directv mini genie not connecting to server

Your DIRECTV mini Genie not connecting to server and you’re looking for a quick & easy solution?

Search no further, because in this post we will familiarize you with the best-working fix methods for your DIRECTV mini Genie!

To fix your Genie, make sure all cables are firmly attached and the wireless video bridge hasn’t lost its power. Next, hard reset the device, check if the Genie is activated. Lastly, you might as well try the long unplug method.

Simplified the solution sounds like this, but there is a lot more than you can try so make sure to stick by the end of this post.

Why is DIRECTV Mini Genie Not Connecting To Server?

If you’re just installing your DIRECTV Genie for the first time, keep in mind that there is an activation period.

When plugged in for the first time, your Genie will need a couple of minutes, let’s say half an hour to connect with the server for the very first time.

If that’s not the issue or DIRECTV Genie keeps disconnecting from the server, here are some potential causes:

Wiring Issue

Users widely report that the wiring issues could be preventing your Genie from connecting with the server.

Obstructed Sight

Your Genie may be in an enclosed space, where it cannot wirelessly connect with the server through its signal.

Power Issue

A power issue might also disconnect your Genie from the server or prevent it from connecting in the future.

Activation Period

When plugged for the first time, your Genie will undergo an activation sequence where it will keep connecting with the server for a couple of minutes up to half an hour.

System Issue

Lastly, the lights on your Genie and their pattern will indicate a specific system issue that might be preventing the connection to the server.

Now that we have these causes mentioned, let’s learn how to fix your issue with our proven fix methods.

How To Fix DIRECTV Mini Genie Not Connecting To Server?

fix directv mini genie not connecting to server

Before we proceed, make sure to reboot your Genie in case the issue was bound with a temporal power glitch or something of that nature.

If the restart did not help your device establish a connection to the server, proceed with the steps below:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Genie

The first thing you should try is hard resetting your Genie.

This way you will actively discharge the device and if the problem is found within a temporal glitch, you should be able to resolve it that way.

Here is how to hard reset your Genie in a matter of seconds:

  1. Turn OFF your Genie by pressing the power button once.
  2. Wait for the Genie to shut down and unplug the power adapter from the source.
  3. Wait for ~5 minutes and once your Genie feels cold on touch, reposition the power adapter and supply your device with power.
  4. Turn ON your Genie and test.

We suggest relocating your Genie to a different power source, in case the current one is malfunctioning.

Also, make sure to plug it directly without any power dividers in between.

Solution #2 Try Connecting Again

If your Genie wasn’t able to connect with the DIRECTV servers, you will be sent to a black screen stating “Select A Server” at the top of your screen.

Here, however, you will be looking for the “Try Again” button, which should be located in the bottom right part of your screen.

Try pressing the try again button and wait for the checker for another couple of minutes.

Keep in mind that the checker can keep going on endlessly if no servers are located. If you’re waiting for more than 5 minutes, restart your TV and try again.

Some users reported that only after several “Try Again” uses, their device finally connect.

Solution #3 Attach The Wireless Bridge Properly

Your Genie will often lose connection with DIRECTV’s servers due to the wireless bridge falling off its slot.

If you don’t know what the wireless bridge is and where it is located, the wireless bridge is a black, cookie-like device with two cables coming out of it on a stand next to your Genie.

For this solution, we suggest making sure that your wireless bridge is installed properly, by checking the small hooks on its stand.

Keep in mind that if your wireless bridge falls off the stand, some of the wires could get disconnected and this will immediately cut off your Genie from the signal.

Here is how to connect your wireless bridge properly:

  1. Grab the bridge device and place it firmly into the stand.
  2. Place your hand all over the device and make sure the wireless bridge is covering all hooks of its stand.
  3. Push the device tightly until you hear a noticeable click.

The loud click will mean that your device got caught in the stand properly and now is connected.

Once done, you can perform a simple restart and try to connect to the servers again.

Solution #4 Inspect & Reconnect The Cables

If your DIRECTV mini Genie is not connecting to server, the next and most obvious solution is to take the wires in your configuration under consideration.

We mean all adapters in your Genie and wireless bridge must be connected properly into their respective slots.

In general, there should be a power adapter and HDMI cable for your Genie as well as a power adapter for your bridge and the signal cable.

In total, you will be looking forward to 4 separate cables which should be appropriately connected.

In addition, we suggest reconnecting all cables to ensure their reliability. Switch their sides if possible and make sure they are tightly plugged into their slots.

If you’re concerned that a cable might be faulty, we recommend immediate replacement.

Solution #5 Configure The Source

directv mini genie server problem

It is possible that the issue comes from your TV. The signal message could indicate a failure in the source configuration, and you must make sure that you’ve selected the correct source on your TV.

Here is how to configure the source of your TV:

  1. Press the “menu” button on your TV’s remote.
  2. Go to the Source tab.
  3. Check-in which slot is the HDMI cable of your Genie plugged in.
  4. Make sure you’re selecting the same source = slot in your TV’ source menu.

Once you’re done, try reconnecting your Genie to determine if the issue is fixed.

Solution #6 Prevent Wireless Interference

While it is a rare occasion, there could be a device interfering with your Genie and wireless bridge.

We’ve prepared some steps to apply to ensure there is nothing that is interfering, thus preventing the connection to the server.

  1. Remove ALL WiFi devices out of the room of your wireless bridge.
  2. Take away any large and metal objects nearby or covering your Genie or bridge.
  3. Unplug ALL other devices connected to your TV.
  4. Move your bridge closer to a household window (put it higher up)
  5. Restart your Genie and try again.

If that was not enough and you cannot connect to the server, move on to the next and last solution.

Solution #7 Reset Your Genie

Lastly, you can try resetting your Genie to factory defaults. That will reinstall the operating system and hopefully resolve the problem preventing you from reaching the servers.

Here is how to perform a factory reset on your Genie Mini:

  1. Make sure your Genie is running at the moment.
  2. Press and hold the blue DIRECTV power button on your receiver.
  3. Release the button after 20 seconds.

Note: Resetting your DIRECTV receiver is also going to reset your Genie mini.

Once the reset is done, simply try connecting, and if it does not work, well, you’ll need help from the developers.

Contact DIRECTV customer service, explain your problem, and hopefully, they will come up with an effective solution.

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Bottom Line:

To fix the DIRECTV Genie mini that isn’t connecting, hard reset the device as well as your receiver and reconnect ALL cables. Next, configure the source, reset your Genie and receiver and make sure the wireless bridge is attached properly.

Now that you know why DIRECTV mini Genie not connecting to server, you can easily fix the issue with our troubleshooting solutions.

If by the end your Genie is not connected back to the server, then perhaps the issue is more complex than we all expected, and you must reach out to the developers for further assistance.

Nicole B