how to cancel ring subscription

Perhaps you’re trying to find the complete guide on how to cancel Ring subscription. Fret not because you are just on the right page!

For today’s article, we’ll be focused on giving you comprehensive steps on how you can cancel your Ring subscription.

You can easily cancel your ring subscription through your online profile, by calling them, or by not renewing your subscription!

There are multiple ways of discontinuing your subscription to Ring. We’ll cover all of those steps so you can determine what the best and the most convenient process is for you.

Before we get to that, let us first try to discuss why people would want to cancel the security service.

Why Cancel Ring Subscription?

Let’s face it; in today’s world, you need to make sure that everything around you is safe and secure. From your personal belongings, your finances, to your living and working spaces.

And that is what the Ring Doorbell is for. However, a handful of people are looking for ways on how to cancel it.

Why would they want to cancel it, though? What are the reasons that make people feel discouraged about this robust security feature?

Reasons For Cancelling Ring Doorbell Subscription

reasons for ring cancel

Some of the most common reasons why users may be forced to cancel ring subscription are as follows:

  • It can’t schedule motion sensors
  • Most devices don’t have great battery lives, they can be easily exhausted
  • It requires a strong WiFi connection
  • There are other subscriptions that have two-way videos
  • Some people find it hard or challenging to use

Do note, though, that while these reasons look easy to work with, it can be a major roadblock in keeping your spaces safe and secure in the first place.

Now that we’re clear with the reasons, let’s jump to the process of how to cancel your Ring Doorbell subscription.

Cancelling Ring Subscription From a Computer or a Laptop

A lot of people find that canceling it from a laptop or a computer is an easiest and most convenient way.

So, here are the steps you can take to cancel your Ring Doorbell subscription using a PC.

Step #1: Access and Log Into Ring’s Website

The initial step you need to do is to go to Ring’s official website and log into your profile. You should have one since the creation of your account because it’s a facility you can use to observe and modify your account.

Step #2: Verify Your Account

Before being redirected to the account, you will be asked to verify. 2-step verification is required for every login.

The verification process will depend on how the account has been set up. It can be sent to you via text message or via email.

Step #3: Select Cancel Plan

From there, navigate to the Existing Plan category on the left pane and select Cancel Plan.

Step #4: Choose a Cancellation Reason

This will redirect you to a page where you’ll have to state your reason for canceling. Furthermore, it’s also where you’ll be asked if you want to cancel it effective immediately or at the end of the current billing period.

Once you see the confirmation, you can be sure that you were able to cancel your Ring subscription!

How to Cancel Ring Subscription from a Mobile Device?

cancel ring subscription

If you’re fond of using a mobile device, then this method would be perfect for you!

To be direct, the process of canceling it using a mobile device does not actually fall far from how you cancel it using a computer or a laptop.

Nevertheless, here’s what you need to do!

Step #1: Access and Log Into Ring’s Website

On your mobile device, access and log into your account.

Use the same email address and password that you use in accessing the Ring App.

Step #2: Pass the 2-Step Verification

Similar to the cancellation process via PC or laptop, you’ll have to undergo 2-step verification. Select from receiving it via text message or via email.

Step #3: Go to Existing Plan

From there, click the three (3) lines on the left side of the Ring logo and tap on Existing Plan.

This will give you multiple options, and canceling your subscription is included.

Step #4: Click Cancel Plan

From there, select the button that says Cancel Plan. This will redirect you to a page where it will ask you why you’re canceling.

Step #5: Select the Reason For Cancellation

Select the reason why you’re canceling, then finalize it by choosing when you want the cancellation to be effective.

As you can see, the process is the same. It might just have a different user interface (UI), but the idea is exactly the same.

Cancelling The Ring Plan Through Customer Service

Another alternative that you have in canceling is by contacting Ring’s customer service department.

With that, though, you would need to prepare a few things:

  • Account number
  • Security PIN
  • Personal Information for Verification (if you don’t have a PIN)

Call them and tell them you’re canceling. Give them the information they require to prove that you’re the account owner or holder, then proceed to cancellation.

They will ask you if you want to cancel the subscription immediately or at the end of the billing cycle. Choose the one that suits you best.

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Cancelling Automatically (No Card On File)

And last, but most definitely not least is through automatic cancellation.

It’s automatic in the sense that the system would not be able to get payments from a listed card, and therefore, they’ll immediately assume that you won’t be continuing the services.

So, if you don’t have a credit card on file and you are fast approaching the renewal date, you can leave it as it is and let the subscription expire on its own.

NOTE: This also applies if you signed up for a free 30-day trial and you decide not to go on with their services.


Would Ring Cancel My Services Immediately?

This will actually depend on the option you will select. You can choose to have it canceled on the last date of the billing cycle or you can choose the cancellation to take effect immediately.

Does Ring Require Contracts?

No, subscribing to Ring won’t tie you up with them with long-term contracts. In fact, you have the option to cancel anytime!

You don’t have to go to the nearest office or store to cancel it. You can do it without setting foot outside of your home through the online portal, customer service, or by not renewing the payments!


So, if you encounter a time where you want to know about the process of how to cancel Ring subscription, you can go back to this guide anytime!

Nicole B