hulu black screen with audio

If you have a Hulu black screen with audio, you may need to check into a number of issues. It is quite awkward hearing audio, but you cannot see images on your TV, laptop, or phone’s screen all of a sudden.

The black screen may occur once you open the Hulu app or in the middle of streaming.

It may also occur several days or a few times in a day. So, what should you do to remove this annoyance? Below we have listed several methods and steps to help you resolve the problem once and for all.

If the Hulu app shows a black screen when streaming but has audio, you must check your internet speed. Ensure it is more than 3Mbps if you stream from the library and 8Mbps for a live stream.

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Reasons You are Seeing Hulu Black Screen with Audio

Several reasons cause the Hulu app on your phone to go black but let you hear the audio. Below are some of the common causes to check.

  • You have a network problem.
  • Your device has resolution issues.
  • Your app is outdated.
  • Your device is outdated.

Note: If you choose the ‘no ads’ Hulu plan, your screen will turn black when a commercial ad pops in.

Hence, you may have to wait for a few seconds or minutes, and your screen will be normal. You can also pause the video or any streaming until the ad passes then you can play later.

How To Fix The Hulu App Black Screen With Audio

fix hulu black screen with audio

Below we have listed several methods you can use to fix the Hulu app black screen with the audio issues. Try one or several until your screen works.

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Method 1: Check your Internet

If your network is slow or spoiled, it can also cause the black screen on Hulu.

If you are watching movies from Hulu’s library, you must have an internet speed of at least 3Mbps; if you stream live, the internet speed should be 8Mbps.

You may need to measure your internet speed using, a platform that helps you know your current download and upload speed.

If results show that your internet is slow, you may need to restart your router using these steps.

Step #1Unplug your router from its power outlet.

Step #2.  Let it rest for around ten seconds, then plug it back into its power source.

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Step #3.  Re-run the internet test to see if it is faster.         

You may have to upgrade your plan if you have a lower package, causing a slow connection.

Method 2: Log Out Then Into Your Account

It is possible that your Hulu account might have encountered a problem due to unexpected glitches or bugs on the platform.

Logging out then into your account may resolve the issue. Use these steps to log out and into your account.

For Android and iOS                     

  1. Open the Hulu app on your phone
  2. You will see your profile icon at the top right side of your screen; click it
  3. Tap on the option Log out to complete the session
  4. Login later
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For browser

  1. Visit the Hulu website on your browser
  2. Navigate to your profile icon on the top right of your browser using your mouse cursor
  3. On the drop-down button, select logout

Method 3: Reinstall The Hulu App

You will need to uninstall the Hulu app first. Use these steps for android.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings
  2. Click on Applications followed by Manage Applications
  3. Select ‘All’ then click Hulu
  4. Select ‘Uninstall

Reinstall Hulu App

  1. Visit your App manager
  2. Find Hulu, then select reinstall
  3. Open the app to see if the issue is resolved         

Method 4: Run Device Care

If you uninstall then reinstall the app, but the black screen is still present, you can run device care. If your device is a Samsung TV, you can use these steps.

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Step #1: Go to your device’s settings.

Step #2: Select Device care followed by run Device Care

Let it complete and check if the black screen issue is still there. If the problem is there, proceed to the next step.

Method 5: Clear The Browser’s Cache

The cookies and caches stored in your browser may get corrupted if they accumulate in your browser. Hence, they may cause problems when you try to browse.

Deleting the data may free some space and eliminate the corrupted files causing the black screen issue with Hulu.

  1. Go to your browser then, access its settings
  2. Select the option Privacy & Settings followed by Clear Browsing Data
  3. On the drop-down menu tap on time range then select All Time
  4. On the check box, mark everything, including cache and cookies
  5. Click on clear data
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Go back to Hulu and check if the screen is restored.

Method 6: Restart Your TV

Restarting fixes most bugs that occur on any device. You can use these steps to restart your Apple TV.

  1. Using your remote, press the menu button.
  2. Go to settings, scroll down and click System.
  3. Scroll down and click restart.

After the TV finishes restarting, wait for around 3 minutes, open the Hulu app to check if the black screen problem is resolved.

Method 7: Close Then Reopen The Window

If the screen is black on Hulu while using a computer or another device, you can close the window then reopen it. The issue should resolve when you open the app.

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Method 8: Update Hulu App

If you do not have the latest update of your Hulu app, you may not get the most out of it. Hence, you may also experience the black screen as one of the issues.

Updating on Android

Step #1: Open Google Play Store on your phone, then navigate to the menu.

Step #2: Go to My apps & Games. You will see apps that have pending updates.

Step #3: Locate Hulu from the apps, then click Update.

Updating on iOS

Step#1: Go to your phone’s screen, then locate the app store.

Step#2: Tap your profile icon. You will see apps that need to update.

Step#3: If you see Hulu among the apps, click it, then click update.

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Method 9: Clear data on Hulu app

Clear Hulu’s data which may contain corrupted files. Use these steps on androids.

  1. Go to settings on your device, then access apps.
  2. Find Hulu among the apps then tap it.
  3. Open the storage icon, then tap ‘clear data.’
  4. Restart the app and see if then see if it is working.

Hulu Still Shows A Black Screen With Audio

If Hulu still shows the black screen, but you can hear audio, you may need to update your device.

Getting the latest software of your device is necessary if you do not want your apps or other systems in the device to misbehave.

If the problem does not stop, you can also try downloading Malwarebytes on your device. 

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It will scan your whole device system. The tool will also search the entire storage on your device and remove infected files that cause system failure, such as the black screen.

Do not hesitate to contact Hulu for more support if the issue persists.

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The best way to resolve the Hulu black screen with audio issue is to check your internet speed. It must be fast enough to support live streams and watching videos from the library.


If you have a Hulu black screen but with audio, you can use the above methods to return it to normal.

Ensure that you have steady internet all through. Besides, logging out and into your Hulu account can also solve the issue.

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Depending on your device, you can also update the app and ensure that your device has the latest firmware.

The Hulu black screen with audio can return to normal if your internet speed is fast enough. If you watch videos from the library, the rate should not be less than 3Mbps, while live-streaming allows at least 8Mbps speed.

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