hulu won't load on ps4

Wondering why Hulu won’t load on PS4? Well, there are quite a few possibilities!

The functionality of online streaming platforms such as Hulu is dependent on several factors when in combination with your PS4.

You need to consider the internet, app data, software, and storage.

When your Hulu won’t load on your PS4, first, close the app and reboot your console. The next step is to perform a power cycle on your PS4 and make sure that it is connected to the internet. Then you should update Hulu and if it does not help, reinstall the entire application.

Why Hulu Won’t Load On My PS4?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Hulu’s functionality as well as all other online streaming platforms requires a reliable internet connection in order to work properly.

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Moreover, the internet must be strong enough to support the given broadcast quality.

Knowing that, here are some of the possibilities for your Hulu not loading on PS4:

1. Outdated Hulu/PS4

Not running the latest version of your Hulu or PS4 might impact the platform’s functionality.

2. App Cache

Overwhelming app cache might result in troubles with starting a variety of services, thus applications.

3. Software Problem

An issue with the OS of your PlayStation might have something to do with the Hulu application problem you’re experiencing.

4. No Internet

If your PS4 got disconnected from the internet (WiFi), Hulu won’t be running on your console properly.

5. Storage Issues

Lastly, if the storage of your PS4 is full, there might not be enough space for Hulu to store temporal data.

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Those were all of the possibilities behind this problem. Proceed with the solutions down below to learn how to solve the Hulu problem on your PS4.

How To Fix Hulu Won’t Load On PS4?

fix hulu won't load on ps4

The solution down below is designed to guide you through complete troubleshooting for your Hulu application on PS4.

Make sure to apply our fixes consecutively for the best effect at troubleshooting.

Note: Make sure to test Hulu after each of the solutions to determine if the problem was solved.

Solution #1 Close Hulu & Reboot

The first solution involves a simple re-open of your Hulu application and restarting the PS4.

This will clear out any startup bugs preventing the application from loading, hopefully solving the problem for you.

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Here’s how to reopen Hulu and reboot your PS4:

  1. Close the Hulu app using the PS4 button on your controller.
  2. Go to the PS4’s power menu and select Reboot.
  3. Wait for the console to reboot.
  4. Re-open Hulu on your PS4.
  5. Test.
Note: Make sure to wait for the console to fully boot before reopening Hulu.

Solution #2 Discharge Your PS4

discharge ps4

By discharging your PS4, you will drain all of the electricity currently in the console, therefore providing the device with a cold boot the next time you start it.

This is done by disconnecting the power adapter for a certain amount of time and then connecting it back.

Here’s how to discharge your PS4:

  1. Turn OFF the device using the controller.
  2. Disconnect the A/C power adapter and wait for 5 minutes.
  3. Reattach the power adapter once this time has elapsed.
  4. Use a standalone wall outlet.
  5. Test.
Important: It is crucial to wait for at least 5 minutes and no less. This is the time necessary for the device to discharge so be patient and don’t cheat.

Solution #3 Reconnect The Internet

It is important to have your PS4 connected to a network when attempting to stream anything online, including Hulu.

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That’s why our next solution is related to connecting your PS4 to the internet (WiFi).

Here’s how to connect your PS4 to the internet with easy instructions:

  1. Go to the settings of your PS4.
  2. Select Network and then go to Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Select WiFi and then choose Easy.
  4. Choose your household’s WiFi and enter the password.
  5. Wait for your PS4 to be connected.

Once you’re done with connecting your PS4, you will be given a green light on the connection, after which you can test Hulu.

Note: Check with other devices whether your internet is good and if there is an ongoing problem.

Solution #4 Update Hulu

update hulu

Hulu might be not working properly if it is running on an outdated version. This is why we suggest updating Hulu on your PS4 to solve the problem.

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Here’s how to update Hulu easily:

  1. Go to the app store on your PS4.
  2. Enter the applications tab and go to “Already installed”.
  3. Locate Hulu and press the Update button.
  4. Wait for Hulu to be updated and test the application.
Note: Make sure NOT to interrupt the device power connection since the update will fail.

Solution #5 Clear App Cache

A problem with Hulu could occur due to a filled app cache on your PS4.

This is why we suggest clearing the app cache on your PS4 to resolve the problem with your Hulu application.

Here’s how to clear the app cache on your PS4:

  1. Go to the settings of your PS4.
  2. Open the storage unit and access System storage.
  3. Select Saved Data.
  4. Choose Hulu from there and press the options to delete the selected saved data.
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In case the problem was related to bad data, especially if that data was related to Hulu, the issue should probably be gone.

Test if Hulu would now work on your PS4.

Note: Erasing the app cache of Hulu requires reopening the application to generate new directory folders for the cache.

Solution #6 Reinstall Hulu

reinstall hulu

If nothing worked so far, we suggest reinstalling the Hulu app to resolve the problem. This will solve an improper installation or damaged directories.

Here’s how to reinstall Hulu on your PS4:

  1. Go to the storage unit of your PS4 through the settings.
  2. Open the library and search for Hulu.
  3. Highlight the application and press Options.
  4. Choose Delete and wait.
  5. Head back to the app store and reinstall Hulu.
Note: After reinstalling Hulu make sure to log back in before you start testing the application’s functionality.

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Thus, to fix Hulu not loading on PS4, first, try reopening the application and restarting your PS4. Then, update Hulu to the latest firmware version and power cycle your PS4. If nothing worked, reinstall the Hulu application to fix the issue permanently.

Bottom Line:

After finding out why Hulu won’t load on PS4, we hope that you were able to successfully resolve the problem on your PS4.

If you struggle at any point, make sure to contact Hulu’s customer support team to get this issue resolved.

Nicole B