how do i fix directv no servers detected

Wondering “how do I Fix DIRECTV no servers detected” error message? Search no further, because you have just discovered the answer!

By the end of this guideline, you will know all possible reasons why this issue appears and exactly how to solve it.

If no servers are detected on your TV, make sure the cable box is plugged in firmly and securely. Next, run a check on your configuration’s cables and wait for another 10-15 minutes in case your satellite receiver had an update overnight.

That approach will definitely help you realize whether the issue can be solved easily or you’ll have to apply some fixed methods.

Let’s now take a look at the possible suspects and then move on to the solutions.

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Why No Servers Detected DIRECTV?

If no servers are appearing in your DIRECTV, the reason is most likely with your receiver box.

If the receiver box doesn’t locate any servers, you will be given an error message once you access your guide.

Down below we have provided most of the scenarios in which your DIRECTV will not locate any servers:

1. Disconnect from WiFi

Even if your receiver is working with satellite signal, without WiFi, you will most likely not discover any servers.

2. Dish Problem

In case the dish got misplaced, this could interrupt the signal and prevent your receiver from scanning for any servers.

3. Wireless Video Bridge

If the wireless video bridge is updating, restarting, or simply not working, you will not get any servers in your DIRECTV.

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4. Cable Problem

A cable issue in general might be the answer to why you’re not receiving any servers in your DIRECTV.

5. Power Problem

Lastly, a simple power problem or fault with your DIRECTV receiver, would also prevent you from scanning for channels.

If your problem is related to one of the above-mentioned causes, you will definitely solve it by applying some of the upcoming solutions so let’s jump right in!

How Do I Fix DIRECTV No Servers Detected Issue?

fix directv no servers detected

Before we proceed, make sure you have waited at least 15 minutes with your receiver idling.

It’s necessary because receivers often apply their firmware updates overnight and it takes a while for them to scan for servers after booting the next day.

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If you’ve waited and servers are still not being detected, let’s proceed with the first solution:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Receiver

Try discharging your DIRECTV receiver via hard reset. A hard reset will completely remove any electricity out of your device, which might be causing power malfunctions and other weird issues.

To hard reset your receiver, follow these steps:

  1. Turn OFF your receiver box by pressing the power button on its hardware.
  2. Wait for it to shut down and unplug the power adapter.
  3. Wait for ~5 minutes and re-attach the cable once the time has elapsed.

Once your receiver boots back up, check if you’re going to get your servers back.

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If there are still no servers in DIRECTV, proceed with the next step to learn how to reconnect your DVR with the WiFi.

Solution #2 Reconnect DVR With WiFi

As you probably know, DIRECTV receivers work with DVRs in pairs.

If your DVR happened to lose connection with the WiFi, this might be the reason why you’re not getting any servers in your DIRECTV.

Here is how to reconnect your DIRECTV DVR to the WiFi:

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Go to Settings > Internet Setup and press on “Connect Now”.
  3. Select “Wireless” configuration and choose your network.
  4. Enter the WiFi password for the network and confirm.

Once the DVR has reconnected with the WiFi, try scanning for servers in your DIRECTV menu again.

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You will know your DIRECTV DVR is connected to WiFi, once the icon indicating connection with the network lights up on the top of your TV.

Solution #3 Reposition The Dish

The next step is to take a look at your DIRECTV dish. If the dish has moved or got obstructed due to bad weather, you will not be getting any servers in your DIRECTV menu.

We recommend repositioning and inspecting your dish by following the steps below:

  1. Go up to your dish and centralize it.
  2. Remove any dust, snow, or water covering the receiver inside of the dish.
  3. Reposition the dish horizontally so the leaves won’t get inside.
  4. Check the dish for visual hardware damage.
  5. Inspect the cable connecting your dish and receiver.
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Any hardware damage to your dish must be immediately taken care of. If you’ve noticed any inflicted damage to the dish, you will have to contact DIRECTV’s technicians to come and take a look.

Solution #4 Reboot The Wireless Video Bridge

directv no servers detected

If you keep failing to scan for servers in your DIRECTV, perhaps the problem might be with your wireless video bridge.

This is a little DIRECTV device that works with the receiver and if it is restarting or failing to boot, you won’t receive any servers in your DIRECTV.

To reboot the wireless video bridge, press the hardware button on the side panel of the device and hold it down for several seconds. Once the bridge’s LED comes on, release the button and wait.

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Your bridge will now activate and start scanning for servers.

You will know your bridge is running once the LED on its surface lights up in a light blue color and starts pulsing until the bridge boots completely.

Solution #5 Reconnect ALL Cables

If no servers are detected on DIRECTV even after rebooting the bridge, then we suggest re-connecting all cables in your configuration.

You must make sure all wires are positioned correctly and are resting in a natural position.

After connecting all cables back, check them for any visual hardware damage. Any faulty cables must be replaced immediately or you won’t get any servers in your DIRECTV.

Note: When reconnecting the cables, you should check if their ports have any leftovers from plastic or previous cable entries. The ports should be clean and free of dust.

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Once you’re done, reboot your receiver and check the DIRECTV.

Solution #6 Reset The Receiver

If nothing worked so far, we suggest factory resetting your DIRECTV receiver. The factory reset will entirely erase all memory of the receiver, reverting the device back to its factory state.

This will exclude the possibility of a glitch with the software and remove any corrupted data that might be responsible.

To reset your DIRECTV receiver, follow the steps down below:

  1. Make sure your receiver is running.
  2. Locate the reset button on the top panel or back panel of your receiver.
  3. Press the button and hold it down for 25-30 seconds.
  4. Once the receiver blinks and shuts down, wait.
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The process will not take longer than 5 minutes and once it is done, you should be able to get the servers back in your DIRECTV.

If, however, that didn’t help then the next step would be to contact DIRECTV and ask for assistance.

At this point the problem might not be related to you so seeking external help should be your next step.

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Bottom Line:

Hence, to fix the DIRECTV no servers found issue, hard reset your receiver, reconnect all cables and reboot the video bridge. Next, reposition your dish and factory reset your DIRECTV receiver box.

Now that we’ve answered the question “how do I Fix DIRECTV no servers detected?”, you should have been able to solve the issue.

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If in the end, your DIRECTV is still unable to locate any servers, perhaps you should reach out to DIRECTV to get this escalated.

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