samsung tv disconnects from wifi when turned off

Are you wondering why your Samsung TV disconnects from WiFi when turned off? Then, we have the solutions we are looking for to fix the problem!

The Samsung TV disconnects from the TV when off, most likely because its network settings are incorrect. Further, the issue could be related to the router being too far, the Wi-Fi channel being overcrowded, or the TV’s firmware being glitchy. 

Below we will discuss all of the causes in detail. You will understand what is causing the trouble, so you can prevent it. You will also learn to navigate all of the TV’s settings to ensure you get them right.

Samsung TV Disconnects From WiFi When Turned Off – Reasons

reason why smsung tv disconnects from wifi

The current models of Samsung smart TVs have formidable features, but they sometimes glitch too.

Perhaps your Samsung TV keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

That could happen while it is on or whenever you turn it off. Let’s check what is causing it:

Bad Network

Some settings on your network, or their distance, make the TV lose connection constantly.

TV’s Settings

Samsung TVs have many settings related to network capabilities. When they are not adjusted correctly, the connection will likely fail.

TV’s Firmware

A glitch in the current TV’s firmware might cause it to lose connection all the time. That might be assessed by updating or resetting the TV.

Defective Wireless Board

Every device capable of wireless connectivity has a wireless board. That component can become defective over time.

How To Keep The Samsung TV Connected To The WiFi

how keep the samsung tv connected to wifi

Now you know why your Samsung smart TV disconnects from Wi-Fi when turned off.

Next, you might be eager to learn how to fix the issue. Most solutions require tackling the configurations on your TV or router. 

1. Power Cycle The TV

You have probably already tried restarting the TV. However, a complete power cycle involves more than that.

The recommended procedure by Samsung is also known as “cold boot.” It can refresh both the software and hardware without resetting the TV. 

  1. Ensure the TV is on;
  2. Unplug it from power;
  3. Wait 30 seconds;
  4. Plug it back in.

Next, connect to the Wi-Fi and restart the TV to see if it connects automatically. If not, you might want to check the next solutions.

Note: The power cycle is not the same as restarting. You will not lose any of your settings.

2. Check The Network Connection

check the network connection

One possible explanation for the issue you are facing is that the network you are connecting to doesn’t feature the correct settings.

Even though it connects for a while, it will eventually disconnect. Do the following:

  1. Find the TV’s Wi-Fi Settings;
  2. Check the available networks;
  3. Ensure you are connected to the 5GHz network.

Check The Network Channels

You must check if other devices are also losing connection to your router. In that case, your router may be using an overcrowded channel.

Do this:

  1. Download NetSpot on your computer;
  2. Allow it to scan the area;
  3. Take notes of the most used channels
  4. Open a browser on your phone or PC;
  5. Type your router’s IP address;
  6. Locate the “Wireless settings”;
  7. Select “Channels”;
  8. Switch the channel to a less-used one.
Note: 5GHz is the standard connection for newer TVs. If your router doesn't support it, you might want to change it to a new model.

3. Make The Connection Stronger

make the stronger connection

Here the assumption is very simple. The cause of the connection loss is that your TV is too distant from the router.

There are a few things you can do to fix the situation:

  • Move the router closer to the TV. Ideally, the router must be in the same room or at least in the room closest.
  • Ensure there are not too many objects between the router and the TV, as well as smart devices that get data from the router before the TV does.
  • If you can’t put the router closer to the TV, buy a signal repeater and place it halfway between both devices.

4. Adjust The Wi-Fi Settings

Are you familiar with DNS and IP? Both configurations tell the device which routes to connect to the internet.

Sometimes, if the DNS or IP is not set correctly, it will make the connection flimsy. That could be the issue you are dealing with.

Adjust The DNS

adjust the dns setting

Here is how you must set up the DNS correctly on your Samsung TV:

  1. Enter the TV’s settings;
  2. Head to “General”;
  3. Select “Network”;
  4. Choose “Network Settings”;
  5. Locate the “IP Settings”;
  6. Select “DNS Mode”;
  7. Ensure that DNS is manual;

Once you have accessed the DNS menu, you must check which DNS port is being used, represented by a 4-digit number. The correct port is 8888 or 8844; you can change it if necessary.

Adjust The IP

Normally, adjusting the DNS will solve the issue right away. However, the IP configurations might be wrong too.

You can check by doing this:

adjust the tv ip
  1. Enter the TV’s settings;
  2. Head to “General”;
  3. Select “Network”;
  4. Choose “Network Settings”;
  5. Locate the “IP Settings”;
  6. Set to “Obtain automatically.”

5. Reset The Network Settings

If all of the settings we have been talking about are already correct on your TV, then the issue might lie even deeper in the network settings.

Then, it is necessary to reset the network settings. That will make the TV forget the Wi-Fi configurations.

  1. Find the TV’s settings;
  2. Head to “General”;
  3. Select “Network”;
  4. Locate the “Reset Network” option;
  5. When prompted, click on “Yes”;
  6. After the process completes, turn the TV off;
  7. Wait a bit and turn the TV on again.

Once the TV turns on again, you must connect it to the Wi-Fi network manually. 

6. Update The TV Firmware

update the tv firmware

Perhaps the TV can’t remain connected to the Wi-Fi network because of a glitch in the firmware.

Usually, Samsung TVs download updates automatically. Still, it is worth checking for updates manually:

  1. Navigate to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Open “Support” or “General” (depending on the TV model);
  3. Click on “Software Update”;
  4. Choose “Update Now”;

The TV will quickly check for an update and download it if available. 

Set Auto-Updates On

If you want to avoid the issue from happening again, you might want to activate the auto-updates on your TV:

  1. Head to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Select “Support” or “General” (depending on the TV model);
  3. Choose “Software Update”;
  4. Locate “Auto Update”;
  5. Toggle it on.

7. Reset The TV

reset the tv

Finally, resetting your TV is the last option to try and fix the Wi-Fi disconnection. That means losing all of your saved account details.

Later, you will have to configure your settings from scratch again.

Here is how you can reset the most recent Samsung TVs:

  1. Go to the “Settings”;
  2. Choose “General”;
  3. Select “Reset”;
  4. Inform the TV’s PIN (by default, it is 0000).

Reset Older Devices

The menus on some older Samsung TVs will look a bit different.

You can reset them by doing this:

  1. Go to the “Settings”;
  2. Choose “Support”;
  3. Select “Self-diagnosis”;
  4. Confirm on “Reset.”

8. Use A Wired Connection

use a wired connection

Suppose that none of the other solutions have worked so far. In that situation, it is probably that the issue is a deep firmware one for which there is no fix yet, or the wireless board is damaged.

If you don’t want to connect manually each time you turn the TV on, do this:

  1. Buy an Ethernet cable with enough length to extend between the TV and the router;
  2. Plug one end of the cable to the router’s LAN port;
  3. Plug the other end into the TV’s Ethernet port;
  4. Turn the TV on and see if it has detected the network automatically.
Tip: The advantage of an Ethernet connection is enhanced stability. 

What We Learned

It is certainly annoying when the Samsung TV disconnects from Wi-Fi when turned off.

From here on, though, you will no longer face that issue. If the problem doesn’t stem from the TV’s wireless board, you can fix it in a few minutes.

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