hulu not casting to chromecast

In case your Hulu not casting to Chromecast you might be facing incompatibility issues between Hulu and Chromecast.

In most cases, this problem requires a minute of your attention so read along to find out how to solve the issue in minutes!

To fix Hulu that won’t cast to Chromecast, first, try watching a different show and re-log from your account. Diagnose and troubleshoot your internet and update the Hulu application. Lastly, you can re-install the Hulu app to see if that will help.

Why Is Hulu Not Casting To Chromecast?

Hulu may not be able to cast to Chromecast due to compatibility issues as we’ve mentioned above.

It’s really dependent on what browser you’re using, along with the version and state of the Hulu application.

Here are the problems that are well-known to the community that could be preventing Hulu from casting to Chromecast:

1. Account Problems

An issue with your Hulu account might prevent you from casting to Chromecast.

2. Casting Device Issue

If the host device for your Hulu application is having network or OS issues, you might be unable to cast.

3. Outdated Hulu App

Not running the latest version of the Hulu app on the device you cast to Chromecast from might result in incompatibility issues.

4. Internet Problem

Having both your Chromecast and casting devices on separate WiFi networks will prevent the cast features.

5. Browser Incompatibility

It’s recommended to use a suggested browser when casting Hulu in case you’re using a computer or laptop.

All of the above-listed causes have been fixed by the community so let’s solve your problem with the upcoming solutions!

How To Fix Hulu Not Casting To Chromecast?

fix hulu not casting to chromecast

The approaches down below will cover all possible situations where Hulu is not eligible for casting to Chromecast.

However, make sure to re-attempt the casting from your Hulu to Chromecast after each of the solutions to determine if the issue is solved.

Note: Apply our solutions in consecutive order for best results!

Solution #1 Restart Chromecast & Casting Device

The first solution is simple. Restart both your Chromecast device along the device you’re using to cast Hulu from.

In case you’ve already tried rebooting your devices, proceed with Solution #2.

Here’s how to restart Chromecast and your casting device:

  1. Power OFF your television.
  2. Unplug the Chromecast from your TV completely.
  3. Turn OFF the device you’re using for casting.
  4. Re-attach the Chromecast to your television and boot the Hulu host device.
  5. Re-open Hulu and attempt the casting again.
Note: Ensure you have logged in to your Hulu account when trying to cast.

Solution #2 Troubleshoot Internet & WiFi

troubleshoot wifi

The problem might be occurring due to an issue with the WiFi connection since casting requires active WiFi.

In that regard, our second solution is related to solving any ongoing internet (WiFi) issues, before continuing any further.

We assume you’re already familiar with how to connect both of your devices to the internet so here’s how to troubleshoot your internet and WiFi.

1. Hard reset your router/network device – Unplug your network device from the power for 5 minutes and reconnect it once that time has elapsed.

2. Update your router – Perform a firmware update for your router from the mobile application you have installed.

3. Relive network – Prevent any streaming/downloading or seeding.

4. Stop VPN – Disable or remove any active VPN services on devices connected to your WiFi.

5. Use Hotspot – Test if the cast feature would work when both devices are connected to a fresh hotspot from your mobile device.

Important: For casting, it is required to have both your Chromecast and casting device connected to the same WiFi. 

Keep that in mind when checking out the instructions below.

Solution #3 Update Hulu & Chromecast

We suggest updating both your Hulu application and Chromecast device. Using outdated software on either of these two might result in cast problems.

Let’s begin with updating Hulu:

How To Update Hulu?

  1. On the device you’re casting from, go to the storage unit.
  2. Locate the Hulu application and tap “Info” or “System settings”.
  3. Check for an available update from there, by tapping “Check For Updates”.
  4. Apply any new updates.

How To Update Chromecast?

update chromecast
  1. Go to the Google Home application.
  2. Select the Chromecast you want to update (the problematic one).
  3. Click on the gear icon to access the device settings.
  4. Scroll down until you find Chromecast firmware details.
  5. Now go to the online website of Chromecast and learn what is the newest version.

Notice: If your Chromecast’s version and the latest version in the Chromecast website don’t match, contact Google and request an immediate update.

Solution #4 Clear Chromecast Cache & Data

If your Chromecast’s cache data got FULL, you may find the device lagging and unable to perform a majority of its functions normally.

There’s a quick way to clear your Chromecast of bad cached data:

  1. Go to your Android TV and access the quick menu.
  2. Access the applications tab and highlight the Show system apps button.
  3. Locate your Chromecast device and select from the list.
  4. Choose Clear cache and wait for a minute.
Note: It will take a little longer for your Chromecast applications to boot during the first time after clearing the app cache. 

This is because they are re-building the app data.

Solution #5 Use Chrome Browser

In case you’re using a browser to cast Hulu, we suggest using the Google Chrome browser.

The compatibility with Chrome and Chromecast is designed perfectly and you shouldn’t have issues casting from the browser to your TV where the Chromecast is at.

You can install Chrome by typing in your current browser’s search field and installing the .exe that you will automatically download.

Here’s how to cast from the Chrome browser to your Chromecast:

  1. Open Chrome and tap on More.
  2. Select Cast and choose your Chromecast device that should appear automatically.
  3. Wait for the connection to be secured.

Now whatever you play on your Chrome browser will appear on your Android TV’ screen, including Hulu.

In case the browser works, but the app fails to cast, proceed with reinstalling the Hulu application.

Solution #6 Reinstall Hulu

reinstall hulu

In case Hulu live not casting to Chromecast, after all of our previous solutions, all odds are against the application.

We suggest reinstalling Hulu to resolve the problem with live casting permanently, so let’s find out how.

To reinstall Hulu, go to the storage unit of the host device, locate and delete Hulu.

Then simply download it back to your device and re-attempt the casting. Again, it’s important to log in to your Hulu account in the app so you can cast a screen.

Note: Make sure you’re writing correct credentials when you’re logging in to the Hulu app after reinstalling it.

Thus, to fix the Hulu app when not casting to Chromecast, you would need to restart both the host and TV and resolve any issues with your WiFi. Next, you can perform an update on both devices and clear the Chromecast’s cache data. Lastly, you should reinstall the Hulu app.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Hulu not casting to Chromecast and having figured out how to fix the issue, we hope you can now mirror your screen and enjoy your content.

If you still end up unable to cast to your Chromecast, make sure to contact Hulu or Chromecast, depending on what you’ve learned about the problem.

Nicole B