how to get rid of ads on hulu for free

Wondering how to get rid of ads on Hulu for free, you are at the right place! We know how frustrating commercials are when they interrupt your favorite shows. Here we will introduce how to get rid of them for free.

Also, here we will introduce the most efficient and easy to enclose troubleshoot methods as we explain how to properly apply them.

Having your ads removed for free is not as hard as it sounds. Most of the time an ad block application could get the job done, so you can enjoy your favorite Hulu shows without commercials and annoying pop-ups.

Changing your DNS might also help as the host might become a premium Hulu account that has no ads in it.

If we have caught your attention by now, keep reading to reveal everything!

Get Rid of Advertisements on Hulu (PC Users)

There are plenty of ways to skip the annoying ads that Hulu throws at you, where you can do it manually or have an ad block app to do it remotely for you.

Now we will share with you the most efficient methods for a computer user to block the annoying commercials on its account.

Here is what you need to do!

Adblock Plus

Using an online plugin is the most reliable way to get rid of the ads on Hulu. Adblock Plus is a plugin that blocks the commercials and prevents the pop-ups and the opening of new commercial tabs.

It doesn’t really hide the ads but yet, replaces them with a blank screen which also counts as some sort of blocking.

If you don’t mind seeing a blank screen on your smartphone or computer, AdBlock Plus is definitely a good choice to go.

Adblock will also remove any pop-up while you’re watching and the best part is that it will continue delivering on ANY online streaming platform. Not just Hulu.


Some movies or shows you find in Hulu might not load while using this plug-in and if you stumble upon this problem, disable the plugin momentarily by clicking the slider below the option “Pause on this site only”.

As a result, you might still see some annoying commercials while watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

Refresh the Page

If you want to avoid installing any browser plugins, refreshing the page is a practical way to go.

When you stumble upon an ad, simply refresh the program page and it will shorten the ad.

It is true that this method doesn’t directly block the ads but instead, it shortens their length.

Ads in Hulu vary in length depending on the duration of the video you chose to watch. A higher chance of ads is around 4 minutes, which instills a lot of annoyance while waiting for the movie or the streaming video.

By refreshing the page, you don’t have to watch the whole advertisement which makes the experience slightly more acceptable.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Hulu For Free on TV?

If you are using the Hulu app on your TV, don’t worry because we got you covered!

Considering that the Hulu application lives on the firestick regardless of the TV you are using we are going to focus our attention on it.

How to Remove Ads on Hulu for Firestick?

how to get rid of hulu ads for free on firestick

If you’re still wondering how to get rid of Hulu ads for free on firestick, we will shortly explain what your options are, and which is the most beneficial for your case.

Carefully apply the methods below in order to block any unwanted commercials on your firestick Hulu.

Method #1 The “Blokada” App

One of the best solutions for blocking ads on Firestick Hulu is definitely an ad-blocking app you could download from your safari or google.

A well-known app for ad-blocking both on Android and IOS is the blokada app.

Upon launching this app, a firewall will activate as a process on your phone that will revoke any ads that attempt to pop-up on your Firestick app.


If by any means you’re not able to locate the blokadaapp on your app store or google play store, downloading it from the internet browser on your firestick should work fine as well.

Method #2 Changing DNS

If downloading the “blokada” app doesn’t seem to work for you, there is an alternate option that will also block any advertisements and pop-ups.

Changing DNS became popular on forum threads starting with the question “how to get rid of Hulu ads for free on firestick” so we’ve simplified it for you.

This method doesn’t require downloading and installing any additional apps and the way it operates is that you have to change your DNS address to another server that offers ad-blocking.

For instance, we will use the service of AdGuard DNS, but you can use any other service that fits you better.

Follow the steps below for a detailed explanation on how to block any ads and pop-ups on firestick Hulu by changing your DNS:

Step 1. Enter your settings and navigate to the “My Fire TV” section.

Step 2. Find the “About” option and after clicking on it scroll down to the “Network” option.

Step 3. Screenshot your Network options as we will need them later on.

Step 4. Head back to the main Settings page and navigate to your device’s network settings.

Step 5. By clicking “forget” disconnect from your current network.

Step 6. Your next step is to click on your Wi-Fi network and enter your password but don’t connect just yet.

Click on the advanced button and using the information you’re saved while you were on your Network page, enter your IP Address.

Step 7. Using the same method, enter the detail meant for the Prefix. If it isn’t mentioned use 24 and Gateway sections.

Step 8. In the next section of DNS, enter these specific details:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:


Be aware of hackers creating public fake wifi hotspots just in order so they can steal your password when you attempt to connect your device with this network.

Remain protected and make sure to protect your data!

If these instructions followed correctly, your firestick Hulu should now operate on another server’s DNS and you shall not encounter any ads and pop-ups during your watch sessions.

Enjoy your ad-free experience, achieved by following some simple steps!

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Cannot Get Rid of Ads On Hulu?

If none of the above-described workarounds were able to get rid of all the frustrating ads on Hulu for free, you might want to start over from the beginning.

Ensure to apply each step with attention and if you are still unable to get rid of the ads, most probably Hulu has taken measures.

Don’t forget that you can always update your plan and get the ads out in the proper way.

Bottom Line

We hope that our post was able to answer the question “how to get rid of ads on Hulu for free on tv?” regardless if you are using a computer, TV or firestick.

Enjoy your favorite Hulu TV shows without interruptions.

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