at the most popular Live TV channels and which service contains them:

ChannelDirecTV-CableDirecTV Stream
ESPNYesAll packages
Disney ChannelYesAll packages
BBC World NewsYesPremier & Ultimate
AMCYesAll packages
CheddarYesPremier & Ultimate
The CWNoNo
CNNYesAll packages
Discovery ChannelYesAll packages
FoxYesAll packages
Nat Geo WildYesPremier & Ultimate
NickelodeonYesPremier & Ultimate

Some channels are not available for both services and most of the channels are available on the satellite DirecTV as well as in the DirecTV Stream.

The most missing channels are not as popular with a few expectations which can be adjusted as per the DirecTV Stream plan.

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Let’s see what the DirecTV Stream plans are and which local channels are included:

What Does DirecTV Stream Include?

what directtv stream includes

The DirecTV Stream has four different packages containing different Live TV services.

The Entertainment Package – $69.99

This package carries the least channels regarding Live TV channels.

The channels that are not included in the entertainment package are American Heroes, aspireTV, BBC World News, Bet Her, Cheddar, Cinemax, Cinemax ActionMax, ESPN News, HBO Family, and more…

The Choice Package $89.99

This is an alternative package that provides bonus access to some channels during the first three months.

Some of the complimentary access includes Cinemax, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and EPIX.

To get these channels and much more permanently you’ll need the Ultimate Package.

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The Ultimate Package $104.99

the ultimate package

The Ultimate package is for users that can’t live without many channels.

This is the package where you’ll discover most of the local channels available on DirecTV with a few exceptions including HBO, Cinemax, NBA TV, as well as a few more.

The Premier Package $104.99

The Premier DirecTV Stream package provides everything available, which is half the local channels on the satellite-cable DirecTV.

Counterintuitive, there are just a few expectations that the lower tier packages include but the premier doesn’t – Sundance TV, PBS Kids, and Black News Channel.

The best package depends on users’ preferences.

By taking a look at the table of channels and the package price, users can determine what to order based on which local channels they want.

Tip: A full list of local channels can be found on the DirecTV Stream Channel Lineup.

Where Does DirecTV Streaming Have Local Channels?

where does directtv streaming local channel

Upon cutting the cord and subscribing to DirecTV Stream, you’ll have access to Live TV which is essentially the local channel.

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You can enjoy the DirecTV Stream content in a variety of ways including streaming them on your smart TV.

Here are some devices on which you’ll be able to access the local DirecTV stream channels:

  • Fire TVs & Streaming Sticks
  • Apple TVs, Macbooks, iMac, and iPhones
  • Roku devices and Chromecasts
  • Samsung and Android TVs and tables

You can either log in to your DirecTV stream account on a computer and use the browser version to access the local channels or download the respective application.

Each of the devices listed above supports the DirecTV stream app and it’s free to download.

Note: The DirecTV Stream does not use a physical DVR, instead the storage where recordings go is cloud-based.

Local Channels On DirecTV Stream – No Internet?

the local channels on directtv

Unfortunately, the devices you want to use for the DirecTV Stream have to be connected to the internet.

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The DirecTV Stream is an online service entirely dependent on the internet and unlike the DirecTV satellite-cable service, you don’t have a signal cable.

There are a couple of ways to watch your local channels on your big-screen TV and that would be by downloading the application.

The non-smart TVs won’t be able to connect to the WiFi, hence you can’t screen-mirror your mobile device nor download the DirecTV app.

Note: To stream, the highest quality content from DirecTV Stream users need to be equipped with at least 8Mpbs of network/WiFi speed.

DirecTV Stream Vs DirecTV-Cable?

the directtv stream vs cable

There are a few essential factors that we’re about to consider to determine which is better.

Of course, we can’t entirely categorize both services and conclude which is the best, but according to the user’s preferences, the points below would be able to help with the decision.

  1. Local Channels – DirecTV cable includes more channels than DirecTV Stream.
  2. Pricing – DirecTV has a second-year price hike in contrast to DirecTV Stream.
  3. Paperwork – DirecTV Stream can be subscribed to online without a contract.
  4. Storage – The DirecTV DVR provides 500GB and with DirecTV Stream – Unlimited.
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For people that are mainly interested in on-demand content, the DirecTV Stream would be the best option.

For Live TV enthusiasts, the DirecTV-Cable would be the most suitable option with the biggest selection of local channels.

Quick Recap – DirecTV Stream Wins!

Thus, DirecTV Stream is the best option except if you already have a DirecTV DVR which allows downloading other streaming platforms. The on-demand content and most of the local channels are available on the DirecTV Stream which is more than what the satellite service provides.

Last Thoughts:

Now that we know does DirecTV Stream have local channels we can easily determine what would be the best option according to our own preferences.

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Users can choose from 4 different DirecTV Stream subscriptions to add more than half the local channels of the satellite service.

We hope that this post was informational enough to understand the difference between DirecTV and DirecTV Stream and draw your conclusions.

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