how to reactivate my hulu account

Perhaps you are caught up and you’re looking for the answer to the question of how to reactivate my Hulu account?

If you are one of the hundreds of people looking for the solution to this daily, then you are just on the right page!

In today’s guide, we will be putting an end to that dilemma.

Not only will we give you the reasons why your Hulu needs to be reactivated – we will show you how to reactivate the subscription without much trouble!

Reactivating your Hulu account is easy. If you had it paused intentionally, it should reactivate on its own! Otherwise, you have to manually do it by logging into your account and initiating the resumption.

Without much delay, let’s start!

Why Reactivate Hulu in the First Place?

There are two causes on why you would be required to reactivate your Hulu account.

One is because you intentionally paused it; the other is because you canceled it recently.

Aren’t these two options the same? What differences and distinctions do they have with each other?

1. Pausing Your Hulu Subscription

Pausing your Hulu subscription means that you are trying to halt the payments to go through because you will be taking a vacation, you’ll be busy with other things, and other things of the same sort.

It is the most ideal to pause your subscription if you know that you will be out for a month or two.

The maximum time when it comes to pausing is 12 weeks – beyond that, then your account would already be dormant and would be up for cancellation.

Since it is just “pausing,” the expectation is that you will reactivate your account soon.

When you pause your account, you will still be able to log in to your account.

It’s still going to be there, you’re just not going to be able to access the shows, titles, and movies unless you open payment.

2. Cancelling Your Hulu Subscription

Cancelling, on the other hand, means that you want to discontinue the services indefinitely. There’s no maximum timeframe as to this; think of it as being away from Hulu.

You’re cutting all the ties you have with Hulu and it can be because you’re trying to save money, you don’t need the services any longer, and other things of the sort.

Akin to pausing though, you can also choose to renew your subscription if you choose to do so.

In this case, it’s not going to be “reactivation”. Instead, it’ll be a “renewal” of services.

If so, then how do I reactivate or renew my Hulu account? Furthermore, how long do I got to wait to reactivate my Hulu account after I cancel it?

It doesn’t cancel the service or the subscription immediately. If you are within the trial period, canceling would be real-time.

How to Reactivate my Hulu Account?

reactivate my hulu account

So, how do you reactivate the subscription or the account for you to enjoy different shows, movies, and titles?

Here’s the best and the easy way on how you can reactivate it:

Step #1. Visit Hulu’s website and go to your Account.

Step #2. It will ask you for your credentials, so enter your username or user ID and password.

Step #3. Open the Account Page, which is under Manage Profiles When you click your name.

Step #4. Look at the section Your Subscription and locate Resume Subscription Now

Step #5. When you click on that, it’ll remind you that you’ll start to be billed, etc.

Step #6. Wait for the confirmation and you are all set!


Take note, though, that the pause or the temporary suspension facility does not apply to annual subscribers or those who pay their Hulu subscriptions yearly.

These would be subscribers that aren’t subscribed to any third-party services such as Disney+, Roku, or Amazon.

Nevertheless, whether you are asking if I leave my device logged in, how do I reactivate my Hulu account, or if you’re asking would I still be able to reactivate it on the last week, this is the answer to your problem!

In fact, if you have paused your subscription intentionally, you will be asked when you want the service to be reactivated again – it’ll do it automatically!

No need for you to go through all of this anymore!

Renewing Hulu Account After Cancellation

But what if I canceled my account and I want to reactivate it? Would that still be possible?

Of course! Hulu would be willing to help you even further if this is the case. Remember what we told you about canceling?

That it’ll still be active for the remainder of the billing cycle?

If you change your mind before the start date of the next billing period, you can contact Hulu immediately and tell them to retract the cancellation!

They will be more than happy to help you with it!

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My Account is Already Non-Existent, How Do I Renew It?

If, on the other hand, your case is different, if you have already canceled it and you want to get your Hulu services back again from scratch, is there a way to do so?

Unfortunately, this will account for a new subscription.

Meaning, it’ll be a different account from the previous one you’ve had.

But should the cancellation exceed a 1-month timeframe, you will still be eligible to use the same email address, the same username, etc.

All you have to do is to contact Hulu and tell them about it. They will be eager to help and to assist you with this particular concern, so don’t worry!

Activating With Hulu Isn’t Rocket Science

Should you be worried – or in case you are asking how to reactivate my Hulu account and you are not sure how to do it, this guide is perfect for you!

We have outlined all the solutions applicable in terms of pausing your subscription and canceling your account!

Should you need any help and assistance, never hesitate to contact Hulu’s customer service team. We are sure that they will be glad to give aid on how you can get back to their services!

Nicole B