how to turn off narrator on vizio tv

If you’re wondering how to turn off narrator on Vizio TV, you’re just in the right place at the right time!

For this guide, we’ll be walking you through how you can deactivate the voice of the narrator on your Vizio Smart TV!

You can turn off the narrator function on your Vizio TV easily! In fact, you just need your Vizio Smart TV remote to do it!

Without further delay, let’s know the correct steps that you need to take to turn off the said Vizio feature.

What is the Narrator on Vizio TV?

The narrator on your Vizio Smart TV, or more commonly known as “talkback,” is an accessibility tool that can help you read what’s on your television.

For instance, if you’re watching a show and you’re toggling through the menu, you’ll hear the narrator or the “talk back” read whatever’s highlighted on the menu.

It’s a good feature or functionality for people who have poor eyesight, especially the elderly to know what the highlighted text is on the menu.

But, for some, it could be such a nuisance or something that could contribute to the impairing of their experience.

Why Does My Vizio TV Narrate Everything I Do?

Many people stumble across this dilemma without them knowing how they did it.

In fact, this feature wasn’t present until mid-2017 when the company decided to add accessibility tools to their TVs.

It’s nice for them to add it since a huge chunk of their clients are people older than 50 years old, but, it’s not really made for everyone.

So, if you’re part of the demographic looking for ways on how to turn off the voice narrator on Vizio smart TV, read along.

The primary purpose of the Vizio Smart TV narrator or the talkback feature is to help and assist people.

This is mainly for those who have impaired eyesight, or those that aren’t really familiar with the hierarchy of settings in their TV.

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How to Turn Off Narrator on Vizio TV – Steps!

how to turn off voice narrator on vizio smart tv

Pick out your dilemma and put an end to the narration that your Vizio Smart TV is doing!

In fact, here’s the simple step-by-step process on how you can turn off or deactivate the narrator or the talk back feature of your Vizio TV!

Step #1: Power On and Activate TV

The first step you want to do is to turn on or activate your Vizio Smart TV.

Make sure that it’s plugged in and that the electrical part of it is working.

Step #2: Use Your Remote to Navigate to System Options

Once you’re sure that it’s turned on, the next thing you want to do is to grab your remote and hit on [MENU].

It will show you a list of the different settings and options you can toggle in your Vizio TV.

Using the arrow keys on your remote control, highlight the option that says System Options.

Click on [ENTER] on the remote to select it.

Step #3: Find Accessibility

When you choose it, you’ll see multiple options about the system that you can toggle.

In this case, find Accessibility and hit on [ENTER] on your remote control again.

Step #4: Find “Talk Back”

When you open Accessibility, it will open too few options about the ease of using your Vizio Smart TV.

Try to find the option that says Talk Back from the list that you see.

When you find it, click on it to turn it off.

What this does is it toggles it to the option at the other end (since it’s activated, it will be deactivated when you press it).

Step #5: Save the Changes

Most Vizio Smart TVs wouldn’t have the option to SAVE all the changes you’ve made.

In this case, what you’ll have to do is to press the [EXIT] button to save it.

That’s it! By doing these steps, you’ll easily be able to pick out the added problem to your watching experience! 

It’s easy, right?

But apparently, some people find it more difficult than others.

This is because the user interface (UI) of the televisions is different.

What we gave was for the latest and the most updated televisions they’re offering.

So, if you have an older version – the ones that span from 2017 – the steps might be different, but the options where they are, are the same.

The Narrator Didn’t Turn Off, What Should I Do?

Some Vizio TV users reported that the talk back feature wasn’t disabled after they’ve done the process.

There could be multiple reasons that may have contributed to the rising of this issue.

Nevertheless, here are the steps you can take to reset your Vizio Smart TV, which can ultimately help you with the persistent dilemma.

Step #1: Press [MENU] on Your Remote

The first thing you want to do is to hit or press [MENU] on the remote control.

Instead of going into System Options, you’ll now want to go and access the option that says Reset & Admin.

Step #2: Navigate to Reset & Admin

Once you’re on the Reset & Admin page, you’ll see options like restarting or rebooting the TV, resetting its network settings, etc.

What you want to do is to click on Reset TV to Factory Settings.

Step #3: Wait For the TV to Restart

Once you click on that, it will start to prepare for shutdown and as it does, don’t do anything.

Wait for the television to restart and reinitialize.

Now, check if you were able to turn off or deactivate the Talk Back or the narrator on your Vizio TV.

Alternatively, you can hard reset it through the TV by following these simple steps:

  • Prepare a SIM card pin or any other type of thin pointy object.
  • Locate the Reset button at the back of the television.
  • Press and hold that specific button until the television resets (usually about 15 to 30 seconds)

When it reactivates, the narrating feature should be turned off for good.

Otherwise, the next best thing to do is to contact Vizio TV’s customer support team and tell them about your issue.


We can all benefit from the talk back feature, yes, but some people choose to have it deactivated or turned off.

If you’re one of the people asking how to turn off the narrator on Vizio TV, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

And you’ll be able to resolve this particular problem!

Nicole B