hulu sound out of sync

Wondering why is Hulu sound out of sync? Well, there are plenty of causes that we are going to review in this post and provide you with solutions for each of them.

The most common reason remains misconfigured audio settings and we will pay extra attention to configure it the right way. We’ve got a lot to discuss so shall we get started?

Out-of-sync audio could mainly be related to TV sound settings. Sometimes the broadcast could be bad or there could be a problem with your TV itself. The issue can even be related to the HDMI cable if it is inappropriately plugged or non-working.

There is no need to be concerned because most of the audio issues can be easily identified and resolved at home.

But before we jump right into the solutions, let’s first take a look at the possible causes.

Why Is Hulu Sound Out Of Sync?

There are four general aspects responsible for the rightful audio playback. Let’s take a closer look at each of them, shall we?

Slow Internet

Sometimes out of sync could be caused due to slow internet. Any delay or higher latency can impact the broadcast and affect the audio.

Your internet could be having issues either with your router or the connectivity with the supplier. Either way, we will find out.

Hardware Trouble

On the other hand, the issue could also be due to a hardware malfunction, with your speakers or HDMI cable as we mentioned above.

Software Issues & Configuration

Another reason would be the wrong configuration of your audio settings. Sometimes you may have selected other features than Stereo or Normal, which might cause your audio to drop back.

Power Issues

Lastly, we will try some general troubleshooting that involves a power cycle and restart.

Those universal methods are proven to work in most situations so don’t hesitate to apply them even if they aren’t directly related to your issue.

How To Fix Sound Out Of Sync With Video On Hulu?

how to fix hulu sound out of sync

Now when you have a better understanding of where the issue could be coming from, it is time to start troubleshooting it.

We recommend applying our methods in numerical order for best results and test your audio after each method.

Method #1 Check Internet Connection

Sometimes sound delay could be caused due to a slow internet connection.

If your speed is slow for instance, the sound footage might go on but the actual footage could fall back and eventually lead to out-of-sync issues.

Here is what you can do to resolve internet issues:

Use Ethernet Cable

Our best recommendation to boost your internet would be to stop using Wi-Fi. This is done by wiring up your TV’s connection using an Ethernet cable.

Wi-Fi are occasionally having internet outages and disruptions due to their wireless signal. With the ethernet cable, however, you will connect the router with your TV and benefit from a wired connection.

Wired networks are well-known for their stable internet and the fact that there aren’t any random outages.

Only if the manufacturer is having server Maintenance you will probably be informed a few days before the event takes place so don’t worry.

Move Router Closer to TV

If wiring up your internet connection is not a suitable solution in your case, there is another handy workaround that will boost the strength of your wireless signal (WiFi).

Find a suitable place for your router as close as possible to the TV that you’re watching Hulu on. Then pair them up once again and enjoy a faster WiFi.

Method #2 Test Other Channels/Videos

If you are still not confident whether the Hulu sound is out of sync under any specific conditions, then check if other channels and content media have the same issue.

Sometimes the channel’s broadcast might be experiencing technical issues which may lead to sound or video fallback.

To determine if the issue is with the channel or video, simply switch to another broadcast to see if the sound is out of sync.

If there isn’t any fallback, then the out-of-sync issue is with the broadcast you were watching. The best you can do is to wait for a few hours to see if the technical malfunctions will be resolved.

Method #3 Change Audio Settings

On your TV-connected devices, visit the menu, enter the Settings and make sure that the Stereo feature is selected from audio. Otherwise, the audio footage might fall back and you would still experience out-of-sync issues.

We also suggest checking the volume control that can be found in the corner of the video you are currently watching.


If you are using a device that is running Windows, feel free to visit Microsoft’s support site. From there you will get plenty of recommendations regarding sound and volume control.

Method #4 Adjust HDMI Cable

If your TV is connected with an HDMI, you can adjust some of the features to fix the out-of-sync issue.

Sometimes sound issues could be related to HDMI cable malfunction so if this method doesn’t fix the issue, you might have to consider replacing it with a brand new cable.

Here is the adjustment to be done:

  • Reverse HDMI cable ends.
  • Use different HDMI cable ports in your TV.
  • Connect the device to the HDMI port from another TV.

Those universal methods are well-known to be helpful whenever you are using an HDMI cable, so if your device is connected otherwise, don’t bother applying those steps.

Method #5 Try Without External Speakers

As you probably figured out, any external audio device might cause the out-of-sync issue if it isn’t functioning properly.

The best way to determine whether the issue is with the external speakers is to unplug them and see if there is any fallback with the TV speakers.

If there isn’t a lipsync you should consider replacing your external speakers. Otherwise, feel free to plug the speakers back into the TV and don’t question their functionality until the issue is resolved.

Method #6 Additional Troubleshooting

The methods we have just listed were specifically related to your issue, but considering nothing had helped so far, why not try some general troubleshooting to wrap things up?

Reboot TV

If your audio or video is falling behind simply reboot your TV to see if that is going to fix the issue. This whole problem could be based on an improper boot, so make sure to try this before proceeding further.

Reset TV Power

One of the universal tips for resolving any kind of issue is the power cycle process. It will entirely reset your TV’s power and hopefully fix any sound and volume issues with your TV.

Simply unplug the TV’s power cable for a few minutes and plug it back in. Then turn on your TV and see if the Hulu sound not in Sync issues still persists.

Change Audio Mode

Some TVs have two different audio modes. Internal speakers and headphones output. If you’re using an audio device with a Jack, make sure that the Hulu TV has headphones audio output selected.

Otherwise, you might hear two different sound channels, one of which will be out of sync.

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Bottom Line

After going through this post, you should be fully capable of dealing with the Hulu sound out of sync issue.

We hope that we were helpful and if you are having any other issues with any device in your smart home, our blog definitely has the solution.

Nicole B