how to change hdmi settings on samsung tv

Have you looked for ways on how to change HDMI settings on Samsung TV but found none?

At times it may be necessary to change the settings to make them fit your preference.

Cruising below will help you understand the different methods you can use to change these settings on your Samsung TV. Kindly read on.

You can change the HDMI settings on your Samsung TV using your remote’s source or input button. Press it, and your TV screen will display the devices plugged into your TV ports. You can then change the settings by renaming the inputs to fit your needs.

Changing HDMI Settings On Samsung TV

Your Samsung TV has various inputs. When you use your Samsung menu, you will see them as sources.

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The inputs may include USB and HDMI ports. So, your device may have either of these two or both. You can also use two inputs, one for your video and another for the audio.

For instance, suppose you plug your PlayStation or console into the HDMI port and plug an external hard drive into a USB of your TV.

Then you can have both the audio and the visuals piped into your device from the external hard drive and PlayStation, respectively.

Another example is whereby you play games from your console but have your podcasts playing on your TV instead of the video game audio.

How to Change HDMI Settings On Samsung Smart TV

change hdmi settings on samsung smart tv

You can use different methods to change the HDMI settings. The best and common methods that you can use are as follows:

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Method 1: The Source Button

The primary way of changing HDMI settings is by using your Samsung remote source button.

Most Samsung TVs have this button at the top of the remote. So, here is how you can use the button to change settings.

Step #1. Connect your devices

Connect your devices to different HDMI ports on your device. Ensure they are HDMI compatible. Power on each device, including your Samsung television.

Step #2. Press the source or input key

Press the source or input key on your Samsung TV remote. You will then see the name of each input displayed on your TV screen.

Press the source button continuously until you see HDMI change from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2. Then you can stop pressing.

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In other cases, you may need to plug something into the TV to have the source menu appear. Hence, you can change the settings.

Method 2: Plug an HDMI into your TV HDMI Port

hdmi samsung tv

Among many methods, this is the easiest and most convenient to change the HDMI settings on your Samsung TV.

On most occasions, once you plug the device, the source menu will appear, then you will start operating from there.

In some other cases, you will plug something into your Samsung TV ports, and the TV will automatically change to that source.

For instance, you may have your game consoles turned on. If you plug it into your TV, the TV will automatically switch to the console’s games.

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Also, if you plug in your console to your TV, then turn it on later, your TV will automatically switch into your console’s feed. So, you may not have a hard time changing settings because the TV automatically does that.

Method 3: Select Source via the Menu

Most Samsung TVs, especially the modern ones, allow you to change source settings via the menu.

You only need to press the menu button on your TV, then go to the Source option. Once you choose the option, you will see all inputs available on your TV.

You will also note the missing inputs. Besides, you will have the option to rename or label the inputs to your preferences.

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For instance, if you are using two gaming consoles, you can rename each to distinguish between the two of them clearly.

If you are using a Samsung Q7, you will only need to choose input then press Up to change or rename the input.

Method 4: Change Input Using a Remote Home Key

This method is the same as method three above. The only difference is that here, you need a remote.

Press the home button on your supplied Samsung remote. You will then see options running through to the bottom of your screen.

Use your remote’s down button to scroll through to the bottom until you reach the word source, then click it to select it.

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You will then see your inputs. Rename them also if you wish. Click on the input icon, then scroll up; you will see the option to edit it. Edit the HDMI sources. Note that you will not edit the apps.

Method 5: Use a Universal Remote

If you do not have your Samsung TV remote, you can also change the HDMI settings using a universal remote.

It is not difficult to use it; it operates the same way as your TV’s remote. Once you press the input button on the remote, the screen will show the inputs available.

Use the arrow button to scroll through the list and select an HDMI input you wish. Change the naming if you want.

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If you want to change the HDMI settings on your Samsung TV, a TV remote can take you through the process. Press the source button on the supplied remote. Your screen will display the HDMI devices connected to your TV ports, select any and change the settings.

You can also use a universal remote or your TV menu button and follow the prompts.

I hope you now understand how to change HDMI settings on Samsung TV. What you need to do is to use any of the above methods we have provided.

Whether with a remote or not, you can still change the settings. Besides, you can rename them if you wish in a language you can easily understand.

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Should I Enable HDMI on my Samsung TV for it to work?

Yes. If you do not see the HDMI appearing on your screen, you can search for it on your TV.

Press your remote’s home button, then move to settings. Select General followed by External device manager. Choose (Anynet+HDMI-CEC) to power it on.

Use an HDMI cable to connect your external device to the TV and power it on. It will then connect automatically.

Why is my HDMI not Working on my TV?

There may be an issue with your HDMI cable. Before using a different cable, turn off all devices connected to your TV, then unplug the HDMI cables from the ports.

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Please wait for a minute, then return them. If the issue persists, use a different HDMI port or check the existing one for twists or pressure.

How do I Connect my HDMI to my Samsung TV?

Locate the HDMI port on the TV, then insert the cable’s end that fits in.

Locate the HDMI port on your other device, then insert the other end of your cable. You will have your HDMI device ready for use.

Why Am I Unable To Change The HDMI Settings On My TV?

If you are unable to change your HDMI settings, you could be having outdated firmware or hardware.

Your HDMI cables or ports are faulty, or your TV needs an update. Try correcting the issues and see if there will be an improvement in the settings.

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