hulu password reset not working

Is Hulu password reset not working on your device? Maybe you have tried clicking the link several times only to be disappointed.

You may need to understand why this happens and if it happens to you alone or to other people, too. The truth is that the issue has happened to several people and the good report is that a solution is available.

If Hulu password reset fails to work, you will need to get a new link. After three hours, the link sent to your email to reset your password expires, hence you cannot use it.

Read on to know how you can counter this problem anytime it occurs to your device.

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Reasons For Hulu Password Reset Not Working

Before addressing the issue, you need to understand why the link Hulu sent to your email is not working.

Check below some of the common reasons:

  • The link has expired
  • Your internet connection is not working
  • Your browser history is loaded
Note: Due to having several email addresses, you may forget the one you signed up with Hulu.

Hence, a password may be sent to the email, but you fail to receive it. You can opt for the option to recover the email address so that you may know if it is the email you used to sign up.

  1. Visit the Hulu website
  2. Click on the option ‘Recover Email Address’      
  3. Click on the link provided, ‘Account recovery Tool
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Provide the necessary information on the fields. The platform provides you three chances to enter the correct information. After that, you can get your email address.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Reset My Hulu Password?

fix hulu password reset not working

You can use several methods to resolve the Hulu password reset link not working issue. Check below some of them.

Method 1: Check Junk Or Spam Folder Before The Link Expires

Once you choose the option Forgot password, Hulu sends you an email to the email address with which you registered your Hulu account.

The email contains a link with which you will need to click on to recover your password.

However, the email may not come straight to your inbox but finds its way to the spam folder. You will need to check it. Use these steps to access the folder.

  1. Go to your email app
  2. Scroll down, then select spam
  3. Open the folder to check if you will find a message with a link to reset your Hulu password
  4. Click the link, and you will recover your password
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Remember, after you request for password recovery, Hulu sends you the link after around ten minutes. You must use the link within 3 hours.

After these hours, the link will not work.

Method 2: Check Your Internet Connection

If you click on the link to reset your Hulu password, but it fails to work, you may need to check your internet connection. If your device does not have internet, you may not be able to reset the password.

To check the network on windows;

  1. Go to the start menu, followed by settings
  2. Navigate to network and internet
  3. Check status

You should be able to see if your device is connected to the internet or not.

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To check the network on android;

  1. Go to settings followed by Connections or Wireless & Networks.        
  2. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is on, then check the indicator bar to see if the network is available

If the bar is not displayed or filled, you have no internet connection; hence, the reset link will not work. So, you have to restart your router to troubleshoot the network issue.

If your device has a network, but the link fails to open, you may need to try browsing something different on your browser. This will help you know if the problem is the link or the internet strength.

Method 3: Restart The Router

Restart your router using these steps.

  1. Unplug the router from its power outlet.
  2. Wait for at least 40 seconds, then plug it in back to the power outlet.
  3. Wait for around two minutes for the router to restart.
  4. Check your connection on your device.
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Method 4: Clear The Browser Cache

If you are watching on, you may need to clear the browser to enhance stability.

Besides, clearing cache is one of the best ways to ensure you have quick browsing, such as resetting the Hulu password link.

Different browsers have different ways of clearing the cache; use these steps for chrome.

  1. Open Chrome browser on your device, then click the three dots at the top right corner.
  2. Select more tools followed by Clear browsing data.
  3. Select ‘all time’ range if you want to delete everything; you can choose another time range, too.
  4. You will also see a box with an option for cookies, cached images, and files. Select them if you wish to remove them.
  5. Finally, select ‘clear data.’
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Hulu Password Reset Still Not Working

The above methods should help you reset your Hulu password using the link sent to your email.

However, if none of the methods above work for you, you may need to close then reopen the browser you are using. You may also try to use a different browser.

If, after trying these methods, the link fails to work, you will need to contact Hulu customer support.

Hulu web provides ways with which you can communicate to them and get your issue fixed. Besides, you can chat via HuluBot if you fail to log in to the help center.

When you click the Hulu reset link after three hours, it will not work. It is only active within this time.

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The Hulu password reset not working issue can be overwhelming at times. You do not need to pass through a hard time trying it yourself, yet you can use the methods above.

You need to check first to ensure that the link has not passed three hours since it was sent to your email.

An inactive link will not work. Besides, you should never ignore your internet connection. Ensure it is working correctly when you try to reset the password.

If Hulu password reset fails to work, you may need to check the time the link was sent to your email. If it is past three hours, it will not work. Hence, you will need to get a new link.

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