why does hulu keep kicking me out

Wondering why does Hulu keep kicking me out? Luckily you have come across the right post.

Here we will discuss what might make your Hulu kicking you out and what can you possibly do to prevent this issue from appearing.

The information we will provide you with further in the article is proven to work as it was taken from the community guidelines dealing with the same issue as yours.

The main reasons why Hulu keep kicking you out includes an outdated client. If the Hulu on your device isn’t updated to its latest firmware version, it is known that occasional kicking could occur. 

Another possibility that could cause disconnects is corrupted files or bad data within the app.

We are going to provide you with solutions for all this and more so keep reading carefully and hopefully, you will get your Hulu working as it should.

Why Does Hulu Keep Kicking Me Out On My Computer?

Hulu disconnect could happen in two ways. It can either bring you back to the log-in screen or completely kick you out of the whole app.

In that regard, you need to ensure that there aren’t any issues within your Hulu account, such as unpaid subscriptions.

Another possibility is when the issue is within the app.

For instance, if the Hulu app isn’t running the most recent firmware version, the kicks will disconnect you from the app entirely, if it does not support the currently running OS.

Now, let’s see what you can possibly do in order to prevent this issue from happening.

Method #1 Restart Hulu App Entirely

If your Hulu is experiencing crashes, a restart could eventually resolve temporal glitches within the app.

In order to do this, you must fully exit the Hulu app and it is recommended to also reboot your PC/TV.

Next, after waiting for at least 2 minutes, boot it up again and check if the issue persists.

Restarts are known to help when the issue is within your device because a clean boot will restart all services and remove any temporal issues or glitches. 

If this method doesn’t seem to help, keep reading as we list some other methods you can try.

Method #2 Check Internet Connection

Another reason that could cause disconnects out of Hulu would be a bad internet connection.

In such cases, we recommend checking if you still have a reliable network.

For instance, go to YouTube and play some videos in order to see if they buffer.

If it does buffer you can measure the speed using some known websites offering such services.

The most frequently used speed test online is Ookla SpeedTest where you will see the exact connection speed in Mb/s and figure out your connection’s quality before proceeding further.

If it is below 5 Mb/s then there is something wrong, but don’t get discouraged because we are going to solve this in a moment.

Method #3 Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Based on your network quality, Hulu’s streaming recommendations will help you determine what kind of content you will be able to stream.

For normal Hulu content, a connection speed of a minimum of 3 Mbps is required, for live streams 8 Mbps and 16Mbps for 4K HDR content.

If unfortunately, you still haven’t figured out why does Hulu keeps kicking me out, we have provided you with some handy steps to improve your internet connection and get rid of the problem.

troubleshoot hulu internet connection

Restart Modem Router

One of the best methods, when it comes down to increasing internet speed, is restarting your modem router.

It is known that disconnecting the power cable of your router and then plugging it back in will perform a clean boot and resolve any minor issues within your network.

Move Your Router Closer To Your PC

If the device you are currently streaming on from Hulu is not close enough to your router, disconnects from the app could eventually occur.

In that regard, if you don’t want to get kicked from the Hulu app, make sure your router is at a reasonable distance from your PC.

It is strongly recommended for the device to be within the same room with your router or a maximum of 1 wall behind it.

Use Ethernet Connection

If you want the best possible connection speed within your PC, using an ethernet cable could supply a network that would resolve the frustrating kicking.

If the issue is related to your Wifi, by plugging the Ethernet cable directly into your PC/device you will tighten the circle of possible causes.

Method #4 Power Cycle Your PC/Device

It is known that continuous kicking could be caused by faulty files upon bootup.

If the restart we have mentioned above didn’t seem to help with resolving the issue, we recommend performing a clean power cycle on your device for the best results.

Many Hulu, Roku, and Samsung users from community guidelines related to this issue have reported that performing a power cycle resolved their issue.

So, let’s get into the essential process of power cycling:

  • Unplug your PC/device from the power outlet.
  • Wait for 3 to 5 minutes before plugging the power cable back in.
  • Plug the power cable back into the outlet.
  • Boot your device and see if the issue persists.
Note: When performing a power cycle, we recommend applying the same steps to your router once again, just in case there are any network malfunctions.

If you’re asking” why does Hulu keep kicking me out to the log in?”, well in our next method we will address just that.

Method #5 Reinstall Hulu App

One of the most efficient approaches in cases where your Hulu keeps kicking you out when logging in is to reinstall the application.

Doing so could resolve any issue related to bad data & files within the app (including the cache) and stop Hulu from disconnecting when logging in.

Tip: When uninstalling the app, make sure to erase it both from the directory of the file and the control panel. 

This way there won’t be any remaining data within your PC and the install of Hulu will be clean.

Method #6 Update Your Hulu App

It is well-known that if your Hulu app is outdated, the application will keep kicking you out.

In that regard, make sure to visit the manufacturers’ site and navigate to the latest update available.

After installing it, make sure to launch the .exe file (if you’re using a PC) and it will apply the update itself.

On the other hand, for other devices, you might need to look for a dedicated post to explain how the update is done on your device.

If the update turns out unsuccessful, as a last resort we recommend contacting your manufacturer in order to report the issue. 

When doing so, make sure to describe each and every single method and step you have attempted to resolve the issue.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, we have answered why does Hulu keeps kicking me out and now you know how to troubleshoot the issue.

After all, this inconvenience could be based on Hulu maintenance, and you should be able to access your account shortly.

You can check their official website for maintenance alerts.

For posts related to Hulu issues, make sure to visit our blog that specializes in resolving them.

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