why does my ring doorbell not ring inside

If you’re asking why does my Ring doorbell not ring inside, then you’re just like many other users experiencing the same exact problem.

For a Ring doorbell to ring inside, there are quite a few requirements and possibilities that can prevent the notification.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything in a chronological manner to help you understand how Ring works and how to solve the problem.

The Ring doorbell will not ring inside if you haven’t got an internal chime device installed in your configuration. If that’s not the case, you should focus on the WiFi connection, mobile application connectivity, and wiring.

Now when we’re one step closer to the solution, let’s proceed with revealing the most-frequently reported causes for this problem first.

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Why Does My Ring Doorbell Not Ring Inside The House?

Not being able to hear your Ring doorbell inside of your house could be occurring due to a wiring or power problem.

Either way, your doorbell will have a problem notifying you whenever someone is ringing at your doorstep.

Knowing that here are some reasons why your Ring doorbell not ringing inside:

  • No power from the transformer
  • Disconnected Ring app
  • A problem with the wiring
  • Weather is affecting your doorbell
  • The internal chime is not compatible
Note: For a Ring doorbell to ring inside, regardless of whether it is hard-wired or not, you will need an internal chime device.

How To Fix When A Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside?

fix ring doorbell not ring inside

Before we begin, let’s recap that there are two Ring doorbell types – wired and battery-powered.

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Both models can’t ring inside on their own unless you have an internal chime. Knowing that you can proceed with the solutions below.

Alert: These solutions can only help you if you already have an internal chime installed:

Solution #1 Reconnect The Doorbell To WiFi

connect wifi doorbell

One of the reasons that your hard-wired or battery-powered Ring doorbell is not able to notify you inside the house, is that it is disconnected from the WiFi.

There is an easy way to pair your Ring hard-wired doorbell to the WiFi and solve the problem with the inside ringing.

Here’s how to reconnect your Ring doorbell to the household WiFi in easy steps:

  1. On your smartphone, access the Ring application.
  2. Tap on the three lines located on the left of the screen.
  3. Choose “Devices”.
  4. Select “Device Health”.
  5. Select “Change WiFi Network”.
  6. Search for your own network WiFi and tap on it.
  7. Insert the password for connecting your devices in the required field.
  8. Tap on “Connect” and wait for the doorbell to get paired.
Tip: Ensure that your router is close enough to your doorbell so it doesn’t get disconnected.

Solution #2 Reconnect The Internal Chime

To reconnect the internal chime, go to the power source it is connected to and disconnect it for 5 minutes.

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Wait for the internal chime to get completely discharged and then connect it back to the power source.

We assume that you’ve already paired it with the application so there’s no need to dig deeper.

Note: If you’re hesitating that the chime isn’t getting power, choose another power source for the device.

Solution #3 Configure Ring Doorbell Wiring System

wiring doorbell

The wiring configuration of your Ring doorbell may be incorrect.

This solution will only be useful to users who have the hard-wired Ring doorbell, while users with battery-powered units don’t have wires.

Here are two different wiring configurations, for one Ring doorbell with one or two internal chimes:

Ring Doorbell With One Internal Chime:

Although most users have one doorbell and two internal chimes set up, if you use a single internal chime with the doorbell, here’s how to wire it correctly:

  1. Lead the cable-to-doorbell wire from the transformer to the left conduit.
  2. Connect the transformer-to-internal chime wire into the “TRANS” slot on the chime.
  3. Attach the third wire to the free conduit on the doorbell and plug it into the “FRONT” slot on the internal chime.
Note: Test your setup once you’ve performed these steps.

Ring Doorbell With Two Internal Chimes:

This is the standard ring setup, for the doorbell to notify you anywhere within the house.

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Here’s how to wire a single doorbell with two internal Ring chimes the correct way:

  1. Follow the steps above for installing one ring doorbell with a single chime.
  2. Grab one of the two wires from your second chime.
  3. Plug it into the “FRONT” slot on the first internal chime.
  4. Connect it to the “FRONT” slot on the second internal chime.
  5. Grab the second cable and repeat the same steps with the “TRANS” slot.
Important: Don’t forget to cut the power to all of your doorbells and chimes while performing these instructions.

Solution #4 Reinstall The Ring Application

reinstall ring app

The major problem that causes issues with the connection between your internal chimes and the doorbell is the Ring application.

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If there’s a problem with the app, your doorbell may ring, but the internal chimes won’t.

For best effects, we suggest reinstalling the Ring application on your smartphone:

  1. Go to the storage unit of your smartphone.
  2. Locate the Ring application and tap on “More options”.
  3. Tap the “Uninstall” button.
  4. Wait for the application to be erased.
  5. Head to the app store of your smartphone and re-download the Ring app.
Tip: Before uninstalling the app, it’s suggested to check whether it has any recent updates and renew its version.

Solution #5 Reset The Chime/Doorbell

reset doorbell

Fortunately, Ring has made it possible to reset your internal chime along with the doorbell if any problems occur.

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In this solution, this is exactly what you’ll be attempting to solve the problem with the internal ringing.

Let’s begin with resetting the chime since it’s easier:

How To Reset Ring Internal Chime?

  1. Grab a pin or a paperclip for the job.
  2. Insert the instrument into the pinhole on the side of the chime, and plugged it into power.
  3. Hold the button for 15 seconds.
  4. Test.

How To Reset A Ring Doorbell?

  1. Take the doorbell off the wall.
  2. Undo the security screws keeping the bracket onto the device.
  3. Press the orange setup button on the internal part of the device.
  4. Hold it down for 10 seconds.
  5. Release and wait.
  6. Test the doorbell.

Once the Ring doorbell is reset you would have to carry out the initial setup. Once ready, check whether the problem persists.

Notice: If our solutions weren’t helpful, consider contacting Ring for additional assistance regarding the solution to this problem.

To solve the problem where the Ring doorbell is not ringing inside, start by reconnecting the device to the WiFi, as well as the chime device. Proceed with re-installing the mobile application and conclude with a factory reset on the Ring doorbell.

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Bottom Line:

Now when we’ve answered the question “why does my Ring doorbell not ring inside?”, you should be hearing the notifications.

In case the problem persists and you can’t find a helpful solution in this guide, you should contact the Ring support center for more information.

We hope that our post was helpful and if you’re having other Ring doorbell issues that you need to take care of, make sure to check for the solution in our online blog.