ring doorbell wifi signal strength

Increasing or boosting your Ring Doorbell WiFi signal strength could seem a challenge. But, if you know the ropes, you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed!

In this article, we will be outlining the importance of why the WiFi signal strength of your Ring Doorbell needs to be maintained. Furthermore, we will also give you a couple of the best tips on how you can improve it!

To boost your Ring Doorbell WiFi signal strength, using a WiFi extender is the best and the most reliable thing to do.

Before we jump into that a bit further, let us try to determine the reasons why you would want to put much thought into this.

Why Boost Your Ring Doorbell’s WiFi Signal Strength?

Try to imagine this: would you be able to maximize the security of your home if your Ring Doorbell isn’t getting the internet or the WiFi that it’s supposed to?

Some of the reasons why you need to make sure that your Ring Doorbell’s WiFi signal strength is at its max include:

  • To avoid late or delayed notifications
  • To ensure that video and audio quality is at its best

But do you have any idea what “good” signal strength is? Is there any type of indicator on the Ring app or even the doorbell itself?

What is a Good Signal Strength For Ring Doorbell?

Before you ask – “how can I boost my Ring Doorbell WiFi signal”, you need to be aware of what good signal strength is.

Here’s a quick and easy process of how you can figure out if your connection is good enough:

  1. Make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to the same network as the Doorbell
  2. Access the Ring app on your phone or your tablet
  3. Select the specific Ring device you want to check
  4. Hit on Settings > Device Health
  5. Choose the option that says Test Your WiFi

From there, you will see the status of your connection. You’ll see

  • Green = Excellent
  • Blue = Good
  • Yellow = Fair
  • Red = Weak

In most cases, your connection would either be fair or weak, if you’re reading this. So, what are the things you can do to improve your Ring Doorbell WiFi signal strength?

Best Ways to Boost Ring Doorbell WiFi Signal Strength

how can i boost my ring doorbell wifi signal

We’ll be covering everything from the things you can do without purchasing anything, up to using external devices that can assist to improve and make your Ring Doorbell’s WiFI signal strength better.

Method #1: Reposition Your Wireless Router

Is your wireless router positioned close to the Ring Doorbell? Take note, if a device is on the brink of the WiFi range, it’ll most likely have a weak connection.

Try repositioning your wireless router closer to the Ring Doorbell to remove this possible reason altogether.

Method #2: Reset Your Modem and/or Router

When you’re sure that it’s within range, try resetting your modem and/or router.

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how you can reset your modem/router:

  1. Unplug it from power while it’s turned on.
  2. Wait for 25 to 30 seconds before plugging them back again.
Note: If you have a wireless router that’s separate from the modem, unplug both devices.

That’s it! You just have to wait for the internet to be restored again, which can take around three (3) to five (5) minutes.

Method #3: Remove Devices Connected to the Router

Did you know that if there are devices connected to the router via a wired connection, the router would prioritize that?

To maximize the wireless connectivity of your router, try unplugging or removing devices that are connected to the router.

These can be televisions, gaming consoles, or other devices that require a wired connection.

Method #4: Get Rid of Electronic Things Between the Router and the Ring Device

Next, try to remove electronic appliances that stand in the way of the router and the Ring Doorbell.

It can be anything like a refrigerator, a microwave oven, or any other radioactive appliance you can find in your home.

Appliances that can pump out more watts than a WiFi access point can slow it down, or worse, it can cause unnecessary interferences.

Method #5: Use 2.4 GHz Instead of 5 GHz And Vice Versa

Do you know the type of router you’re using? Are you currently using a 2.4 GHz router? Or are you using a router with a 5 GHz signal?

Most routers today will be able to house both, but do you know how they’re different?

The 2.4 GHz signal is a signal that’s used because of its range. It can reach farther distances than the 5 GHz signal. On the contrary, the 5 GHz signal is used for its performance.

If you are connected to 2.4 GHz, try connecting to 5 GHz, and vice versa.

Method #6: Use a WiFi Extender

If all of those things weren’t enough to help you with your problem, then the next best thing to do is to use a WiFi extender.

Ring has its own WiFi extender, which is called the Chime Pro. The Chime Pro is specifically engineered to extend any Ring device’s wireless network range.

When you purchase it, you simply have to plug it close to the Ring device. The closer it is, the better.

There are also different WiFi extenders available for you to choose from. You can check the recommended WiFi extenders here in case you don’t want the Chime Pro.

And that’s it! That is how you can improve and develop the WiFi signal strength of your Ring Doorbell.

But, what if this 6-step process is not enough? Are there other options or workarounds to do?

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I’m Still Getting Bad Signal Strengths on My Ring Doorbell, What Else Can I Do?

Use a More Advanced Wireless Router

There will be scenarios and instances where even using a WiFi extender wouldn’t be enough.

However, these would only be when the router is so bad that it’s not even capable of being used in longer ranges any longer.

So, in order to solve this, what you want to do is to purchase a new wireless router. Especially if you’ve had your router for years, you might need a newer, more advanced, or more effective one.

Use Mesh Networks

Mesh networks are like small-ranged networks, which can allow signals to be distributed evenly even in farther spots within an area.

They take over your existing WiFi or broadband connection and distribute the signal to all corners of your home.

This one-time investment can remove all the WiFi dead zones from your house. Hence, you can expect better signal strength while using your Ring Doorbell.

You’ll be able to find many different mesh networks online, so, feel free to choose the best one for you. In case you want a Mesh WiFi system for your home, we recommend using the TP-Link Deco X20 or Google Mesh WiFi System.

Improving the WiFi signal strength of your Ring Doorbell should never be a problem! You can simply use a WiFi range extender or a mesh network to ensure high signal connectivity.


Before concluding that your Ring Doorbell is the problem, try these steps out first. With this guide, boosting your Ring Doorbell’s WiFi signal strength will be fast, easy, and hassle-free!

Nicole B