how to connect ipad to vizio tv wirelessly

If you don’t know how to connect iPad to Vizio TV wirelessly you should know that there are three different ways to do so.

In this post, we’ll help you hook up your iPad to the Vizio TV wirelessly.

After you’re done you’ll be able to enjoy not only the application contents of your iPad but also the locally stored images and video clips.

To connect the iPad to Vizio TV wirelessly you can use the “LetsView” application and scan the QR code to complete. Another way to achieve the same result is to use the AirPlay feature of your iPad and use any streaming application to mirror its contents on the TV screen.

There are even more functionalities of your iPad that you can use to connect it wirelessly to your TV and next, we’ll be discussing all of them.

How Do I Connect iPad To Vizio TV Wirelessly?

connect ipad to vizio tv wirelessly

In general, you can stream any streaming application or the photos of your iPad to the Vizio TV through AirPlay.

However, if you want to mirror the screen of your iPad to the Vizio TV, you would have to use a third-party application that will enable you to do that.

Luckily there is more than one method, so let’s start with the easiest way:

1st Method: Connect iPad To Vizio TV With Casting

The casting option is the fastest way to get your iPad and Vizio TV connected wirelessly.

Whatever you do on the iPad when the casting is active, will be viewed on the TV screen.

Here’s how to connect the iPad to the Vizio TV with casting:

Step #1 Download “LetsView for TV”

connect via casting

This application makes the casting possible and is both available on the Vizio TV and iPad. You will have to download it on both of your devices to make the casting possible.

  • To download “LetsView for TV” on Vizio, go to the App Store > Search field > write “Let’s View” > Press on download > Wait for the installation.
  • To download “Letsview for TV” on iPad, go to App Store > Applications > Search field > write“LetsView> Tap on “Download” confirm and wait.
Note: Once LetsView is installed, open the app, both on the iPad and Vizio TV.

Step #2 Scan QR Code With iPad

To connect the iPad and Vizio TV wirelessly, the QR code must be scanned, using your iPad.

Here’s how to scan the QR code:

  1. Wait for the QR code to appear on the Vizio TV after opening LetsView.
  2. On your iPad, tap “QR scanner” in the settings of the home page of LetsView.
  3. Scan the QR code on the Vizio TV.
  4. Wait for the connection.
Note: It may take up to a minute for the devices to get connected.

Step #3 Start Casting

Finally, your iPad should be connected to the Vizio TV. Everything you do on the iPad will be transferred to the Vizio TV screen.

You can watch TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos.

In addition, you can view any other application, since the casting mirrors the entire screen and not only the contents within a certain app.

Tip: To cancel the casting, it’s enough to close the LetsView app on your iPad.

2nd Method: Connect iPad To Vizio TV Through Streaming App

use streaming app

Streaming wirelessly from your iPad to Vizio TV the wireless way has been made possible due to the AirPlay feature of the iPad.

Luckily, Vizio TV also supports AirPlay and you can connect the iPad anytime.

Here’s how to connect the iPad to Vizio TV wirelessly, using a streaming application:

Step #1 Connect Both Devices To The Same Network

The first step is to get both the Vizio TV and iPad connected to the same network, otherwise, the Vizio TV won’t be scannable through the AirPlay settings.

  • To connect the Vizio TV, go to Settings > Internet & WiFi > “Your home network” > Connect.
  • To connect the iPad, go to Settings > WiFi > “tap on your home WiFi” > Connect.
Note: Once both devices are connected to one network, proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Launch Desired Application On iPad

Next, you have to turn on the desired application you wish to mirror the screen from the iPad to the Vizio TV.

That could be Plex, HBO, Netflix, Philo, and all of the other platforms that are available on your iPad.

Note: All you need to do is to open any streaming application before you proceed.

Step #3 Start AirPlaying

Lastly, all you have to do is open the menu of your iPad and tap the AirPlay icon.

A menu will pop up with all available devices on the iPad’s WiFi. One of them should be the Vizio TV.

Tap on the Vizio TV’s connection and the iPad will connect to the TV wirelessly!

Note: To stop the AirPlay, simply open the menu and stop the feature.

3rd Method: Connect iPad To Vizio TV Through Photos

view photos

Since Vizio TV supports AirPlay completely, there isn’t a problem in mirroring the photos of your iPad to the TV.

This method will allow you to view the entire gallery of your iPad on the Vizio TV and enjoy your contents on a large screen.

This is easily done through the Photos application on your iPad:

  1. On your iPad, go to Photos.
  2. Next, search the gallery for available options.
  3. Tap on “More options”.
  4. From there, navigate to the AirPlay icon.
  5. Ensure that both the Vizio TV and iPad are connected to one network.
  6. In the AirPlay features, search the available connections.
  7. Locate the Vizio TV’s connection from the screen with options.
  8. Next, tap on the connection of the Vizio TV.
  9. Wait for the iPad to get connected with the Vizio TV.
  10. Start viewing the photos of your iPad’s gallery on the big screen.
Note: It’s important to keep the iPad close to the Vizio TV while AirPlay is active or the connection will get disrupted.

How To Connect iPad To Vizio TV Wirelessly Without Apple TV?

connect without apple tv

Most users think that you need the Apple TV to get your iPad connected to a big screen. Quite frankly, that’s not the case.

Nowadays you can use a variety of applications that are trusted by the community to cast your iPad’s display to Vizio TV.

Moreover, there is also the AirPlay feature that enables you to stream TV shows and photos from your iPad to the Vizio TV without any further steps.

In conclusion, you do not need the Apple TV to connect the iPad to Vizio TV. However, with compatibility, comfort always comes as well.

Note: If you own the Apple TV plus and an iPad, the screencast can be done only through the AirPlay feature.

In that case, you won’t need any third-party applications to do the connection for you.

To connect the iPad to a Vizio TV wirelessly, you should download and install the “LetsView” application, on the iPad as well as on the Vizio TV. You can also use AirPlay to screencast any application contents or use the Photos app to view your locally stored images and videos.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you’re aware of how to connect iPad to Vizio TV wirelessly, you can mirror any contents from your iPad to the larger Vizio TV screen.

In fact, the methods above will work also with iPhone, MacBook, and iMac.

Nicole B