how to activate hulu with sprint

If you’re unsure how to activate Hulu with Sprint, then this guide will come in handy! Since Sprint is now part of T-Mobile, things have changed. 

There are changes to how you activate your Hulu with Sprint now, even though the process remains quite similar. Here we’ll tell you exactly where to start and exactly what to do!

To activate Hulu on Sprint, you now need to log into your account through the T-Mobile website and re-add the Hulu streaming services.

You will be able to select any Hulu plan, including the ad-supported free plan, as well as transfer an existing free Hulu account.

Can You Activate Hulu With Sprint Anymore?

can you activate hulu with sprint

Yes, but the process is not the same. Now when Sprint is merged with T-Mobile the old links and the old method don’t work anymore.

This is why recently many users have been wondering how to activate Hulu, now that the web portals have changed.

The process is straightforward and we’ve made sure to cover both for users who would like to activate a new Hulu account or transfer their existing one. 

Note: If your existing Hulu account is paid (not the free plan), you cannot migrate to paying through T-Mobile, you must use a different email.

How to Activate Hulu with Sprint in 4 Easy Steps!

Note: If you don’t have T-Mobile ID, follow the steps consecutively!

1. Start from This Link!

start from this link

You’ll be redirected to the new Hulu sign-up page, which works with new or already existing Sprint customers.

So, hop on your smartphone, computer, or laptop to access the webpage.

Then click on the button “GO TO T-Mobile”, and you’ll be redirected to where you need to be to activate your Hulu. Then, sign into your account and if you don’t have one, create a new one.

Note: To sign-up, use the number of the Sprint SIM card device!

2. Manage Data and Add-Ons!

Once you’re logged into your T-Mobile account, navigate to the “Manage Data & Add Ons” page.

manage data and add-ons

From there you will be able to select “Add Hulu” as an option, which will begin the activation process for the add-on.

You’ll be prompted to select your Hulu plan, as well as provided with the monthly price that will be included in your Sprint, now T-Mobile account. When you’re done, click the “Confirm” button.

Note: Keep in mind that the free Hulu comes with a Limited Commercial Plan, which includes ads and you won’t be able to upgrade through T-Mobile!

3. Confirm the Hulu Activation!

The activation is very simple. The only important thing is to use the phone number of the mobile device, with the Sprint SIM card currently inserted.

This is where you’ll receive the confirmation SMS, which says “Great news, Hulu is now included in your plan”.

confirm the hulu activation
  • You need to open the link from the SMS sent from Sprint!

You’ll be prompted to power an existing Hulu account or create a new Hulu account. So, select the option that matches your situation, and get redirected further. 

Note: When you see “You’re all set”, tap on the “Open the Hulu app” button.

4. Stream Hulu with Sprint

When you’re ready, you can stream Hulu right from your smartphone, by using the Hulu app, for Android and iOS, Windows and macOS.

You can download the Hulu app from the Google Play Store, App Store, and Windows Store.

stream hulu with sprint

In addition, you can stream Hulu from the official website, by signing into the Hulu account that is associated with your now merged with T-Mobile, Sprint mobile number.

You can easily sign in and access your favorite shows and movies, the same as if you’re a standalone Hulu customer.

Tip: The first billing will be added to the very next Sprint, now T-Mobile, phone bill.

How to Switch If You’re a Current Hulu Subscriber?

If you already have a Hulu account, that you would like to switch to T-Mobile billing, note that the account must be subscribed to the “ad-supported plan”.

The subscription mustn’t have enabled add-ons either so, verify this before proceeding with the steps below.

switch if you're a current hulu subscriber
  1. First, sign into your T-Mobile account.
  2. Then, go to Manage Data & Add Ons.
  3. Next, press on the “Add Hulu” button.
  4. Open the link from the SMS message.
  5. Tap the “I have a Hulu account” button.
  6. Then log in to the existing Hulu account.
  7. At the “Update Your Plan”, tap “Select”.
Note: By switching your service, you’ll no longer be billed by Hulu and the subscription cost will be added to your monthly T-Mobile bill.

How to Activate the Free Hulu With Sprint?

You are able to watch Hulu for free, whether you are an old Sprint customer or a new T-Mobile user.

choose limited commercial plan

By free, we’re referring to the “Limited Commercial Plan”, which is free, regardless of whether you subscribe through T-Mobile or Hulu’s official website.

  • To get Hulu for free with Sprint, select the first, $0.00 plan!

You can either transfer a Hulu existing account that is subscribed to the “Limited Commercial Plan”, or create a new account.

So, during the activation process, you’ll be prompted to select your Hulu plan, and when you select the free one, you won’t be paying a cent.

Tip: For new users’ Hulu activation, you’ll be able to later upgrade your Hulu services to the No Ads Hulu Plan.

How to Watch Hulu with Sprint on Computer?

watch hulu with sprint on computer

Now, when you’re signed up for Hulu from a Sprint or T-Mobile account, you have access to the Hulu platform on any device.

You only need to use the same Hulu account that you’ve linked with T-Mobile during the activation or the new Hulu account that you’ve created.

  • Put simply, sign in using your Sprint phone number!

If something went wrong, and you’re unable to sign in to Hulu, use the recovery options beneath the personal information fields.

You’ll receive a confirmation link on your Sprint phone number via SMS, from where you’ll be able to recover your account.

How Do I Pay For Hulu with Sprint?

pay hulu with sprint

As a Sprint customer, you can activate an existing Hulu account or sign up for Hulu as a new customer from the Sprint website.

This will merge both services into one Sprint bill, containing your Hulu, which of course, you can later cancel anytime, or separate Hulu from your Sprint.

How to Cancel Hulu with Sprint?

The Hulu ad-supported plan is free for your T-Mobile account and there is no real reason to cancel the free membership.

However, if you’re using a paid plan or you would like to cancel your account, you would be able to do so from Hulu’s account page, using the “Cancel” button.

Need More Help?

need more help

If you need assistance with Sprint account-related issues with either your Sprint mobile number, T-Mobile account, or Hulu, contact T-Mobile Support.

They should help so best of luck!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned how to Activate Hulu with Sprint, with the latest changes considering that Sprint is now part of T-Mobile. You need to sign in or create a new T-Mobile account and activate Hulu using the phone number of the device currently using the Sprint SIM.

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