how to get rid of ads on hulu for free

Wondering how to get rid of ads on Hulu for free? 

There are plenty of viable ways to bypass the ads Hulu has queued up on your TV show, for free.

Stay with us, as we get you through the best-working 5 methods to suppress/hide or skip ads that will appear on your Hulu without paying a cent…

To block ads on Hulu, you could either use an ad-blocking engine (application) or add an extension to your browser that automatically hides the commercials for you.

There are also a couple of workarounds to skip the ads, that we will explain further in the guide!

Can You Remove Ads On Hulu Without Paying?

can your remove ads on hulu without paying

If you’re thrown in the blue by “how do I get rid of commercials on Hulu for free”, we’re here to tell you that it is completely possible to do it without paying.

There are many alternatives to block/skip the commercials that are about to interrupt your TV show, completely for free!

You’re able to block Hulu ads for free in one of the following ways:

  • Downloading an ad-free browser
  • Installing an ad-blocking extension
  • Using clever methods to skip ads!

There are many more ways and methods to bypass commercials on Hulu but keep in mind that you shall not interfere with the publisher’s right to restrict or serve access.

In other words, you’re free to block the ads on your device, but interfering with the ad-serving access is illegal.

How to Remove Ads On Hulu For Free5 Best Ways!

how to remove ads on hulu for free 5 best ways

Before We Start:

Keep in mind that blocking ads is easier and more approachable through the Hulu browser version.

Although there are many ad-blocking services you could get on a TV for example that will block Hulu ads, interfering with the commercial queue through a browser is way simpler!

1. Reload your Hulu TV Show (Workaround)

To quickly bypass all ads that have loaded up on your Hulu, you must refresh the browser page or re-open the Hulu app (if you’re using the app).

Refreshing the page will cause the queue of ads/commercials that have loaded up (usually about two) to be completely erased.

To Reload Hulu On a Browser:

  • Press the “Reload this Page” button at the top-right (the spinning arrow button on Chrome), to refresh the page! Wait for your TV show to load up again after that
reload your hulu tv show workaround

To Reload Hulu Through the App:

  • Use your TV remote (or the device’s home button) to exit the application and relaunch it from the streaming menu. The loaded show should start by itself.
Info: The con of this method is that you have to interact with the TV every time you wish to skip a Hulu add. 

To make this easier and more bearable, keep the remote close while watching!

2. Block Hulu Ads with an Extension

On Chrome, you have access to numerous extensions that will suppress commercial streams on your Hulu account.

Except for Chrome, such extensions are available on a variety of browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and even less popular browsers available!

block hulu ads with an extension
Note: We do recommend using Chrome for streaming Hulu due to its best compatibility!

How to Block Ads On Hulu With Extension (Browser Version)?

Keep in mind that this is possible to do on a TV,  if you’re streaming Hulu through the browser. It’s highly likely that your TV browser will support extensions.

Best extension ad blockers:

Extension name:Ad Block OneAdblock PlusAdLockuBlock origin
Rating:5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 54 out of 5
  1. On Chrome, head to the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Tap the search field above and type “adblocker”.
  3. Select an extension among the first results.
  4. Press on the “Add to Chrome” blue button.
  5. Wait for the extension to be installed on your browser.
Info: After installing the extension, another tab will open, thanking you for the installation!

3. Block Hulu Ads With Ad-Blocker App

block hulu ads with ad-blocker app

Another workaround for how to get rid of ads on Hulu for free is through an ad blocker app!

There’s no way to add an extension to your installed Hulu app. On computers and laptops that are running Windows, you’re also able to download an adblocker app to hide commercials!

Are Ad Blocking Applications Paid?

No, as you could get these apps both through your device’s Windows store or download them for completely free online.

However, ad-blocking applications may have subscriptions that offer better functionality of the software or extra perks to work with.

Best ad-blocker apps:

Name of app:BlokadaAdLockAdWay
Rating:5 out of 55 out of 54 out of 5
  1. On your TV or streaming device, head to the content store.
  2. Type “adblocker” on the search field and press “Enter”.
  3. Rule out the best adblocker according to the descriptions.
  4. Download the adblocker with the highest rating/description.
  5. Launch the app and follow the on-screen setup instructions.
Tip: Learn how the ad-blocking application you’ve downloaded for Hulu works and behaves before attempting to stream!

4. Download a Browser that Blocks Ads!

download a browser that blocks ads

There are many browsers you could get that block ads/commercials by default.

This means that you don’t have to download an application or extension that blocks ads for you, as all you have to do is install the browser and use it completely ad-free, for free!

Browsers that block ads by default:

Browser name:BraveOperaMicrosoft EdgeMozilla Firefox

How to Setup an Ad-Free Browser?

  1. Choose the download link for the browser you want from above.
  2. Press on the “Download” button that is compatible with your OS.
  3. Run the executable file once it is downloaded on your current browser.
  4. Choose the download location for the browser and keep pressing “Next”.
  5. Once the browser is installed, launch it and run Hulu!
Alert: Keep in mind that you will have to sign in to Hulu through your ad-free browser as well!

5. Use Hulu in Two Separate Tabs (Workaround)

use hulu in two separate tabs

If none of the methods above work for you, there’s an unusual way to skip ads that are queued up on your Hulu browser version.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that this does not work on the Hulu app version and can only be applied to users who stream through a browser!

How to Skip Hulu Ads By Paying?

If you’ve changed your mind about paying for Hulu ad-free, it is possible to bypass all of the commercials by upgrading your Hulu plan.

The cheapest Hulu plan that goes without ads comes at an approachable monthly price with a 30-day free trial that doesn’t have ads either!

how to skip hulu ads by paying

How Much is Hulu Without Ads?

Plan Type:Monthly Fee:Ads?
Standard Hulu$6.99/moYes
Hulu (No Ads)$12.99/moNo
Hulu (No Ads + Live TV)$75.99/moNo

How to Subscribe for Hulu Ad-Free?

Since you’re already subscribed to Hulu’ standard subscription, you need to begin with an upgrade of the membership.

This means your billing cycle will be refreshed as of today and you will have to pay an extra $6 dollars to upgrade your subscription!

  1. Navigate to through a browser.
  2. Insert your account’s credentials in the fields and tap “Log In”.
  3. Go to the “Choose your Plan” page and tap “Hulu Ad-Free”.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the payment and start your plan!
Info: The standard Live TV Hulu that goes for $69.99/mo still has ads. 

To have both Live TV and on-demand content without ads, you must subscribe to the most expensive Hulu plan!

Quick Recap:

Now we know how to get rid of ads on Hulu for free and by paying, respectively by an ad-blocker app or browser extension or by upgrading the Hulu plan.

It is also possible to skip ads on Hulu by quickly reloading the browser page or the Hulu mobile app! Follow us for more!

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