how to connect dvd player to vizio smart tv

If you’re not sure about the process of how to connect DVD player to Vizio Smart TV, then this guide is perfect for you!

In this tutorial, we will be giving you the complete steps you can do to hook up a DVD player to your Vizio Smart TV!

You can connect a DVD player to your Vizio Smart TV simply by connecting the two (2) devices via HDMI. If you don’t have an HDMI port/cable, you can use composite and component cables as an alternative!

Now, most of us would have Vizio Smart TVs. But, what if you don’t own a Smart TV? What if your Vizio TV is the older models or versions?

Do You Need a Vizio Smart TV to Connect a DVD Player?

No, a Smart TV is not a requirement for you to use a DVD player. What you need, though, is a television that is equipped either with an HDMI port or composite/component (video/audio) cables.

You don’t have to worry about this, though, because most, if not all Vizio Smart TVs are made and manufactured with both these ports so you won’t run out of options!

Now that we know about this, let us now discuss the process of how you can hook up or connect your DVD player to your Vizio TV!

How to Connect DVD Player to Vizio Smart TV?

For our guide, we’ll discuss with you all the processes of connecting a DVD player, including using an HDMI or composite/component cable!

The importance of knowing both will give you flexibility!

To give you an example, when all HDMI ports on your television are occupied, you can use composite cables instead!

Without further ado, here’s the process of connecting your DVD player to your Smart TV!

Connecting DVD Player to Vizio Smart TV via HDMI

connect dvd player to vizio smart tv with hdmi

Most DVD players are now equipped with HDMI ports and cables. Therefore, connecting it via an HDMI cable will be the easiest, simplest, and fastest way to go!

Here’s the process of how you can hook up your player to your Vizio Smart TV!

Step #1: Cut Power From Both Devices

To protect yourself and your devices from being damaged, make sure that both devices are turned off when you do the process.

Turn off your DVD player and television by pressing the [PWR] button on both devices.

Step #2: Plug the HDMI Cable In

Once turned off, plug one end of the HDMI cable to the DVD player’s HDMI port and the other end to one (1) of your TV’s HDMI ports.

Take note of the specific port you plug it into.

Step #3: Turn DVD Player On

After that, turn the DVD player on after you reactivate your Vizio Smart TV.

It’s important that you turn the TV on first because it will be where the display is. 

Step #4: Switch to the Correct Input

And last, but most definitely not least is to switch your television’s input to the specific HDMI where you plugged the cable in.

If you plugged it into HDMI 1, then change the source or input to HDMI 1, and so on.

NOTE: Depending on the HDMI port you connected it to, change the source/input of the TV by pressing [SOURCE] or [MODE] on your TV’s remote.

Now that we’re aware of how you can hook up your DVD player to your smart TV with HDMI, what’s the process on how to hook up a DVD player to Vizio Smart TV without HDMI?

Connecting DVD Player to Vizio Smart TV Without HDMI (Using Component Cable)

connect dvd player to vizio smart tv without hdmi

Not all TVs have HDMI ports, but all televisions have component ports.

If, in any case, the HDMI ports on your TVs are faulty/damaged, or if all ports are occupied, you need to know and be aware of this specific process:

Step #1: Turn Off Both Devices

To avoid any type of harm or unwanted damage, make sure that you turn both devices off before starting.

You don’t necessarily have to unplug them, powering or turning them off would be enough.

Step #2: Identify the Ports and Cables

The component cables are separated and categorized in different colors.

The red and white cables are for audio, while the blue, green, and red cables are for video.

It is imperative that you identify them correctly so that the process of connecting your DVD player to your Vizio Smart TV wouldn’t be delayed.

Step #3: Plug The Cables In

After that, plug these cables into their respective ports accordingly.

NOTE: You shouldn’t have any problems with it because the ports would be labeled with A for (audio) and V (for video).

Step #4: Turn the Devices On

Once done, power up both devices while turning on the TV first, and then the DVD player.

Before powering the DVD player, though, ensure that all cables and connections are plugged in tightly and securely.

Step #5: Tune Into the Correct TV Input/Source

If you’re on regular TV programming, you’ll really not see the interface of the DVD player. You would have to tune into the correct input or source on the TV first.

Should your Vizio Smart TV have more than one (1) port for both audio and video, check where you plugged it.

NOTE: The input or source of a player that’s component-connected would be “component” instead of “HDMI.”

Connecting DVD Player to Vizio Smart TV (Using Composite Cable)

Should your Vizio Smart TV support composite video instead of component video, you can use this to connect your DVD player as well!

Here’s the process of how to do it:

Step #1: Turn Off Both the DVD Player and the TV

Before you start with the process, make sure that your television and your DVD player are turned off.

Apart from damage and accidents, your devices could be damaged as there’s the tendency of electrical shortage.

Step #2: Locate the AV Ports on Your TV

After that, try to locate the ports on your television. More often than not, they’ll be labeled accordingly, so you wouldn’t have to worry.

For the cables, the red and white cables are for audio (in some cases, the cables would be A). For the video, on the other hand, it’ll be the yellow cable (in some cases, it’ll be labeled as V).

Step #3: Plug the Cables In

When you’re done identifying them, plug the cables into their respective ports on the television.

Take note, when you plug them into the wrong port, they would not work. So, double-check the cables and the wires by identifying them through their colors.

Step #4: Power the DVD Player Up

Once those are all done, turn on or activate your DVD player. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet directly, avoid using surge protectors and extension cords.

NOTE: Turn your television on first before you power your DVD player up.

Step #5: Switch the Input/Source

For your TV, make sure that you switch its input to the correct source. If it’s on regular TV programming, switch to the composite input.

When you do that, you should be able to see the interface of your DVD player.

After doing these steps, you should see the main menu or the home display of your DVD player!

It’s easy, right?

Even if your technical know-how isn’t that deep, you’ll be able to understand how it works and where cables and wires should go in because most of these ports will be labeled!

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Final Verdict

If you’re wondering how you can hook up your DVD player to your Vizio TV, you can do it via an HDMI connection, composite cable connection, and even component cable connection!

Many people are looking for ways to learn how to connect a DVD player to Vizio Smart TV, and with this guide handy, you can have all the options available!

If you’re not sure about what type of connections are available, you can try out other methods to connect and hook your DVD player up to your Smart TV!

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