samsung tv volume low at 100

Wondering why your Samsung TV volume low at 100? If you hear a sound, we can straightforward eliminate the possibility of a hardware failure.

In that regard, we will mostly pay attention to your sound configuration and possibly resolve the cause early on.

Keep reading to learn all possible reasons for low Samsung TV volume and many different ways to resolve it.

Besides the volume mode, possible issues could be worn-out speakers or just the show or movie you are trying to watch has low internal volume. Other reasons may include your MTS settings or set-top-box volume and configurations.

No matter what the issue is, in this post, we are going to cover everything you need to know about your volume configuration and provide you with some tips to troubleshoot.

Let’s first take a look at all possible reasons so it would be easier to troubleshoot.

Why Is Samsung TV Volume Too Low at 100?

As you are probably aware, the volume mod configuration will produce the same amount of volume even if you attempt to increase the sound strength.

On the other hand, you could have selected the output of your headphone directly outputting on your jack.

If this is the case even if you change the TV’s volume, you’re actually interacting with the wrong sound output.

For example, take the MTS settings of your Samsung TV. This feature represents two main configurations for the volume - Main and Stereo. 

Both configuration’s specifications differ in their performance and have chosen the wrong option could contribute to TV volume jamming.

Regardless of the volume mod, if your Samsung TV speakers are worn out, the whole TV’s volume will be seriously impacted.

You could sometimes hear the volume low as we discuss in this post or lose the TV’s sound at all.

Let’s start excluding each possibility one by one until you resolve the issue, or you’re left with the one and true cause.

How Do I Fix the Low Volume on My Samsung TV?

how do i fix the low volume on my samsung tv

It is recommended to apply the solutions in the order they are listed to avoid unnecessary troubleshooting.

Using the method of excluding we will find and hopefully resolve the audio issue by the end of the post.


Test your audio feedback functionality after you are ready with each solution.

Solution #1 Check Speakers Settings

The first and most important solution would be to verify your speaker settings. Plenty of users forgot to choose their output device or select a non-existent one, which leads to low volume or volume loss.

Simply open your TV’s settings and go to the sound tab.

From there you will be able to access the Speakers tab and identify if the TV speakers are selected as an output volume device.

If unfortunately, they aren’t, make sure to select them and restart the TV. Lastly, check if the sound volume is now manageable.

Solution #2 Disable Simulated Effect

Sometimes Samsung TVs are being delivered with the Simulated effect enabled which could result in lowering your internal volume or making it slightly lower.

If this feature is enabled, even with your Samsung TV’s volume at 100, you would still hear it like it is at 30.

To disable the simulated effect on your Samsung TV, head to the Volume settings of your device and browse all available sound features.

As soon as you spot the Simulation/Simulated effect or feature, click on it and slide the blue bar until it turns gray.

If the feature turns gray, this will notify you that the feature has been disabled.

Lastly, restart your TV and check if your audio is now higher. If the issue is now gone then this is the reason why your Samsung TV volume is low at 100.

Solution #3 Check MTS Configuration

MTS or Multi Television Sound settings are directly responsible for the kind of volume to produce when your TV is connected to an output device.

We mentioned that there are two main choices with this feature and that they are Main or Stereo.

Both of these features will produce different amounts and volume strength based on your output device. If you have a surround volume system, you will want to select Main so that all of your speakers could be tuned.

In any other circumstance, you would want to select Stereo. This configuration is the simplest and will always be active no matter your output device.


Do NOT select any other MTS features except Main or Stereo to avoid sound disruption or total volume loss of your Samsung TV.

Solution #4 Check A/V Cable Connections

Your next step in these guidelines would be to confirm all A/V cable connections throughout your Samsung TV and external speakers (if any).

A slightly loose cable could yet, seriously impact the volume by lowering the strength or entirely muting it.

Simply make sure that all cables are plugged all the way in and that there aren’t any loose cables that might fall off their ports.

Feel free to disconnect everything and reconnect it from scratch. Once ready, restart your TV and check if the audio is better.


If your TV is connected to an external output device, test the connection cable to ensure its proper functionality.

Solution #5 Increase Volume Of Set-Top-Box

Your next step in the process of resolving Samsung TV volume low at 100, is to increase the volume of your Set-top-box. I

f you have one of those devices connected to your TV, for instance, the volume strength would be split up into portions.

One portion would be your TV’s speakers and the other the Set-top-box’s volume.

In other words, 100 volume of your TV would be like 50 if your set-top box’s volume isn’t increased all the way to the maximum.

To enjoy 100% of your Samsung TV’s volume, you must make sure that your cable box’s volume is also at a hundred before attempting to watch anything.

It is also possible that you’re interacting with the wrong input. Press the volume button and then one of the arrows to change between headphones audio output and TV audio output.

If this is the case, simply increase the sound of your TV and mute the other outputs to avoid double audio.

Solution #6 Check App Playback

The last thing to ensure before wrapping things up is to check the app or video playback.

If your Samsung TV’s volume is at 100 and you hear like it is lower than that, there is a possibility that the problem is with the app/video’s playback.

In order to determine this, simply play another broadcast or video to check if your volume would be higher now.

If the volume sounds like it is at 100 now, you don’t have to worry about the more serious malfunction, as the problem was with the previous broadcast or channel.

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Bottom Line:

After sharing with you the troubleshooting process of Samsung TV volume low at 100, you should be able to fix all configurations and change your TV’s volume accordingly.

If nothing had helped, then the issue might be hardware-related, and the only way to fix it was to call a skilled technician to deal with the problem.

You can find more information about Samsung TV by visiting our technical blog, which will grant you all kinds of handy solutions and helpful guidelines.

Nicole B