how to watch dvr when directv is cut off

Would you like to know how to watch DVR when DIRECTV is cut off but do not know where to begin?

Probably you want to switch to another service, or you do not have enough money to pay for the DIRECTV DVR. What will you do?

We have provided a complete guide to help you watch your DVR even after cutting off the DIRECTV.

If you want to watch DVR while DIRECTV is cut off, you can use the non-authorization method. You will need to disconnect your Dish. Locate it, then unscrew the cables to remove them. Remove the Dish followed by the footplate, then watch your DVR content.

Can You Watch DVR When DIRECTV is Cut Off?

I know you might be used to watching your DIRECTV when connected to a Dish or the internet.

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Hence, you can get new content anytime you wish. But what about when DIRECTV is cut off? Can you access your content?

Well, the truth is that you can access content with some version of DIRECTV DVRs, especially the older ones. Most DVR newer versions need subscriptions for you to access the content.

However, even your older version DIRECTV DVR should meet some requirements for you to access content without service.

The requirements include:

  1. You must have downloaded the content you want to watch.
  2. There must be compatibility between your TV and the DIRECTV DVR.
  3. Deactivate the DVR service or disconnect your Dish.

Now, let us look at how you can access the DVR content after cutting off DIRECTV.

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How to Watch DVR on DIRECTV is Cut Off

watch dvr when directv is cut off

You can use the methods below to watch DVR when DIRECTV is cut off.

Method 1: The Non-Authorization Method

The non-authorization method is the first method you can always try to access your DVR content when you do not have active service on your DIRECTV.

You will need to perform some disconnections on your Dish for it to work. Follow the steps below.

Step #1: Locate your Dish

Most people place their Dishes on the rooftop for it to have good reception.

Kindly use a ladder to find it. It has two major parts, namely, the Dish assembly and the mounting bracket.

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Step #2: The Cable

The Dish assembly has cables that connect your Dish to various parts, including the DVR box.

Disconnect the wires connected to the Dish hookup first, then disassemble the other metal parts.

Use a wrench or screwdriver to unscrew the cables on the end of the Dish. Ensure you pull them carefully from the Dish.

Step #3: Gently Remove the Dish

The footplates are connected to the mounting bracket via bolts. Loosen the bolts, then carefully lift the Dish.

Ensure that you do not bend any part of the Dish, e.g., the reflector.

Step #4: Lift the Footplate

Use a crowbar to lift the footplate. Remember, you had already removed the bolts. Apply some caution when lifting the plate to avoid causing it any damages.

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Step #5: Watch your DVR content

You have now disconnected the necessary parts, and you can be free to watch DIRECTV content from your DVR.

Once you finish the disconnections, all connections will have been taken off even before calling the DIRECTV service for a cut-off.

Hence, your DVR will not receive the non-authorization message. That is why you can now watch content from your DVR.

Method 2: Watch Content Before the Grace Period Expires

Once you contact DIRECTV to cut off service, you will receive a re-authorization message in the form of signals.

You can then watch the DVR content if the DIRECTV is disconnected immediately after you receive the signal.

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Note that you will not watch the content all through. You can only access it for a few days or weeks. So, after these days, you will not have content, and your DVR will be as good as useless.

To check if the re-authorization signal was sent, access the antennae settings. Navigate to the re-authorization tab, then scroll down to check the signal sent option.

Method 3: Reset The DVR, Then Watch Content

Once you cancel your DIRECT DVR subscription, you must reset the DVR to be able to access the content.

Locate the DVR’s reset button, press it, wait for around ten minutes, and then switch on your DVR.

Check if you can access the content you had saved on your DVR when you were still on active service.

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Method 4: Do Not Unsubscribe from the DIRECTV

The best way to access your DVR contents and recordings is to avoid unsubscribing from the DIRECTV.

If you really wish to unsubscribe, you can first watch all content you want to watch, including the recorded ones.

As you know, signal sending is not in your hands, and you can never rely on it.

Method 5: How To Watch DVR When DIRECTV Is Cut Off Using An AV Cable

If you no longer have the DVR service, you can watch your pre-recorded programs so long as the DVR is in your hands.

You need to access an AV cable, then connect it to your TV and the DVR.  You can acquire one from an electronics shop or a mass merchandiser.

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Matching each jack pin color on the AV cable, insert each into the corresponding TV and DVR ports. You will find the ports at the back of each device.

Insert the power cords of your TV and DVR to the electrical outlet, then turn on the devices. Press the DVR’s menu button on the remote control.

Scroll through the menu using the arrow button until you reach the program you wish to watch. Press OK or play button on your remote to watch the program.

Bottom line 

If you want to access content on your DVR when DIRECTV is cut off, you can use an AV cable. Connect the jack pins on each device’s ports, then power on your devices. Use your remote to scroll through the menu and select the pre-recorded content you would wish to watch.

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If you have wanted to know how to watch DVR when DIRECTV is cut off, I hope you now know what it takes.

It is possible by using any of the above methods. Just make sure that you download content before cutting off the DIRECTV DVR service. Hence, you can watch it anytime you wish.

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How Does a DVR work?

Your DVR has closed-circuit cameras that record videos from your TV set or computer.

Hence, you can access the videos anytime you wish. What matters is how much space your DVR hard drive has.

Are There TVs with An In-Built DVR?

Yes. Some high-end smart TVs have inbuilt DVR functions. It allows you to record a program you love.

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Hence, you can rewind it if you feel you missed something. You can find this function, also known as ‘Timeshift,’ in some Samsung TVs.

Which One Is Better, Renting or Buying A DVR?

Both have their own advantages. When you buy a DVR, you may also need to pay for its services that keep the DVR programs up to date. When you rent, you do not need to pay for the services.

How Do I Access My Recorded Shows on DIRECTV DVR?

Locate the DIRECTV app, then click on watch DVR. Again, choose DVR, then tap on any video you wish to watch from the list that will appear. If you want to download content, press the down arrow.

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